Spring Soccer 2016

Spring soccer was a success!!
Tucker actually played!
This was a huge improvement from the Fall season, and we had no tears or refusals to play... so we were happy!
Jack did awesome all season.  His team is starting to get really competitive and fun to watch! He gets right in there, and has some fun friends on the team that makes it all a great time!
The last game, he scored twice (with some lego motivation from me... hee hee ), and I learned real quick of Jack's capability when he's motivated!!
Here's a hodgepodge of soccer photos:
The highlight of the whole season was getting his trophy!


Best coach dad.

Grandma Jackie didn't miss a game.


This little nut endured some crazy spring soccer weather... always with a smile!


Bye Bye Kindergarten (Jack)

May was incredibly busy for our Kindergartner.
Between field trips, birthday celebrations, pet days, programs, etc... we were kept on our toes!\
Because Jack has a summer birthday, he was able to celebrate at school in May.
He was so excited and finished his All About Me poster himself in about 4 minutes.
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Things to Do- Play Legos, Minecraft, Ride Motorcycle
When I Grow Up- I want to be an ACTOR
Pets- Fish
Favorite Candy- Starburst
Favorite Food- Macaroni and Chicken
I brought a book to read to the class ("Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus") and treats (Laffy Taffy ropes), and Tucker, Russell and I got to watch them do some of Jack's favorite activities.
Here he is scampering around the class...

It's fun to see how he has grown up and come out of his shell this year.
They are so apprehensive at the beginning of the year, and totally own the place by the end!
I was able to go with his class to the Bean Museum on a field trip this month as well!
Jack was a real piece of work with his buddy Wesley, and they kept me laughing.

He took the two finger petting instructions quite literally.

Moms and Muffin day was the day after my San Diego trip.
I was excited to get to spend some one-on-one time with him.
We probably should've taken our reading a little more seriously.
I can't believe it, but the end of the school year came, and Jack had Kindergarten graduation!~
He is so ready to be done!
Just look at this kid!
I was braced and ready for some tears to be shed... I mean what heartless monster doesn't get misty at a Kindergarten program?
Jack reminds me so much of myself as a kid sometimes.
Look at that serious rule follower.
Oh gosh he's cute.
He knew every word and action, and didn't miss a beat.
His part was to say "P is for Patriotism."
It was all so adorable, and heart wrenching.
After the singing program, they had us all back in Mrs. Narvaez's room for diplomas and dessert. 
Jack's teacher was so awesome this year.  She really appreciated Jack and his personality/interests.
She said nice things about him and that he * likes to stick to a schedule * tells great stories *has learned so much *and grown a lot!
So proud of our graduate!





Can hardly believe he'll be in school all day next year.

Will he eat at all?
(gulmp) ;)


Side notes:
Jack is such an amazing older brother.
He really does help me so much.
One afternoon, I was so tired.  I had laid down, and apparently out slept Jack and Russell's naps.
When I woke up, I could hear sounds on the baby monitor that sounded like talking.
I walked in his room to find Jack in Russell's crib, keeping him happy and entertained.
It was adorable.

Jack (and Tucker...and maybe me) has been collecting Disney Lego Minifigures for the past few weeks.  It's gotten a little out of hand.  As I felt my way through the mystery packs at the Lego store with a few other fanatics one day... I questioned what my life had become.

One day, Brett (for some odd reason) decided to introduce my kids to the Phantom of the Opera.
Boy oh boy... Jack took right to that.
He has been singing it in the car non stop since.
One random day I saw Jack scurry upstairs with his Zorro mask and scissors, and the next thing I knew- we were making a Phantom mask.

No words.


Hitting Up San Diego with My Ladies

One day, the end of April, my mom, Annie, and I were sitting at lunch.
I mentioned something about how we needed to go on a girl's trip...and approximately one day later we had tickets booked to go to San Diego over Mother's Day a short two weeks later!!
It was probably the most genius thing we've ever pulled off!!
Our trip was booked for 6am Friday- 11:30 pm Sunday and the men folk were booked for kid duty!
Hell yes!!!
Day 1
Our 5 am trip to the airport was sleepy and excited and... easy without kids!!
The main highlight was my mom leaving her car running- and us realizing it as we drove away on the airport shuttle, but....
Thankfully- we got that situation squared away and still made our flight!!!
We landed in San Diego and it was only 8am there, so we had the entire day ahead of us.
Probably the best part of the whole trip was the fact that we were able to do so many things in such little time because we had no one else to take care of or cater to!!
AND..we all have the same likes/dislikes and preferences, so it was like traveling with 3 of yourself!
Anyway, we got our car, got our stuff settled in our hotel, and took off to navigate our way through the city.  We had no set plans for the entire weekend, and just kind of went where the wind blew us!
We ended up in Old Town, and it was a treat!
We ate dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant called CafĂ© Coyote... and Kate hooked up with a new boyfriend. 

Then, we did some fine shopping through Old Town, which was particularly festive for Cinco de Mayo. 


My mom and I got some extensions done...

and mine looked waaaay more natural than hers!

Kate opted for accessories.

I got chewed out for trying on masks, but then bought some for my boys and wore one through town.

(My hair paid for this the rest of the afternoon L:( )
Next, we headed over to see the Mission San Diego de Alcala, where we were very reverent.


We decided to head back to the hotel to regroup before the evening, and although it was chilly- we headed down to nap at the beach (right outside our hotel door).

Oh yeah.

That night we hit the town and ate dinner at an awesome place in the Gaslamp Quarter.

(Not a gaslamp above our head... but that would be fitting).
We had quite a sing along in the car ride home, and wound up a bit on the hyper side upon returning to the hotel.

We woke up to no kids crying, no alarms, and the ocean waiting for us outside!
Unfortunately it was raining, but that didn't stop Annie and I from going for a run on the boardwalk.
It was incredible.

We met my mom and Kate for breakfast right along the Oceanside...perfection.
The majority of Day 2 was spent at and around Hotel Del Coronado.

It was beautiful...and matched a beautiful day!

One thing that ended up being a recurring activity on this trip was visiting candy stores.  They were EVERYWHERE and they had awesome candy!

After so much shopping and candy, we needed a smoke break.

I think I pull off the candy cig's the best.
We shopped until we dropped, literally.

We had a luscious nap back at the hotel.
Side sleeperz or die!
We got gussied (ah!), and headed back downtown for the night.
We ate another fab dinner (all of our meals were incredible), and pretended like we know how to take advantage of a brick wall for social media purposes.


Next, we had tickets to go and see Kevin Nealon at a comedy club!
How random is that?!

It was hilarious and perfect...and equally awesome that I ordered a root beer float at the club!

Boo! Our last day... but luckily- we had the ENTIRE day before we had to catch our flight, so we made the most of it.
It was the warmest of all the days, and it was MOTHER'S DAY!
Annie and I went running again (dreamy), and met my mom and Kate again at another wonderful restaurant on the boardwalk.

(everyone else still has food on their plate....)
Then, Annie and I opted for some ocean time!
I think my mom was still in her North Face vest, but we were ready to beach it up!

We took our shell collecting seriously.

And then, we warmed up in the hot tub and looked like a couple.

We dragged our feet getting ready, but had a 1:00 checkout time, so we reluctantly were on our way.
Since we pretty much owned the city by now, we headed back downtown for some shopping/eating.

Mother's Day lunch.

More candy.

Let's just say most of us (Kate particularly) could have used this most of the trip:

I'm really mature.

Then, enter SELFIE STICK.
Excuse me, where was it for DAYS 1 and 2?

Here as we were attempting to make it work, Kate treated us with the best photo bomb of the trip.
And then, we were out of control.

But, at least we got this shot of us all together!

It was a remarkable trip in every sense of the word.
I love these three more than I can ever adequately put into words.
We have the best time together, no matter what we are doing.
Getting away from the every day grind with them was seriously a dream and I owe it all to Brett, who so willingly and wonderfully stayed back to care for the boys.
I frequently got updates such as these:

Things were well taken care of back at home... I had no doubt they would be.
All around a lucky girl!