jack + tucker

I don't think I could possibly take more pictures of Jack and Tucker together. 
Every day, I think I take another thirty!

These two are an adorable duo.
Day by day they are morphing into reflections of each other.

Jack is constantly wanting to lay by Tuck, cuddle with him, or make him laugh.
And Tucker is always game.

Having 2 BOYS really is a match made in heaven.

I know in time, these sweet little cuddle sessions will turn into full on brawls all day long...but either way, I'm sure glad that they have each other.

Here are just a (small) few of the most recent ones I've caught where-by some miracle-
neither of my squirmers are a complete blur.

The Latest: Brett and Sarah

So...for Brett and I... life carries on as usual.
Busy, but good.

We've been able to stow away from the normal routine on a few occasions as of late...

I hit up the big SLC with my mom and sisters for an afternoon showing of Wicked, shopping at City Creek, romantic dinner, and over-nighter at the Grand America.

I took ONE picture of our rendezvous.. and it is...
Annie and I goofing off a row behind the others.

I guess we all needed a break from picture taking/gramming/blogging for the weekend!

A couple of weeks later, I was able to enjoy another fun night out with some of my favorite girlies 
(holla BUNCO!).
A few of my lady friends and I took the night off up in Park City.
Don't let a "mom" sleepover fool you...
It was an up until 4 am rager! Ha!

Kristen, Me, Brooke, Suzette, Goldie, Kennan

Janelle, Karlin,Goldie, Me, Suzette, Kennan, Brooke, Kristen


Brett been traveling more for work lately, but was also able to take a little trip for fun the beginning of August.
He took off for a couple of days to golf in Southern Utah/Mesquite with some friends...definitely a much deserved break for a really hard working guy.
It was a good way to kick off his big 30th birthday, which we also celebrated this last month.

We celebrated with the Jones familia the Saturday before his big day.
We went with Adam, Michelle, Tiffany, and Brett's parents to City Creek for dinner sans the kidlets.

Again, it was a one picture kinda night...

Brett (who wouldn't look my camera in the eye) and Tiffany.

Sunday evening, we celebrated with the Wankier family at a little shindig up the canyon.
We ate a picnic, opened presents, ate goodies, and then packed up before we were rained on.

Birthday dad with Tucker.

Grandpa Sherm and Grandma Yvonna (too cute for words).

Grandma Jackie (adorable as ever), and Tucker (adorable as well).

Lucy and Kate with Sherm and Yvonna.

Our two August twenty-something birthday boys.

Tucker was a happy boy...
and Jack was feeling camera shy.


On Brett's birthday, I made him a delish breakfast before he headed off to work.
He opened some presents, and was back to the grind.

It was like it was MY birthday, when at 1:00, Brett popped up back home to take the rest of the day off.
Lucky for us, my mom was able and willing to come watch our boys while we headed out to the golf course for Brett to try out his new irons that my parents gave him for his birthday.

We had a lot of fun hanging just the two of us...and continued the fun into the evening when Tiffany stepped up to watch the kids for us while we got some dinner, ditched a movie & instead went for a heavenly drive, and grabbed a snow cone.
I guess that's what you do when you're 30.

I've now celebrated TWELVE birthdays with this boy...and I can honestly say every year he surpasses my expectations.  
Teens, twenties, and now thirties... I'll take him at any age!

He is as good as they come.

The Latest: Tucker

Oh Tucker boy.
He's hit FIVE months now, which makes me both anxious and excited.
Where does this first year go...honestly?

He is still a happy happy boy.
So easy, so chill.

Not to be annoying, but this boy is really not much of a crier.
If he cries, he's hungry or tired.
So he eats or sleeps.

His dimples continue to amaze.
He's getting antsy to move, and props himself up and also scoots around his crib.

He has been introduced to the saucer, and although I swear he looks far too little to be in it, he LOVES it.

He is constantly holding something, and puts just about anything he can get his hands on in his mouth.

Just this last week, I finally got around to introducing him to rice cereal.

I find the proportions of his tiny little body hilarious compared to the tray of his highchair.

He was more than cooperative on his first try, even though I don't think he was really all that impressed.

Like the good little boy he is, he complied and gulped it all down.

And was happy in the end.

Finally...a picture of one of my kids with his Jones grandparents.
Sheesh! I swear we see them at least once a week!
Note to self: pull out the camera in Alpine!

This is usually how I find Tucker after he's been sleeping.
He rarely cries when he wakes up, but is just kicking it making sweet little noises until he's discovered.

He has found his feet, and it's only a matter of time until he realizes he can suck on his toes.

And in case I haven't conviced you he's a happy baby....

More Dimples!

The Latest: Jack

Let's get caught up...shall we?

Starting with Jack.
Funny funny Jack.

He literally has us laughing ALL day.
Even the way he says, "hey, that's mine," or "no way" is cause for a chuckle.
I must admit when he told me to "shut it" the other day- it evoked more laughter from me than anything.
Maybe it's because truthfully, to the core, Jack is just a really really nice little boy.
I don't think there's a mean bone in his little body...not yet at least.

