Boys Night Out

The other night, we had tickets to a BYU basketball game- so, I stayed home with Tucker and Brett took Jack on a date.

(sorry about the top of your heads, boys)

Jack was so excited to get to go.
Once they got there, he settled in with some popcorn and treats.

However, he didn't quite understand why he couldn't go down on the floor to ball it up...so he compromised and talked Brett into buying him a ball.

It was decided that maybe Jack is still a little too little for a full blown game...
But-- they had fun anyway.

What a lucky kid to have such a great dad!

Voodoo Child

So... as I mentioned...
Jack has been on quite a kick lately.

He'll watch something....see something at the store...or hear someone talk about something and he gets stuck on that thing for the entire day.

Some recent examples...
Sorry (the game)
Oz (as in the Wizard)

[random enough for you?]

This particular day...Jack was reminded of his love for the Shadow Man from the Princess and the Frog.
(of course, Jack loves the villains in all movies)

He decided that he must have a necklace like the Shadow Man's.
Little creepy considering he uses it to collect blood and do voodoo...but....

Obviously, you can't run to Targ to get a voodoo necklace.
So after Jack had talked about it for the millionth time for the morning, Brett went out in the garage, grabbed some wood,a knife, and some paint and he set to work.

Jack is one lucky kid to have a dad who can make literally ANYTHING.

The finished product....

And, our incredibly happy little voodoo child.

The next day, he had a particularly hard time trying to understand why Brett couldn't make Oz appear...

Another Month Bites the Dust

Well... this is the hiney of some little boy who just turned 10 Months Old!

Tucker is taking off...
I swear he's in full blown toddler hood! (sniff sniff)

Shockingly, he's not walking yet.
But-- believe me, he gets around!

He's been toying with crossing over into walking territory for a while...but opts for hanging onto things as he gets around so he can keep up his speed.

He recently discovered himself in the mirror...and I find him here often playing with his new little friend.

Tuck man loves him some Dove time at grandma and grandpas!

He also loves getting into mischief!
I turn my back for TWO seconds...


Or...there's the NUMEROUS times I found him dumping out the formula dispenser from the diaper bag

Little rat.

Tucker has learned "so big" this month.
Grandma Joanne would be so proud.
He's quite proud of his new trick.

Pure Bliss...

At ten months, Tucker is definitely still HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
He's settled into some great little sleeping habits, eats anything, and is easily entertained and incredibly LOW maintenance.

His two front teeth started popping through this week-- and he's starting to mimic sounds and funny faces.

Such a sweetheart, this one.

I could do a whole post with sleeping photos... I just can't get enough.

As for the "other one"....
Jack has been absolutely killing us this month.

Still a great older brother. Man, Tucker LOVES him!

And...for some classic tubby pics...

Here Jack requested that Brett draw some Paranorman...
This is his forced smile.

Tuck likes it.

This is Jack when he remembered how he desperately wanted the game of Battleship at Target and didn't get it.

I'm a good parent...and just laughed and took a picture.

He may not have gotten Battleship, but he did score some awesome new boxer briefs.
So amazing.

He's also started going to Sunbeams.
Such a trip.

His first day...

I'm just really glad that Brett was in sharing time with him when he was called on to come to the microphone and share what he was grateful for.  As he waited for his turn...he entertained the rest of the primary kids by putting his hand down his pants.

Did someone say classy?
Seriously, this kid.
Such a quirky hilarious little thing.

Every day he has a new random fixation, and trust me...he fixates hard core!

Most of the month we've been trying to stay warm and avoid being sick.
We take frequent lunch dates with Grandma Jackie...head to Target...
YEP! That's about it!

We did manage to get out to see Mya's dance recital...

Had the Griffin boys over for a party of a night...

And- I decided that I need 5 boys under the age of 8!!


Tuck's Photo Shoot (and Jack, too!)

Brace yourself.
These are some damn cute picts.
Tucker- 9 Months
Jack- 3.5 Years