3 Month Tuck

Tuckman is 3 MONTHS!

And he literally gets more delish by the minute.

He is growing at a rapid rate...a big boy with scrumptious cheeks and heavenly thighs.

He is so so so so easy.

He smiles his face off with pretty much any interaction.

He giggles when tickled...and when he's sleeping.

He's a wonderful eater...and an impressive spitter.

He loves grabbing things like his blanket or burp rag.

He puts his entire fist in his mouth...still can't quite figure out the thumb sucking...so he sticks with the binky mostly.

He still loves Jack. Loves me. Loves Brett.
Actually- he loves just about anyone that gives him attention!

He sleeps from about 11pm-6am...eats..then sleeps again until 8ish.
He takes a morning nap. An afternoon nap. And some in-between.

Dream. Boat.

Feast your eyes on some Tucker from the past month.

{so funny}


The Day

Final Birthday Post.
I promise.

Jack's actual birthday came on Wednesday, and it was another day full of fun.
We like to celebrate for about 5 weeks! Sheesh!

He woke up his same silly self...ready and excited to play with his newly aquired loot.
We decided to wait to open our presents until after Brett came home that night since Jack was snoozing away when he left for work.

After playing the morning away...we picked up Grandma Jackie, Izzy and Lucy, and met Annie and her boys at Kangaroo Zoo for a little more birthday fun.

Jack had an absolute blast, and his sweet cousins were darling with him.
I was spandexed out from head to toe and ready to get my jump on, too. 

We stayed for a few hours, and then Jack completely crashed on the way home.
He took a heavenly nap...and when he woke up, Brett was home from work and we were ready to celebrate with some presents.
Tucker was taking a nap, and Brett and I were able to focus completely on the birthday boy.
Considering his reaction to present-time at his party--we weren't quite sure what we were going to get from him.
Turns out...he could not have been more darling.
He opened every present with so much excitement, and we got a good reaction out of every gift.
We had nowhere else to be...so we took our time and played together with each present after it was opened.

His first present was a cape.
He was speechless.

And didn't take it off for the rest of his birthday.
Adequate time was spent flying like Superman.  Obviously.

He also got a glow board, games, books, Spiderman action figures, superhero apparel, water toys, and a slew of dart guns.


After some serious play-time, Jack was tubbed and in his new Superman jammies...all ready to take it down a notch and watch Superman, as we had promised.
(he insists on wearing his holey Toms as his "Superman shoes" ???)

He rarely breaks character...check out those intense superhero fists.

These two...

It was a perfect start to year #3.
I can't believe he is 3, but I am ready for him to be 3 at the same time.
Crazy unpredictablity and all...it's a really fun age.
We honestly couldn't have had a better day, and were in heaven as parents keeping it simple and just playing with our sweet boy.

Oh, and this one too:



Because of crazy schedules and weather forecasts, we decided to have Jack's birthday party 2 days before his real birthday.

What better theme for this mug than Spiderman?
Summer birthdays are the best! We combined Spiderman with some water fun on a really HOT day, and fun was had by all!

But...let's get real for a minute.
Celebrating a third birthday when you're the birthday boy can be really hard.
Presents, toys, cousins... its a tough gig.
At least it was for Jack about 75% of the party.
3 year olds....oh dear.

Here he is post-nap...pre-party...
and man oh man was he excited at this point.
He woke up all geared up to PARTAY!

(Don't mind if I did make these cupcakes... with a little artistic guidance from Brett)

We had a water slide, pool, water play table, slip n' slide, bubbles, and squirt guns. 
A recipe for a good time.

The cousins arrived, and at first...Jack was totally into the idea of everything.
Then, he decided it was a bit much to digest.
So...while they got their water on...Jack played in the dirt...clung to me....got a puncture weed stuck in his foot (disaster!), threw POPS, clung to me more, and then insisted that I hold him the entire time during squirt gun fights.
Oh, Jack.
Such a diva sometimes.

Everyone else partook in the fun...


Zetta FLYING down the slip n' slide

Sam camped out by the food :).

Lifesaving grandma kept Tucker well cared for.

Isabel and the birthday boy.

A little birthday dirt...

 At this point, Brett thought it would be a good idea to get Jack more involved in the water.  He was sure that forcing him to play on the waterslide would turn around his mood.
This picture might convince you he was right...
 Except that about 10 seconds after this picture, the entire slide started to wobble and lose air and water and air were blowing in Jack's face as Brett squirmed to keep them from falling.
It wasn't pretty.
Sorry Brett.
This slide maybe would've sustained you 15 years ago :).

Jack was terrified.
The rest of us? Quite amused.

Hank ripped it up on the slip n' slide about 90 times. 



After an episode with a sticker in Jack's foot...he was ready to just stick to playing in the dirt.

Being the mom of the birthday boy in 398 degree weather... 

Let us not forgot the little brother in attendance...

 Luckily he had lots of willing hands to hold and play with him.

We eventually moved the party inside for presents, cupcakes, and ice cream treats.

Jack had a renewed energy...and can never pass up the opportunity to blow out some candles.

Then it was present time...and he was chomping at the bit to rip open the presents.
But, after the first present- Jack remembered how embarrassed he gets as the center of attention in the middle of a crowd...so he ran off to his room.
Oh, ok.

After reassurance that presents are totally cool...he would come back out... open a present...run back in his room...and repeat until all presents were opened.

At least the cousins enjoyed present time.

 He couldn't have been happier with his presents when he was with a small crowd in his room.

He decided that the Spiderman mask that Kate's family gave him was perfect for me to wear...and insisted that I wear it for about 30 minutes of the party.

 I wear it well...not gonna lie.

After presents and treats...we headed outside for one last festivity.
We lit some sparklers with the kids and it was a perfect end to the party.

Even with Jack's shenanigans...it was a really fun party...and we're lucky to have such an awesome family to celebrate with!

After everyone left...Jack got a second wind.

After playing and then eating some Mac N' Cheese with Grandma Jackie...he was ready to start the party all over again!

He wanted to wear his helmet Grandma Jackie gave him with his new scooter and was ready to head back outside. 

 My mom is the best at indulging Jack.
He LOVES her.
Oh....now he wanted to play on the slide....
Little Terd.
 (Sweet Spiderman tat on the belly.)

He went to bed an extremely happy and tired boy...and all was well in birthday land again.

I'm still exhausted!