Hello 2015!

We didn't have many plans for New Year's, so last minute we decided to take a trip with Tana and her family up to the cabin for the night.
I threw a bunch of terrible wonderful food together, got our warm clothes ready, and we were off!
Not only is the cabin constantly improving and getting even nicer every time I go up there, it's not half bad when you're greeted by surroundings that look like this.

It was FREEEEEEZING outside, but gorgeous.
Luckily, the cabin is ultra comfy and accommodating.
The boys ran crazy with their cousins, which was awesome!
They had a blast while their parents sat back and ate and let the craziness ensue.
The kids had no idea it was even New Years (or what that meant), so they went to bed at a decent hour.
Tucker claimed he was too "scared" to sleep in the playpen, so he insisted on sleeping in the bed with Jack.  I had my reservation since he's never slept in a bed in his life-- but, I caved.

I mean, how cute is that?
It took some effort at first, and during one brief wakeful stint in the night, but all in all he did great.
The next morning we laid low for a while, and once it warmed up a little, we bundled up for some sledding behind the car.

Like the rest of the getaway, it was perfect because both families were made up of little BOYS.  So, not only did they have a blast together... our activities were also perfectly catered to their ages.

We played just long enough, and just close enough to the cabin, that we could retreat when they were done.   Tucker decided that rolling in the snow was a great idea.  He learned quickly that shaking the snow off the branches of a giant pine tree is not the best idea.

It was a WONDERFUL way to ring in the New Year... looking forward to getting back up there!


Post Chrismas Sledding

Brett and I decided to break our post-Christmas laziness streak and took the boys out sledding for a couple of hours over the weekend.
We just headed over to my parents (thank you Mom and Dad for living in our own personal sledding heaven), and it was perfect.


The boys had a great time... Brett and I got our workout in hauling their aces up the hill over and over again... and when it was all said and done, we were only 5 minutes from home!


Jack's post-sled hair alone made the whole outing worth it.