2016-17 School Picts

Yep, the school picture turnout this year was pretty much a win.
LOVE that both teeth were freshly plucked for the pic!

Fall Field Trippin.

Fall is a delightful time for many reasons...one of which being the Bear Hollow field trip circuit!
Annie and I would rather die than miss one... and so, alas... we had some well spent days at both the Thanksgiving Point Farm and Cornbelly's (separate field trips, mind you.)
These two.
I don't think I'll ever allow them to separate.

I'm a lucky mom to be able to go on these kinds of outings.
Focused attention on my Tuck man is always a WIN.


Russell's First Birthday

Russell Que...
1 year old!!!
October 22nd came around again, although I did my best to keep it from happening so fast.
Jack and Tucker were so pumped for the day to come.
They knew from the beginning that ONE brings upon walking, some talking...you know...the big stuff.
They were a tad disappointed that it didn't all happen right on the DAY he turned one, but remained supportive nonetheless! Haha!
Birthday bathing.
*Let me note, that we were out of our house exactly 6 days after Russell's birthday.  The moving process may have put a bit of a damper on the celebration, but we gave it effort!
Presents and Partying Time:


We had a great dinner at Pizzeria Limone (Russell's fave) with my family, and then had some cupcakes and pie back at our house (one last hoorah before the move).

(I have my own issues about this baby digging in to the cake tradition.  Not a good one for someone that has serious OCD tendencies).

The October Jones family birthday party celebrated Russ man and his cuz Bjornn (who turned 16!).

What a lucky little dude to have such a supportive family.
Celebrating was such a nice break from moving... although the timing may have caused more tears for me than normal!


12 month Rruss..c'mon, a year?!

This won't be Russell's official birthday post, but 12 month is here!
I seriously can't believe it.
This ain't my first rodeo, and I knew it would go fast...
but this is just crazy!!
My baby is standing, trying to get out of every buckle, taking isolated steps, babbling, teething, and growing up before my very eyes.
And he still melts my heart every time I can get him to sit still enough to cuddle up to me.

From day one, he has smiled and gone along with any craziness that we've forced him into.

He's busy in every sense of the word...but makes every day happier for everyone.

He also has an uncanny way of making everyone feel like they are his favorite.
12 months for Russ looks like:
19.22 POUNDS (17%)
28.25 INCHES (4%)
And... a new haircut!

Ha. Ha. I laugh because he has sooooo much hair to begin with!
Anyway, it was getting a little rat, so I trimmed the sides and back.

I feel like in a few year's time, I will go back and read posts from the last year, and find that all I ever said about Russell was how happy he always was.  But, it is true.
Everything about Russ is happy.
And our family would not be the same without him and his infectious smile and personality.
With that said.... the 1 year old stage is not a good time to ask me if we're having any more.
So.  Exhausting.


Jack Goes Duck Hunting

Lucky Jack got to have a dream weekend up at the Duck Club for a weekend!
Finally old enough to experience hunting with Grandpa Curt!
Seeing him in his gear melts the heart.
As does every one of these pictures.

Standing with all the club grandkids at dinner...gives me a chuckle.

He loved every single second of it, and talked about it for DAYS after.
He even loved holding the dead ducks and watching them be cleaned.
Of course Jack did. Sick!
He brought this dead duck home even and it sat in our fridge for like a week.


I'm so lucky to have a dad that has awesome hobbies and is willing to share them with Brett and the boys.  I see a lot of fun to be had in the next few years!