Here are a few things Jack as of late...worth remembering and that I hope I never ever forget.

Although Jack is still the pickiest child that ever lived when it comes to food, he loves helping me bake. Cookies and brownies round out the list because somebody's mom likes to eat the dough :).

I could listen to his little voice say, "more chocolate" all day long...it has a hint of British that brings a tear.
We went to Boondocks a couple of weeks back with Brett's company for a summer party...and Jack was enamored by the batting cages.  He sat by watching Brett and his friend Ty, and shyly tried to imitate everything they did.
Precious x 2.


To say Jack loves his grandparents is an understatement.

We get to see Grandma Jackie most...and believe me...she knows what makes Jack tick.
This summer, "greens" (green snow cones) have definitely made an impression on Jack's picky pallet.

These two really are best pals.

Jack is also amazed by Grandpa Curt and his yard.  They have a dog, rocks, fire rotation every time we go to their house.

Jack also LOVES going to Alpine to see his Jones grandparents.  Somehow I just really stink at taking pictures whenever we're there.  They are so good to play with him and have the IDEAL yard for a 3 year old.  Tramp...playhouse...and lots and lots of grass!

Jack has a new-found hobby of lining things up.  Sometimes he prefers to sort things by type...or sometimes he just likes to organize random things into a shape or pattern.

This...would be a random assortment.

Enclosed me in a perfect toy circle.

More random... to be honest, this looks a bit like what he requires to take to bed every night.
He might be a future hoarder.

He likes to stack pillows in color patterns until they're too high to stand...
or when he's not doing that...he's hiding in them.


Jack is fast becoming known for his daily clothing choices.
Most days he chooses his outfits head to toe...and he never forgets to accessorize.
For a long time...this was a typical day.
Superhero shirt, cape, belt, shorts, boots.

Other days...he gets much more into character.

I'm an easy recruit...

He also likes to take the clothes right off of my back at bedtime.
This particular night, he was infatuated by the butterfly on my night shirt...so... he wore it to bed.

Other days he sheds the super hero motif and goes for a more dapper look.
Always a belt. Lots of times a tie. NEVER forgets the superhero fist.

We went through an old Halloween costume phase last week where one second Jack was Plex the Robot, and then next he was sporting his 12-18 month puppy costume.

The other day, Jack had been watching the Sandlot after his nap.
Before I knew it...he was in his room for a costume change.

This is what he came up with...
Baseball hat...and WINTER BOOTS.

Luckily, Jack's Batman attire has taken a turn for the better within the past little while.
I finally found a replacement cape for his dingy shredded blue one that he'll actually wear.
A new Batman mask definitely hasn't hurt his ability to channel his alter ego.

The best is when he lifts it up to drink from his sippy cup.


Day by day, Jack is getting a little more daring on his scooter.
Luckily, he ALWAYS insists on wearing this amazing helmet when he rides.


I was dead set on potty training this past month.
I spend oodles on prizes and all sorts of essentials for the big day.
I even drew charming pictures on his prize boxes...
(It was during the Olympics...can your tell?)

The morning of...I woke up...
and realized NEITHER of us were in the right state of mind.  So, I bailed before he even knew we were supposed to start.  We'll wait until Summer and road trips are really over...and start for good.

This is what I have to say to potty training....

He will sit on his little potty and pretend however...

Maybe I need to get a TV in his bathroom!


Jack loves scary movies.
Kid ones of course...don't worry...I don't have him watching The Shining or anything.
The Nightmare Before Christmas has always been one of his favorite movies and he runs around singing "I am Jack...the Pumpkin King" all day long.
For a while he was obsessed with the Paranorman previews...so of course we were there on opening night...

Look at that little face soaking in the scariness.


Jack spends plenty o' time with his mama, that's for sure.
He's a sweet boy to me and is super polite...always thanking me when I do something for him (if only that trait could last!).

This is us watching the Steel Days fireworks from Grandma Vona and Grandpa Sherm's deck.

We've been to the farm again since I last posted about it, and he still loves riding the horses.

By the second time around, however, he required his cookies to keep things interesting.
No hands on the saddle...too busy snacking.

Jack absolutely loves his cousins.
He genuinely likes all kids.

Max and Jack seem to be seeing more eye to eye as of late, seeing as Jack can now wrestle and fight with the big boys.

Jack STILL takes an awesome nap everyday.  
I can count on 2-4 hours from him without question.
Heaven sent.


I know I say this about every stage...
But, this may be one of my favorites.

He is so engaged and curious about everything...and his perception of things keeps me utterly entertained.
He's such a good little boy.
Every day brings a new outfit, funny saying, silly request, or random obsession.

And with that...
I leave you with these amazing pics we took during the latest rain storm.

He purposely dressed as Batman the second he saw the wind blowing.
Prime cape blowing conditions.