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Time for a quarterly purge of the phone and all things random!
Pardon the jumping around in dates...

Tuck made for a great doctor's visit partner in my early months of pregnancy while Jack was still in school.

Good thing the ultrasound in June showed a BOY, because Jack and Tucker were not keen on the idea of a princess in this house!




Grandpa's Birthday at Riverside


Tuck Being Tuck


(FYI: My kids are hair farmers)


Jack conquered his fear of water!!!
He is a swimming maniac now.  A switch flipped and he'll go under...jump in...you name it!

Tucker really exercised his skill at compromising with his teacher, Baylee...always trying to get out of what she was making him do.

Such a character... he endured and improved, though!




(Jack and Brett)

FYI: Jack is an incredible baller.




SAM + JACK+ TUCK = true love

Some surgery recovery for Annie gave us lots of chances to hang with Sam.
I'd adopt this one.  Just look at his face!


fourth of july 2015

Oh how I love the 4th of July!
Unfortunately, it's kind of a rough time of the Wave Runners season for us.

Freedom Days in Provo hits over the weekend of the 4th, so we're always pulled in 900 different directions.

This year, in my current fat/hot/pregnant state, I'm not working so much.
Poor Brett picks up the slack... and to spare us from a total withdrawal from him- the boys and I headed down to the carni on the night of the 3rd to be with him.

We were lucky to have the Ross clan join us.

The boys were in heaven.
Don't ask me why... but, they love the thrill of a ride + sweltering temps.

Tucker has carni in his genes.

The morning of the 4th, Brett took a break from carni life and played golf at Riverside with the menfolk.  We met them all at the pool for a BBQ and swimfest.

(Baby was definitely out in full force!)

We headed home-- I took over carni duties for a few hours, and then switched places with Brett for the last few hours of the night.

I was exhausted, but my favorite thing in the world is 4th of July firework watching, so I rallied.

We met up with my parents + the Ross' at Thanksgiving Point and had primo seats for an awesome show.

Tucker was hilarious.
Not a soul within a 10 foot radius missed his commentary on EVERY SINGLE FIREWORK.
He was amazed in every way.

One day, we'll celebrate the 4th as a family ALL DAY again...
Until then, I think we get by pretty darn well!


Changes for Tuck

Baby Boy #3 is well on his way, and this has shoved growing up into high gear for little Tuck-man.
Bless his heart.

In the last few months, he's let go of all things "baby"-- which needed to happen, but always seems so abrupt!

He desperately needed to rid himself of the bottle (water only, but still), and that was the first thing taken from him.
Poor dude was at a loss for a while, but... he overcame!

Not long after, he got a "big boy bed" when we changed his crib into a toddler bed.
Soon, he and Jack will shack up together on some bunk beds.

He required some TLC at first, but never (seriously never) got out of his bed without us coming and saying it was ok.  Winner!

One day in early June, I woke up and decided it was potty training time.

I had done nothing to prepare.

But, I was going for it!

We headed to Target, got some undies and prizes-- and there was no looking back (for better or worse!)

Some parts of the process were so easy.
He never asked for a diaper or pull up after he started in underwear.
Never had accidents at night.

Other parts... confusing and frustrating for us all.
Man, it's a rough part of parenting.

Luckily, with some help of Jack and a plethora of smiley charts... we got it!

Holla to 4 months without buying diapers!!

Little dude is a trooper.  He seems older by the day!