Last of Summer

Just a few cute random picts left from summer!

Our summer flew by with lots and lots of pool dates, hot days at the park, and ooodles and oooodles of work with Wave Runners.

My boys love the Griffin's new puppy Griffy.
Luckily, they haven't gotten any silly ideas about having one of their own yet!
(How old does Jack look in this pic???)

No matter how many city festivities we participate in with Wave Runners, we're always down for a parade.  (Except Jack, who gets too hot and bored with candy that he hates).

Look mom! I found a bandaid at the park!

Our one and only picture at the zoo with Rimrock's company party.

Alpine Days-- look how happy Tucker is on that rickety train...Jack is enduring it while all he really wanted to do was go on big rides.  Oh the plight of the spoiled oldest brother.

And, to end it... a pituresque shot of our Wave Runners set up at the Salt Lake County Fair.
Isnt' it magical?  It's actually really not.  At all.  :)


Wanker's + Cabin Trip

The middle of July gave us a brief break from Wave Runner events, and we were lucky enough to score the weekend for a few days with the Wankier clan.

My little brood headed up a day early, and we had a blast 4-wheeling and dinking around.

We were a tad dirty after that adventure...

My kids could hardly WAIT for the cousins to all get there.
Luckily, the next evening they arrived and we were ready to party!

The kids all slept upstairs together and had a blast.
I'm so lucky that my little chickens have such awesome older cousins who look out for them and include them.

The next morning, we headed out to Jordanelle for some lake time on the Griffin's boat.
Unfortunately, it was a day of the most unexpected/unpredictable weather I'd ever seen.
It would be sunny and hot for 30 minutes, and then a horrendous storm would roll in.  It repeated this pattern for hours, making it real hard to boat/make the call to go back.

Nonetheless, we were able to squeeze in some fun!
Jack couldn't have loved the tube more!

Tucker wasn't quite feeling daring enough to attempt it, but he had plenty of candy of adoring family members back on the boat.

Annie took over as mother for me while I beached it for a bit.
She's a great #2.

Tucker even crashed on her for a good, long, turbulent boat nap.

We finally threw in the towel and made it back to the cabin nice and safe.
My mommy made us a delish dinner, and then we had some fun around the fire.

Great storytelling from the Wankier clan.....mmmmm.

The next morning, Brett and my dad hit the river for a little fly fishing (dang! where is my pic of my dad in his element? oh wait..it's lost in Brett's broken phone)

A little later, after Brett had a short break from providing some fun for everyone, he was back at it- taking the kids + tubes to the river for an adventure.

It was FREEEEEEZING... but, the kids had fun.
Jack took one ride down, but wasn't too fond of the whole cold thing...so, he posed on the shoreline,

That afternoon, we headed to Provo River Falls- where we were glad not to lose any children off cliffs.

We had a wonderful time, and a beautiful hike into the evening.

The whole gang.

The men folk.

The ladies (and my bowling ball).

Brett gave me a legit heart attack scampering across this suspended log.

We had another great night playing games and goofing off at the cabin.

The next morning, some rode the 4-wheeler, some fished, some walked. others lounged...it was a nice low key start to the day.

My mom is the best grandma in this world.

The Griffin family decided to take their boat out one last time, while the Jones', Ross', and my mama stayed and went for a hike.

It might have been a bit too ambitious.
It was bloody hot, and my kids were tired little whiners the whole time, so we turned around early with my kids looking like this:

We got things cleaned up at the cabin, met the Griffin's in Heber for dinner, and then we were HOME.

There are literally few things I love more than having all my family in one place for an extended amount of time.  Sure, I see them off and on throughout the week (which is more than most can say!), but it's always different to spend days and nights all together outside the day to day routine.

Feeling so grateful for the cabin! It was a beautiful spot for a much needed summer break with my peeps!