Jack Takes Swimming Lessons

While the Jones family was all in town for the month of July, Brett's mom arranged swimming/tennis lessons for all of the (thousands) of grandkids.
She's amazing...just let that be known.

Since Jack is a wee too little for tennis, he just partook in the swimming portion.
We went to a private pool up in Alpine, and the class was taught by Zack- a 17 year old swimming champ.
Jack took lessons with his cousins...Brynne, Clayt, Soren, Zetta, and Becca.
We went for an entire week the first week in July, took one week off, and then took the second half every day this week.

Jack tends to be a very careful and cautions child.
All of June, I had been working with him to be less timid in the pool when we would go swimming at Riverside.
I think he just really hates being cold...but, after weeks, he was starting to love the water.

At the beginning of lessons-- Jack reverted back to being pretty apprehensive about the whole thing.  I'd get in with him (I think the water may have been 32 degrees), and he'd hang on me and participate about 50%.

As the first week went on, he got a little less clingy, and he responded really well when he was one-on-one with Zack.  My expectations were pretty low--he is only 3 after all.
I just wanted him to not be afraid, and to have fun.

The week we had off, we went swimming as a family three times. 
Every time he got more and more into the water, and less and less scared.
We had a total breakthrough.

Now- fast forward to Monday of the second week of lessons.
We get to the pool- and Jack is READY TO GO.
Rather than resisting, he wanted to get right in!
I had noticed that he did a lot better at lessons when I wasn't in the pool with him.  He just used me as a crutch to whine on...and with Zack he'd get to embarrassed to pull those shenanigans.
So- I sat on the side with Brett's mom, sisters, and Tucker.
He was blowing bubbles, kicking his feet, following right along with everything Zack was having them do.
After about 15 minutes of the lesson going beautifully, I was in conversation with Michelle (who was holding Tuck), bent over to my diaper bag, and suddenly heard Brett's mom yelling, "JACK! JACK!"

I looked up...and there was no Jack.
I could literally see him sinking.
My heart was more than sinking.
I jumped up and ran as fast as I could, and luckily Zack had swam over to him to save him.
I am an exaggerator- but this is no exaggeration--he was underwater for 15-20 seconds!!
 It felt like 20 hours.
He was completely underwater, but I could see him struggling as I ran to him.
As Zack lifted him out to me, he was totally aware- stunned- but not really coughing at all.
The little champ had held his breath and didn't even swallow any water!
He did exactly what they teach you to do (even though he hadn't been taught), and I have never been so relieved.
Everyone cheered and told him what a good swimmer he is, and he was feeling proud as a peacock.
But- ready to get out, and I couldn't blame him.
I think I checked on him during his nap that day 85 times!

I think what happened was that as Jack stood with Soren on the step (in the picture below...you can see how it borders the outer edge of the pool)- Zack had Brynne in the middle of the pool.  Jack must have just stepped off the end not knowing it didn't continue..and kaboom...he was into the big blue (5 feet deep!).

The rest of the week was a little traumatic.  
I wanted to keep taking him because I didn't want him to forever hate and fear the water.
He cried, he was scared, but he got in the water every time.

Each day got a little better.
I stopped getting in with him again, he wouldn't cry, and he put on a brave face and endured.
I'm so proud of him.
He was terrified, but didn't want Zack to see, and he just kept trying.

He was a darling and willing little student, and I was so happy to see him listen to his teacher.
He really did love Zack.

These pictures are from today (his last day of lessons)...where he was back to jumping, kicking, and SMILING!

Jack in goggles is amazing in every way.

We took some steps back with our little scare, and permanently scarred me for life (I think I hate swimming lessons)...but, all ended well!
I really did like seeing Jack in a learning environment, and was really proud of my little buddy.
We had fun doing this together and indulging in a green Snowasis every day on our way home.

Until next year's lessons... 
Or not.

Pieces of Summer

Don't let my lack of blogging fool you... we've been up to plenty this summer!
Here's a brief rundown of a few parts of the summer thus far...

We do our fair share of swimming...I can promise you that.
We have spent most of our swimming days at Riverside...and thank goodness for my mom-who is pretty much the best grandma ever.  Without her...there is no way I could juggle holding Tucker and watching Jack. She is always such a good sport to get in the water with the kids...and luckily, we usually also have the company of Annie, Kate, and their kids!

Even more lucky...the fact that the Batman shirt Jack refuses to peel off of his body just so happens to be a swim shirt...win-win!

Tucker is a really good sweaty little sport.

Jack is a total character these days.
I have to say, I am absolutely in love with this stage with him.
He is talking hilariously, and has so many funny expressions.
He's about as obsessed with superheros as one could be and goes just about everywhere with a cape on.
Such a BOY!

This is serious work.

We're not REALLY into potty training with Jack...I hear it's best to wait until they're ready-whatever that means! We bought this little potty chair about a month ago, and he thinks it's pretty awesome to sit on.
He totally gets the concept of sitting, wiping, flushing.
Nothing ever comes out...but- these are just details!

He's also decided that on certain days he's just too sophisticated for the tub.
He'd shower for hours if I'd let him.

Jack also finds it hilarious to sit in Tucker's car seat. He pulls this stunt during Sacrament Meeting, at the mall, whatever. 
Look at that smirk...he thinks he's hilarious.
In the bottom left photo...he's getting his fingernails buffed from some lady at a kiosk in the mall.
Total rat.

Tuck man is a stud in every sense of the word.
He's getting more hair.
His eyes continue to get more blue.
He is super alert and aware, and laughs his little dimples off constantly.
Before long he'll be leaping out of my arms to get into EVERYTHING.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my 10 year High School Reunion.
Total old fart.
We all left the spouses at home, and endured as single ladies.

We have also spent our time going on several outings...
The Lehi Roundup Rodeo was the ultimate place to teach Jack about being a real American.

We went with all the Wanks (minus Kate post-surgery), and it was all you could want a rodeo to be.
(Thanks Hay, for watching Tucker)

We also went to the Owlz game with the Griffin's, and Jack was ready from the second we exited the car.
It really was a highlight of the summer...Jack was in heaven.

The first week of July, many of the Jones siblings traveled for a stay-cation in Alpine for the month.
On the 3rd of July, a wildfire struck the mountain just above the Jones home...and it was nuts!
They were all (20+ of them) evacuated and fled to our house.

We put up half of them at my house, and the other half slept with me at my parent's (who were out of town) house.  Luckily, after about 24 hours, they were allowed back in their home.
Cray, cray, crazy

We stay really busy around these parts with swimming lessons (next post), hanging with the cousins, shopping, park hopping, eating snowies, changing about 349 diapers a day, and LOVING being outside most of the time.

Many more summer adventures still to be had...