Payson Lakes Escape

Another Sunday worshipping with a family getaway...
But in all fairness- we all had colds and didn't want to infect everyone at church.
Life had been crazy with Wave Runners, so it was good to all be together for some fun.
We headed to Payson Lakes for a picnic and some scootering for the boys.


Tuck dominated his scooter and improved so much in that one day going around and around the lake.


Jack the First Grader!

Probably the fasted summer in my lifetime came to an end before I could even wrap my head around it starting!
Luckily, my kids love school- and had no complaints about heading back.
Jack was lucky to score the best 1st grade teacher at Sego Lily (thanks, Kate)...
Mrs. Skillicorn.
Back to School night confirmed that she was a winner.

Jack was pumped about his new classroom.
The first day, he was up and ready to roll!

That toothless grin is the perfect picture of first grade!
I wiped a few tears away the day before he went off to the big leagues, but this day- I held it together for my buddy.  It made it much easier seeing how ready and excited he was to go.
This little brother, however, wasn't so sure what to do with his bestie gone all day.
When we got to the school, Sego Lily had a red carpet for all of the students to walk down with music playing and teachers lining the carpet to greet the kids.
Jack wanted nothing to do with it.
It was a little much for him, and his nerves started to show for the first time.
Cute little buddy.
We opted to walk in our own way, and he was back in the game!


I spy a nut of a little brother.


I knew he'd be fine... heavens... I taught first grade!
But...I was still so anxious all day to get him home and hear about everything.
Lucky for me, Jack's teacher really is the best.
She sent texts throughout the day filling me in on what he was up to:

And... she has continued to do so most days since.


Jack comes home happy every day, and leaves with a skip in his step every morning.
And, when he gets back- he's immediately back to his old antics.
*I should note... that the day has finally come- at age 7- where Jack no longer naps.
It's a harsh reality that I'm still coming to grips with.
I thought I might at least rope him into them until Jr. High!!


Alpine Days 2016

Under most circumstances, we try to avoid hanging out at city celebrations/ carnivals at all cost.
When you own an amusement attraction, and have spent so much time working these kinds of events- it's not exactly your #1 choice in destination.
However, our inner carnie comes out every once in a while- and we just can't fight the urge to attend such an event.
More like: our kids are sick of being taken to these events and then whisked away at a shift change and were desperate to fully partake of the carnival life.
So- while Brett balled... the boys and I had some fun at Alpine Days.
They probably went down these slides 85 times.

This was the most disgusting spinning ride..
but, I had fun with these nuggets nonetheless.

Sometimes everything aligns just right and a night is free from tantrums, discomfort, fighting, begging, and whining.
This was one of those nights.
Loved every carnie minute.


Russ Update 8-9 Months

Oh geez.
This baby of mine.
Does it get old hearing how perfect, sweet, adorable, and lovable he is?
If so, too bad.
It's just who he is.
Months 8-9 brought more steady sitting, the beginning of crawling, more teeth, and lots and lots of smiles.

His little arms behind his head... his favorite way to sleep.
His next favorite is cross legged- and bent over in half.
Looks so painful.

He also discovered during this time that he could stand up in his crib, which lead to the necessary lowering of the mattress.
Boy, was he pleased with himself when he discovered this new trick.

Jack posed this picture of them all in their personalized chairs.

Crawling = trouble.

But, that face?
I'll forgive him for entering into this brutal stage.

Summatime Swimming

Most summer outings revolve around lunching or swimming around these parts.
We spent our fair share of time hitting the local pools.
Here are a few picts we snapped along the way.

Russ always loved the water, and was always such a good sport to crash in his stroller when he had had enough.
Dream baby.

Pool days with dad are always waaaay more fun:


Always the view upon getting home post-swim:
My kids LOVE swimming, and have improved lots this year.
Especially Jack... who has always been so terrified of water... is such a little FISH now.
It's still a lot of work for this old mom to get us there, outfitted, and supervised... but, I'm holding out for the day when I can kick back on a lounge chair and drink a DC while they swim! ;)