The Walk

The Walk to Cure Diabetes came...and man, did Team Hank represent!

I love the opportunity to try and make a difference and put and end to this horrible disease.

Annie raised over $4000!!! Incredible.

The whole fam was there, and we had a great day honoring Hank and showing our support of curing Type 1 Diabetes!
Here are some random shots from the day... in totally random order.



My 3 Heroes.

Some little rat I found on the side of the trail.

Dan being inappropriate, as usual.

Brett, mocking my lean.  Butt.
Jack was in fine form...

Can't wait to throw my Team Hank shirt back on and walk next year!

Jack Starts School

I just can't believe it!
My Jack started preschool!!!

Here he is on his first day...


I was surprised that I wasn't a weepy mess that day, but he was so ready and so excited, I couldn't
help but feel the same way!
It also doesn't hurt that he's going to Bear Hollow and Miss Molly is incredible!

I snuck a couple of shots when I took him the first day during the parent activity.

Such a stud, got right to work and had no problem when it was time for me to leave.


This is his second day....but, since Miss Molly makes them wear their school shirts on day one...we had to have our first day outfit on this day.
Oh, yes.

Wouldn't be Jack without one of these...

Damn cute if you ask me.

Jack Starts Soccer

All sorts of new things have started for Jack recently...soccer being one of them.

I could care less how he plays...he's so freaking cute in his uni, that I could die.

Brett is his team coach...and I absolutely love watching them take off for practice every week.

I'm sure more games will provide more pictures and stories, but here are some pics from his first game.

Let's just say 3 and 4 years olds are REALLY good at the ins and outs of soccer. 

Proud as a peacock...he had quite the cheering section.

Cutest thing ever.

Go Green Dragons!

We bribed Jack that he could get a toy after his first game if he tried hard and played the whole game.

This is what he picked.


Halloween decor is out in full force at the stores and boy oh boy is Jack in heaven.

Pic Download

I got waaaaay lax with blogging there for a while...and I'm left with a bundle of random pics.

Feast your eyes. 

Tub rat.

A night at Adventure and Learning Park with ma boys. 

Cabelas coon. 

Tucker decided one night that he'd wear his shirt on his head...and slept that way the entire night. 

Jack is the most studly sunbeam in Sunbeams. 

Tucker climbs ANY and EVERY thing. 

He also started eating at the table...which is darling and dangerous and messy.

Brett and I had our NINTH anniversary!

Jack continues his friendship with bones...found him posed like this. Genius. 

See... told you he climbs everything.

We just couldn't stay away from the carni scene...and visited the State Fair one night to spy on our competition. We made the trip worth it with some rides.
Let me just say...now that I'm a pro... 
If you've seen one carni, you've seen'm all!

Took a trip with the Tolman's to Thanksgiving Point and caught this adorable moment with Jack and Soren. 

My little trouble maker...
Turn my back for two seconds...he's always into something...like lipstick.