Christmas Festivities

I sure wish I could tell you that we painted the holiday town red this year, but the truth is...we were too busy snuggling our new baby, avoiding germs, and building Lego tables.

Sure-- we saw lights... hit up some movies, partied with friends, and had plenty of great ol' fashioned family time.
I just didn't do a great job documenting most of it.

The boys were just as excited as ever about Christmas this year...and it's a fun season to be in at the Jones home.

I was so excited to get to help in Tucker's class for his Christmas party.  I hadn't had the chance yet to help in a party for him, with the birthing and all.
Seeing him in preschool action is something to behold.

It just so happened, that he was also the leader this day... extra entertainment.

It is especially fun to go to a party with a kid that will actually EAT the treats! 

And...to go to a party with Annie and Sam in tow!
Wrote this scenario in my dreams.

Later that day, we headed to the mall for the Bear Hollow Christmas sing.
Just the before-the-show picts of Tuck should give you a good idea,,,

I took about 20 solid minutes of video of this mug, because he was just too good for still shots.
Animated, engaged, and hilarious.
That's my Tucker.
And, lucky us...he and Sam were stacked right by each other.

My sweet little dimpled Tucker.
Getting so big,

He and Grandma Jackie have quite the connection.

He's a pint sized piece of work.  Such a tiny little character.

He had an ample amount of support.
We were all so proud of our boy!

A few days later, Jack had his turn to shine in the Sego Lily Christmas Sing.
He got to perform one number, "We Will Jingle"

It was a classic number with jingle belling and air guitaring... stellar performance Jack!

Russ definitely had his fair share of running here and there during the days leading up to Christmas.
It sure was nice when school was over for the break, and things started to settle down leading up to the big day.

We had a wonderful party at my mom's this year with the Tucker side of the family.

The highlight was definitely Santa who knew a whole lot about each kid and made it a lot of fun!

Russell Meets Santa Claus...

He thought he was pretty legit. 

Santa even let me take a turn for a while!

Time for Christmas!!!


Jack + Jr. Jazz

Oh Jack... my little B-baller.
I must say... basketball has been my favorite extra curricular so far.

Jack has always had a thing for basketball, so we were excited that he was finally old enough to play.  Our new hoop at home only added to the excitement.

The first few games little buddy dominated... he usually scored the most on his team, and definitely had more of a clue than most of the other little scooters out on the court.
Defense wasn't really necessary because no one else could shoot.

But- as the season rolled on...the kids got clued in a bit- and Jack had to work a little harder for his buckets.  He started learning the importance of some defense...and even played some solid-D even when they were on the offense! ;) 
(Kindergarten sports are awesome!)

He loved his games.
All but one when he got hit by the ball in the face like 3 times.
Oh wait, and then there was that one when he got matched up to defend a girl.
But- other than that... he loved it!

More than this picture shows....

Jack's mama was just happy to report, that with the season starting one day before the birth of Russell, that she didn't miss one single game.  With that said, she also didn't take hardly any pictures.

Pretty sure Tucker snapped this shot...
Don't even know what he's doing here...
Again--Kindergarten sports ;)

And-another important detail in all this Jr. Jazz mumbo jumbo... Brett was Jack's awesome coach.
Talk about the patience of a saint!

I found myself equally entertained by both my boys each Wednesday night.
Sad the season is already over!

About a week post-season, these balling boys hit up a Jazz game together in the big city.
Too precious for words.


Thanksgiving 2015

Jack kicked off Thanksgiving with a bang with the Sego Lily Turkey Trot!

He took 4th overall for the Kindergarten...but, spoken like a true pageant mom- I'm gonna put it out there that I think he coulda won it with better starting line placement (haha)!

Afterwards, I got to help in his class feast.

Always a real slap in the face of just how picky is... Jack's class feast just reminded us how much he still DOES NOT eat.
He refused every single yummy delicacy, and instead opted for some crushed up tortilla chips in a decrepit little baggy from my bag.

What a mug.

Annie took over Bear Hollow feast duties and Tuck had a blast!

Thanksgiving morning was low key at home.

These three gave me plenty to be thankful for.
Really... still amazing to me that they are ALL mine.

We had the pleasure of going to my mama's for dinner this year, and lucky for me--both my sister's and their families were there too!

It was a beautiful day, amazing meal, great company...
and lots of dishes!!!

Holding almost-1-month-old Russ was a good excuse for being lazy!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we took a day-trip up to the cabin to hang out with a few of the Jones'.
It was Russell's first jaunt up there...and he pretty much did this the whole time.

We also got our letters into Santa for the season...