Tulip Festival

My mom and I decided that after years and years of living next to Thanksgiving Point, and never going...that we ought to visit the Tulip Festival this year.
The weather was FINALLY nice, so we packed a lunch, threw in the strollers, and off we went!
The weather could not have been more beautiful, and I think the boys just loved being outside.

(great enthusiasm!!)

Cutest grandma award goes to....

I'm so glad we went.  It was gorgeous, and a nice change from the normal day-to-day.
We all came home and CRASHED!


Rat Update

So, here's a few photos that need a place on the blog...
Their common thread...RANDOM!

This day, Jack felt it necessary to keep extra good track of time!

Jack with his best friends....
Will London, Lemuel Spalding,  Judge Hopkins, Amelia Wilcott, and Norman.
Hey... being friendly with zombies is totally normal.

This little mug is becoming rather mischevious!
He's started walking non-stop...is about 2 breaths away from running non-stop...and loves to collect any random thing he can find from around the house.

He experienced the joy that is an otter pop..
And this gem was born...

Somedays, Tucker thinks he doesn't need his morning nap anymore.
Around 11:00...this is what happens:
Which reminds me,
He's also in a forward facing car seat!  He's so tiny...it still makes me giggle to see him!
I think the next two illustrate some pretty good ratness on Jack's part...

(his before-church pose)



Brotherly Tub

Let it be known that I could fill an entire hard drive with pictures of my kids in the tub, alone.
I just can't resist.
This particular night, they were really on a roll.


A Night at the Farm

We were lucky enough the other night to go spend some time on a real-deal farm.
Thanks to Lou, we crashed her in-laws farm nearby and got to meet some brand new baby animals.
It confirmed my desire for my boys to grow up on a farm!

Then...a couple of weeks later...on a real special outing to IFA with his papa...
Jack kept my desire for his future in FFA with these beauties:

Yes, please!