Surprise: Disneyland!

Thanksgiving brought wonderful chaos.

Most of the Jones fam was in town to celebrate the holiday, and we were gearing up for our Disneyland trip.

I mean, this picture doesn't imply chaos at all, does it?

The day after Thanksgiving, we headed up to the cabin with everyone to spend a day/night before taking off for our trip.

We had only told Jack and Tucker about one week prior that we were going to take them with us on a little getaway to St. George.We had also lined up for Tiffany and family to watch little Russ man while we went, so the cabin trip was a necessity for the hand off.

Having no concept of what St.George had to offer, we tried to talk it up at least a little- so there would be some excitement.  I couldn't believe the level of excitement from these two little mugs.
We had been planning the surprise with my whole family for weeks (with none of the kids knowing), and I could NOT wait to blow their little minds!

We woke them up at 4:30 am to get on the road...and gosh they were UP and ready!!!

They were good little troopers for the drive, and I was so anxious as we drove according to plan.
The plan being: meet the Ross' and my parents in St. George for the reveal.
*Annie and family were flying, so the plan was to continue the surprise at the hotel when we met up with them.

Lots of surprises on the horizon.

Finally we arrived close to our meeting point in St. George.
We had engaged our kids in belting out The Phantom of the Opera, when Brett stopped it mid song to make an important announcement.

Here is how the dialogue went- with accompanying reactions.
(forgive the horrible resolution...we only had video...and I could NOT possibly leave this part out of the trip...it's CLASSIC).

We lied to you.  We are not going to St. George.


"WTF did you just say?!?"

St. George is lame.  We decided it would be waaaaaay better if instead we went to......




Tucker, what's wrong-- don't you want to go to Disneyland?



10 minutes of convincing Tucker that this was a GOOD LIE later.....

Starting to come around....

Tucker, you're tall enough for big rides this time!
It's Christmastime at Disneyland!
Haunted Mansion is the Jack Skellington version!


And.... he's on board!!!!!

It will forever be a classic Jones family story.

Just minutes after this drama, we were set up and ready to run into Kate and the girls with my parents at a Walgreens in St. George.  We told the boys I had to run in and grab something, and that they should come in to use the bathroom and stretch their legs.  As we were stalled in an aisle, around the corner- they came! 

My kids were stoked!! And, also acted like "duh."
Pretty sure they would've thought it was so odd had they not been on the trip.

Anyways, my nerves took a little break- and we had hours upon hours to keep the kidlets entertained before arriving in Anaheim that evening.
*Our drive was 3+ hours longer than usual because of traffic.  UGH!!

The Griffin's arrived about an hour after we did, and we staged a run in in the lobby.
Again...my kids wouldn't have expected anything less.
How in the world would we go to Disneyland without everyone????

We decided surprises might be overrated.
But...I could not have been happier to have us all there together at the beginning of what I knew would be a fantastic trip.

We walked a block to dinner, and then hit the hay!
Let the real party begin!!

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