Some big milestones are going down around these parts.

1. Tucker hit his ONE MONTH mark ToDaY!

2. I am officially an Instagrammer
(this is SUPER important)

So in honor of these two monumental milestones... here are some of my Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks as we settle into normalcy again.

But first...
Tucker is thriving.  He's already growing so fast, and he continues to be such an endearing little bugger. 

He has adorable little dimples and is starting to coo and respond to our voices.
I swear he acts happiest when Jack is nearby.  *
*We'll see how long this lasts!

Tucker loves loves loves to eat.  If he's awake..he's convinced he needs to be eating.  Thankfully, he still snoozes three-fourths of every day.

Apparently, although I am not nursing, Tucker has his own little nursing issue...
(We've had a few good laughs over this one!)

He wakes up 1-2 times at night to eat, but typically slips back into his slumber really quickly after.

He's graduated from "Newborn" sized diapers and is in a monstrous size 1!  And without divulging TMI...Tucker's plumbing definitely works!

He has kept all of his hair so far...and we're just waiting for the top/front of his hair to fill in to match his long luscious locks that are on the sides/back.

When Tucker cries really hard (which is typically rare), he sounds like a little baby goat.  Jack finds this to be hilarious.

Tucker has a love-hate relationship with his binky.  In the past day, since I have uncovered his little paws from their mittens, he is already attempting to suck his thumb.
(Little FYI: The first day Jack sucked his thumb just so happened to be his 1 month birthday, too! How wild is that?)

We're still working on proper thumb-sucking form.

The past 2 weeks have been a lot smoother than the first 2, and we're starting to feel like our old (but improved-by-Tucker) selves again.  Luckily, my hormones have taken a chill pill- and I haven't wept all day at the fact that he is already a month old.  I am starting to remember just how fun it is as they get older- and I am having a much easier time living in the present.

  As we have settled into life, we have found Tucker's presence in our lives to be completely thrilling and natural at the same time.  How did we ever live without him?

(Tucker on his One Month Birthday)

Happy ONE Monther, Buddy!

And- now, here are the Instagrams from the past few days of life...

I even got to escape for a few hours for a party of an outing with my favorite ladies as we visited City Creek and shopped for Annie's birthday.

We got a little carried away on the old Instagram during dinner...


Oh...and lastly...
I received a darling gift in the mail the other day.
A Pottery Barn towel with Tucker's name monogrammed on the hood.
(So thoughtful!)
We (Tucker included) love it, but we have no clue who sent it!!
 Pottery Barn can't even tell me!

Was it you?


Tucker at 2 Weeks

Tucker hit the 2 week mark this week and with that brought some updated stats from his appointment with Dr. Weipert.

Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz (35%)
Height: 21 inches (63%)

He's growing, eating, and thriving.
Such a good little seed.

2 weeks also brought some newborn photos...





Easter 2012

We had a lovely little Easter this year...

For the first year, Jack LOVED coloring eggs.

Tucker even got in on the action...in between sleeping spells.

The carnage:

On Easter... we spent most of the day at my mom and dads.
We had delish food, and then spent hours outside down by the pond.
Picture taking was scarce...but I just had a baby...so- deal.

Cutest pair EVER:

But the following pairs are serious contenders:

We're not so bad either...

 This was Tucker...literally the entire day.

Rolling eggs: