Tucker's Big Month

Mr. Tucker has had quite an eventful month!

First of all... he chipped out his front tooth filling while biting apart Legos.
Considering he had to have full anesthesia and everything to get it fixed in the first place, to say I was freaking out is a bit of an understatement.

Luckily, I have the most amazing dentist uncle and assistant cousin on the planet, who was willing to meet us at the office on a Sunday evening to test out Tuck and see if he'd let him do some work unsedated.

It was a long shot... but something I had to try before going back to the pediatric office for another big ordeal.

Well hallelujah...what do you know?!?! 
He sat perfectly still and let Chris work on him without a flinch.

10 minutes and we were done and as good as new!

Tucker also started soccer this month!
He was most excited about having a uniform and wore it for days leading up to soccer actually starting.

Sam is on his team... Brett is his coach/Randy the assistant.
It's a dreamy set up.

Too bad Tucker isn't too big of a fan of the games!
Verdict is still out on 3 year olds playing soccer!


Tucker also got a back to school buzz...which may or may not have been a mistake.
Concentration camp?
It was pretty fresh for back to school... but... it only made for funnier picts!
Pretty safe to say that Tuck struggles with a genuine smile for a camera.

He and Sam waited an eternity for school to start...and the Back to School Open House meant it was finally time!!!

Let's look at that face a little closer....

Painted on eyebrows?

Later in the week, they finally got to go to their first day.


Bear Hollow Buddies

I can't tell you the difference it made leaving him knowing that he had his Sam with him.

He did so great and let me leave without even a bit of a fuss!

This is his real "first day" outfit.
None of that Bear Hollow t-shirt biznass.

When I picked Tucker up on Day 2 of school, Miss Molly was laughing so hard as she put him in the car.  She told me he was a riot and the HAPPIEST KID IN PRESCHOOL!
Tuck definitely knows how to show his excitement!

He thought for weeks that we had to take his picture before school every day.

Another HUGE perk to having Sam and Tuck in school together is that Annie and I get to be snotty preschool moms together! Good luck joining our clique!

We fulfilled a life's dream at our first field trip with the boys at Wheeler Farm.

And... thank heavens!
Little Bear is back in our lives.

It is so fun to see the little brother living out the things he's watched Jack do for the last couple of years.  He really is so excited about EVERYTHING... it's absolutely adorable!

And to top things off...
Tucker's 2015 School Picture:

Too much.


Escape to the Cabin

A few picts from a beautiful trip our little fam took up to the cabin the end of August.

It was one of the first weekends without a Wave Runner event, and we were ready for something DIFFERENT!

I didn't take a whole lot of picts... but we mainly just relaxed... just us!
We had a dreamy fire, watched movies, went swimming, and let the boys get dirty!

Tucker made up for the lack of s'mores that Jack ate.

And Brett entertained himself like only Brett can.

We're so lucky to have the cabin at our fingertips.
It's the perfect getaway!


Jack Goes to Kindergarten

Well the day to start the big K finally came... and Jack was sooooo ready!
With his summer birthday, he's starting Kindergarten older than most in his class, and you can tell!

Leading up to school, Jack was excited... but not jumping out of his skin :)

Things got real at the Open House and his assessment the week before class actually started.

He glided right through his assessment, and I was so proud of my boy-- acting so grown up!

The morning of August 26th, Jack slept in (of course), and I stewed.
I knew it was going to be much easier for him than me this day.

I got him up and ready and Brett went to work late so that he could go with us for the big drop off!

Love kindergartners and backpacks.
The size ratio is the best.

(always a Tucker head not far away)

When we got to Sego Lily, they had balloons and music and a red carpet for the arriving Kindergartners.  It was adorable, and heartbreaking.
I only have video of it.. so no picts, but trust me- it was something to see.

He nervously paraded through the cheering kids at the carpet, high fiveing them all the way.
I was already choking back tears.

Inside, the kids lined up and waited for their teacher, Mrs. Narvaez (who I really like so far, btw).

Jack put on the bravest of faces, but mama could see the nerves.
I remember all to well what that felt like as a kid- and just thinking of him feeling this way about killed me.

I gave him a quick pep talk....

and then, he was off.  Watching his curious, nervous, excited, anxious little self walk down that hall was all I could handle.  I seriously burst out crying.. so embarrassing. 
Luckily, he didn't see me.
And, I'm VISIBLY pregnant, so maybe people were either too distracted by my whale-ish figure or gave me a free pass because of hormones!

I regained my composure pretty quick. Annie took Tuck and I to breakfast, which helped immensely.  The good thing about Kindergarten, is before you know it... they're done and it's time to pick them up again!

He came home happy and ready for another day!
He said his teacher was really nice, and his only complaint was how LONG it was!

He's sailed through the entire first week so far, and is starting to make friends.  He has a lot of confidence and seems to think Kindergarten is really super easy at this point.  I'm hoping his teacher and class are starting to get a glimpse of just what a character Jack is.  So curious... want to spy!

I even let him style himself one day, and this is what he came up with.

Only Jack.