Christmas 2010

-Christmas Card Pictures
It was the best of times....
It was the worst of times.
I think that might be a good interpretation of Jack's Christmas this year.
We definitely had our fair share of festivities this past week.
Let me take you along...
(Oh, and by the way... does anyone else find Christmas to be a nearly impossible time to take good pictures?)
Jones Adult Outing: BYU Art Museum- Carl Bloch Exhibit
We were lucky enough to have Kate watch Jack for us this night, while we spent the night kidless looking at beautiful art and eating a delicious meal at PF Changs. Brandon and DeEtte were in town for a few days, and Adam & Michelle came down from Syracuse for the occasion.
I happen to be the WORST at getting pictures with this family!
Why is that?
I'm thinking maybe it's because they're too beautiful to be photographed with.
Monkey Island
Annie and I decided our kids needed to get out of the house for something other than blasted shopping (again!) so we took them to a place by our houses called Monkey Island. It's a place of all blow-up bounce houses, slides, and toys. No one was there. The 2 and under crowd is free (a.k.a. Jack), and parents get their jump on free as well. So...pretty much...it was the best decision I made all holiday weekend. My only regret is that Annie and I didn't get a chance to duke it out in the obstacle course. Something tells me we'll be back.
Literally every picture I took at this place was blurred because Jack was moving and jumping so fast.
Tucker Family Christmas Party- La Dolce Vita
That night, we cleaned Monkey Island off, and went to Provo for the Tucker/Eliason family Christmas party. Other than the insane traffic, it was a great Christmas Eve-Eve. I have very few pictures to prove the festivities of this party...but, Jack was still in pretty fine form at this point. Santa didn't make too big of an impression, but Jack kept entertained with throwing a napkin over his head for about 94% of the night.
Oh, and he looked absolutely amazing while he was at it.
Jack kept a safe distance.
My sisters and I probably attempted 12 pictures of us together at every event, and somehow we never look in the same direction.
FRIDAY 12.24
Christmas Eve- Monkey Island, part dos
Brett didn't have work this day, so Jack and I decided to show off our new found gem in Monkey Island to him, so we dragged our bones back for the second day in a row. Jack was all over showing off for him.
Syracuse with the Jones'
After a brief nap, we were off to Syracuse to Brett's sister Michelle's house for Christmas Eve festivities with the Jones'. Her house looked beautiful, the food was delish, we played games, and Jack had darling cousins to play with . Of course, there was also the tradition of acting out the nativity...which never disappoints.
Jack sat in a basket as Baby Jesus, and played with the Frankincense jar.
I was a really reverent Shepherd.
(I know. I totally look like one)
This night, however, I believe Jack started to consider that Christmas is for the birds.
He was a bit hard to please.
A bit out of sorts.
A bit...not Jack.
We left around 9:00...and at approximately 9:35...while cruising on I-15...Jack had a little incident.
Or a big incident.
Throw up.
I'll keep the details to a minimum.
Just take my word for it.
It was the worst of times I mentioned earlier.
We finally got home...washed up for Santa...and luckily Jack slept and had no other signs of sickness.
I think Santa was up until about 12:30 getting things ready.
I bet it took forever to put the 9999 pieces of his train table together.
How much do I love having a little creature in the house for Santa to visit?
A lot.
Christmas Day 12.25
Christmas Morning at Home
It would be safe to say that I was the most anxious about seeing what Santa had left on Christmas morning. I woke up, got ready, cleaned up, packed our bag for the day, loaded presents in the car,and de-smelled a carseat...all while my boys snoozed away.
Finally, at 8:30...they were awake!
Santa left our presents in the Bonus Room this year, so we headed up...anxious to see how Jack would react especially after his volatile state the night before.
Jack's loot:
He was busy busy busy from the second he walked through the door. Crashing trains and dunking baskets with everything from balls to stuffed animals.
And in case you were worried, Brett and I definitely weren't forgotten this year.
Christmas Morning at the Wankier Abode
My family gathered at my mom and dad's at 10:00 for presents and my mom's traditional yummy breakfast. How cool is it I get to see all my siblings and grandparents on Christmas?
I don't think I'd do well otherwise.
There was a lot of love going around.
I had to chase Jack down into my parents weight room to snap a picture of his Christmas outfit.
Jack seemed to think Brett was the coolest part of Christmas.
He spent the majority of the day on his heels.
He was, however, thouroughly entertained with the gifts from his cousins and grandparents during the present exchange.
Later we had a sweet combo of a short nap and over-stimulation to give us the true experience of being parents on Christmas.
Christmas Afternoon/Evening in Alpine
Around 3:00. we made our way up to the Jones home to spend the rest of the day with them. Laurel prepared an amazing Christmas dinner, and then we had even more present opening!! I swear it too us an hour to unload our car last night when we got home.
A little time in a box with Zetta is always a good choice.
By the time we came home, the word "done" would be a good choice in describing Jack.
Luckily, Brandon and DeEtte agreed to come to our house around 10:00, so we came home a bit earlier than usual to put Jack to bed.
Good. Night.
I woke up more tired this morning than I've felt in a long time.
Holidays can be exhausting around these parts, I tell you.
However, I couldn't be more grateful to have so much family to be around, and to share so much time with.
I wouldn't change a thing.
Tired babes and all...Wankier's, Jones', and my cute little family make it impossible not to like Christmas!
Definitely, the best of times.


Christmas-Animal Style

This weekend-
9:41 am: A text came in from my mom saying:
Be at our house tonight @ 5 pm...dress warm..you will get further instructions then.
We will be eating here first.
Bring Jack's stroller....
We were all a bit surprised to have such a spur-of-the-moment event coming from my parents.
The Wankier family does not roll spur of the moment.
But, we all bundled up, and showed up at 5:00.
My parents had dinner hot and ready, and informed us we were going to go up to Hogle Zoo to see Zoo Lights.
We were all stoked to have something out of the ordinary to go and do! We loaded up and we were off!
When we got into Salt Lake, there was a serious case of fog.
It made for a bit of a scary drive, and some tricky pictures... but we all had an absolute blast!
We started the evening out chatting it up with Santa.
(Jack was interested long enough to give him a High 5 and then bolt)
My mom and dad bought all the kids rides on the carousel.
Turns out--the carousel is scary for the 5 and 6 year old crowd.
I did my best to raise their spirits by jumping around like a total fool.
We actually got to see a good amount of animals.
Many of these rotten snakes, scorpions, and other rodents were wide eyed and put on quite a show.
You can see how Annie and Kate felt about the snake who was crawling out of it's skin...
Best parents ever.
I'm slowly morphing into my mom.
(oh, Isabel. I love you)
Jack was so entertaining!
He spent about half the time bundled up in his cushy stroller.
The other half of the time, he was running wild giving us all plenty to laugh at.
We were really in the zoo spirit as you can see by everyone's response when I asked for an animal pose...
It's probably no surprise that I absolutely adore my family.
It's impossible for me not to be thankful every day that we all live so close and can do stuff like this together.
Thanks mom and dad for the perfect idea!


When the Stars Aligned at Ikea.

Ok, ok. So I've been a total blog loser lately.
November catch-up? Thanksgiving post? Nah.
Why not blog about last night's jaunt to IKEA?
We were only there three hours.
And Jack was in absolute heaven. Random?
And now... I find myself wondering why I am considering a trip to Disneyland with Jack in January? I dare say Jack is more interested in swedish furnishings.
Brett is sooooo the fun parent in this family.
I had Jack all buckled in tight to the cart, and approximately 2 minutes later, Brett had him out running wild.
He played in kitchens, tested out beds, pushed the cart, and gave his opinion on furniture options.
We were feeling the IKEA spirit so much, we decided to eat dinner there.
Our dinner cost $5.
Then we go to sit down and see this perfect little kid area...
only to find that they had Wall-E playing.
I mean, what are the chances?
I'm 98% positive that Jack is the only kid in this world that watches Wall-E.
He sat in a trance while we dined.
Then I had a moment when I saw Jack sitting at this table.
Suddenly I was on some tangent about Jack going off to school.
Sniff sniff.
I snapped out of it when I realized he's not even 2, and the night finished with a bookshelf for Jack, new bedroom furniture, and new vacation plans for January! Draper here we come!!!
Sorry, Disneyland.