Sledding with the Pre-Schoolers!

January brought quite the date for Jack and I.
Bear Hollow had their sledding field trip, and while I was a bit skeptical about 60+ pre-schoolers on a mountain with sleds, I threw on some thermals and we were off!
Turns out, I couldn't have been happier about going!
It was one of my most fun days as Jack's mama.
We headed up to Mutual Dell, and got to bring Beck along as our field trip buddy.
We had an absolute BLAST!  The hills were perfect, weather was ideal, and the kids were absolutely darling.  And, although I devote a fair amount of my attention everyday to Jack...I rarely get to just hang with him.  We giggled our little faces off, and it's a day I will never forget!
Somebody was a bit excited.

Field Trippin' Buddies


(Jack really wanted to pose with his sled as if it were his snowboard.)

I couldn't help but think as Jack and I were ripping it up on the sledding hill just how lucky I am not only to be his mom, but to be able to be home with my boys and available to be a part of such awesome days as this. For that... I have this little boy's daddy to thank.
And, I truly couldn't be more grateful!
*And, thank you to my only remaining blog reader and trusted babysitter, Annie, for watching Tuck-man so this outing was possible.


New Years

We took a little departure from our time spent in Alpine for New Years, and had the Wankier clan over to our place for New Year's Eve.

It was pretty spontaneous, and everyone brought grub and games.

It was really fun just hanging out... Grandpa Curt especially enjoyed the festivities, and went home to bed before 10:00 pm. Poor, tired dad.

The rest of us partied hardy all the way until midnight!

Cousin dog-pile.

The sparklers were a real hit thanks to Annie.

My sweetheart laid it on pretty thick at the stroke of midnight.

Hubba hubba.

Here's hoping for another awesome year in 2014!



Over the holidays, we were lucky enough to have Brett home for EIGHT days straight!

Man, it was a highlight!

We loved having him home and enjoyed movies, lots of playing, and even more time spent with him up in Alpine.

It was great to see so many of Brett's siblings and their kids this year.

Brandon recently returned from serving in Afghanistan, so it was particularly special to have him home to celebrate Christmas.

One of our days over the holidays was spent sledding with Brandon, DeEtte, Grayson, Laurel, Tiffany, Mya, Ethan, Bjornn, and Liam at my parents' house.

Basically, I have decided that little kids (6 and under) are useless in the snow...but, seeing Tucker in snow gear made it more than worth it!

He LOVED the snow and HATED his gloves.

Jack had fun, but was frustrated by his lack of being able to move in his gear.

Grandma Jones kept him warm by the fire when he wasn't busy sledding.

My reason for living this day:

Tiffany was so helpful with my wee ones...as usual.

Later, we spent more time up in Alpine.. and I was able to get some great action shots of my boys with Grayson.  It is so fun to see them getting older and interacting with each other.