Ma Birthday

I turned the big two-nine this week.


I'm just gonna soak up the fact that it wasn't my 30th...yet.

I had a wonderful week, with lots of celebrating!

I went shopping with my mom and sisters a few nights before my actual birthday.
As always, we had a fab time. 
Man, I love those 3.
We ate a late dinner at Cheesecake Factory where I had the biggest salad on earth (it towered), and then we finished up with this baby...

The night before my birthday, Brett and I went to the movie and dinner sans the kiddos...thanks to Kate, who watched my little chickens. 
Brett planned the whole thing...and I pretty much just showed up.  Heaven.

The morning of my birthday, I slept in (a little), while Brett played with the boys...
and I woke up to 3 eager boys ready to spoil mama!

Jack was really excited to show me and help me open all of my presents.
They gave me new bedding...

A really nice fancy new blow dryer.
A gift card & massage appointment.

Hubba Hubba.

We threw on our shoes and headed out for a little breakfast at our home away from home...Chick Fil A.

Tucker was happy and ready to celebrate.

I came home to these pretty's from my mom and dad.

We had a low key day back at home-- with playing and naps- and then in the late afternoon met up with my family for dinner at Los Hermanos.  

These 2 have been around for EVERY one of my birthdays to date.
Love love love them.

We headed over to Lindon Elementary (Kate's school), for some PE time.

Sounds just like what every 29 year old wants to do for their party, right?
Ok-- maybe not EVERY one...but, it's exactly what I wanted to do.

Maybe it's the ghost from my PE teacher past inspiring this...
but, on occasion, we have found ourselves playing in her gym and we always have a blast.

Kate, Annie, and I took this most serious, as just a couple of months ago we sparked some competition between the three of us in the form of scooter races.

The boys played basketball, the kids ran like wild monkeys, we obstacle coursed, and dodge balled.

(My only pic of all 4 of us on my birthday.  Time for a ponytail...yikes!)

Just minutes after arriving, I did an outfit change...and the spandex was out in full force!

(Jack literally shot hoops for 2 hours straight.)

My mom kept Tucker smiling while I was busy WINNING obstacle courses.


It was intense.

We took a brief intermission to the faculty room (ritzy!) for some pie, ice cream, and presents.

It really was a blast.
I don't know if you could tell...
I really love my family.
We have a good time no matter what we're doing.

The next day, the celebrations continued.
The Jones' threw me ANOTHER party up in Alpine, and Laurel cooked a delicious dinner for the occasion.

Bjornn, Mya, Ethan, Zetta, and Jack disappeared for a while to make me these darling cards:

And Tucker let me mug on him like this...

It was a WONDERFUL birthday, spent with all of my favorite people.

I am a lucky girl.
Even if I'm an old fart.


Tuesday at Disneyland

You might think that after 2 1/2 full days back-to-back at the park, we'd be tired and running out of steam.


We were just as excited and ready as ever Tuesday morning, when we used our Early Entrance passes, and got in an hour early.

There was lots of sunshine, and it was our warmest day of the trip.
The crowds were lots smaller, which made for a perfect last day.

We spent a lot of the day hitting any last wishes-- and I focused all my efforts on Jack and what he wanted to do.
(Selfless of me, eh? I at least gave ONE day solely to my 3 year old at Disneyland!) :) 

Even now, this picture puts a lump in my throat.
I have the best family ever.

As wonderful as Disnelyand is...
It was being with these folks that made the trip!

This little lady was the brains behind this trip.
Man, I love her.
And- she's a totally bangin' grandma!

Grandpa Curt took Jack on the rockets (another one of his faves), while we hit Star Tours.
We came out just in time to see them getting on the ride.

Jack was BEAMING.
Grandpa Curt...not so sure about the rockets!

We took Jack to Toon Town this day...
a must for any mugs his age.

Goofy was his favorite character of the trip.

He was so adorable with Mickey.
Perfect age.

I was happy that there was finally a roller coaster that Jack was tall enough to ride on.

I was surprised that Goofy's roller coaster was pretty fast, and gave Jack a taste of the rides of his future!

He was hilarious and darling on it...with his arms up and giggling and screaming!

Picture Perfect...
Max and Jack SHARING their toys.  WHAT?!?

Another afternoon...
Another stroller nap for Jack.

He woke up in just enough time to watch the Pixar Parade.
Oh boy.  
The Incredibles characters had the omnidroid with them...
Something Jack has been obsessed with since he first saw the movie.

He became fixated on finding one of these he could take home with him.
"Baby Tiny Robot Hands" (his name for the robot hand) aren't quite so easy to come by.

He still managed to have fun, despite an unsuccessful search for one.
(We did order one on Ebay when we got home, though!)

We stayed at the park until the bitter end, none of us wanting it to be over.
There's almost nothing worse than leaving Disneyland.
Especially when you're with all of your favorite people in the world.

We got back to the hotel to pack up and prepare to return home the next morning.
Luckily, I had Tucker to get home to as motivation.
It was still rough leaving.

Brett, Jack, and I left at 4:30 AM!
We were serious about our drive home!

We loaded Jack like this in the car, and in total...he slept 6 of the 9 hours of our drive home!
The perfect little traveler.

We were so impressed and happy with Jack on this trip.
He never complained, found everything to be fun, and was his usual happy funny little self.

Pretty much...all Jack needs is a bag of Sunchips, and he's good to go!

He was at the ideal age for excitement, and I will never forget his genuine amazement at everything.

He had the best time being with his cousins everyday.  They were all so sweet with him, patient 
and willing! He adores every single one of them.

Thank you mom and dad for making this trip possible! Best Christmas present ever!
I feel so lucky to be able to have this trip as a memory for my little family.
The sad feeling we all had coming home is the perfect indication of just how much we all love each other and genuinely enjoy being together.  The moments when we separated on the trip were rare, and we truly LOVED every minute of  playing, laughing, and just being together.

We returned home to a happy and well-taken-care-of Tucker.
It was so good to have the missing piece of our family back with us....

But-- we're all still longing to be back!
Best time.