Instagram Purge

 Still loving me some Instagram.
Here are some shots from the past month of posts.

There are a few central themes to my pictures...which are pretty reflective of the central themes in my day to day life.
(And since the majority of people who look at my blog also follow me on Instagram- this will be a repeat. But- I've got to get these picts somewhere permanent!) 

:: Haircut Singing ::

:: Shopping with Grandma Jackie ::

 :: Cousins! ::

:: Cousin Dance Recitals ::

 :: Tucker ::

:: Brothers ::

(A few more recent Instagrams to follow--but they are deserving of their own posts!)


It Must Be Farm Season

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling the itch to get Jack out of the house to do something.
So...we called Grandma Jackie...loaded up Tuck,
and we were off to the Thanksgiving Point Farm.

Last year, there were a select few things that held Jack's attention.
This year...he's a regular farm boy.
He finally gave riding the ponies a chance, and he absolutely LOVED it.

It was a proud moment for me.
I wish so badly we had horses in the family for him to enjoy like I did growing up.

I took about 98348 pictures of the event... but I'll spare you with less than ten.

The other night... I had the same itch...Brett was home, and the weather was beautiful- so we hauled our brood back to the farm.

Jack rekindled his pony love.
And enjoyed some new jersey clothes...(they're totally in this season)

Tucker was a trooper, of course- and chilled in the stroller.

Brett may be the busiest human on the planet as of late-
so we are extra excited when we have him around to play.


See how Tucker is about it?

Those dimples.
I will eat him one of these days.


Tucker's Blessing

Sunday, May 20th 2012

We had a beautiful day at my parent's house where we blessed our sweet Tucker.

Brett did a wonderful job, and perfectly expressed our hopes for this little one in his life.

 We were so lucky to have our families around us... it's always so nice to have them both around at once!  The weather could not have been more beautiful, and we enjoyed eating and spending time outside in my parent's amazing yard.

Of course picture taking is always a struggle on such occasions (I wonder if I'll ever use a camera other than my phone again!)...and I am so sad I didn't get a picture of everyone there- but, I came close!  Uncles...I am sorry...

WOW! Tucker has some beautiful people who love him...
Check out all of his gorgeous aunts, cousins, and grandparents:

 Jones (in town) Cousins + Grandma+ Tiffany + Michelle

 Aunt Tiffany

 Annie, Sam, Great-Grandpa Sherm, Great-Grandma Yvonna

Blend of Cousins!
Isabel, Max, Hank, Bjornn, Mya, Ethan
 Man o' the Hour

 Grandma and Grandpa

 Great Grandma and Grandpa
(they are too amazing)

Aunt Kate

Grandma Jackie 

 Grandma Jones

 Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Curt

 Aunts Michelle, Tiffany, Kate, Annie

Jack's Hero Hank-- indulging him in some cuddle time.

Family Pics

The day truly was perfect. 
And to top it off...there was an awesome solar eclipse that had Brett's panties all in a wad...and he stared into the sun until he was practically blind.

 (not nerdy at all)

An unforgettable day, for an unforgettable little boy.