Provo River Falls

We were able to find a little bit of time toward the end of August to go up and spend the weekend at the cabin with just our little family.

It was a dream.  And such a nice break from our hectic schedule.

We took a scenic drive Saturday morning to check out Provo River Falls.
We had no idea that what we would find would be so incredible.

I seriously cannot wait to go back.  We had a blast.

Feast your eyes:


Sir Paul

Wave Runners hell broke loose the middle of August with a crazy amount of events.
Luckily, months ago, we bought tickets for Paul McCartney, which happen to fall in the middle of it all.
Although it was a bit nuts escaping the WR mania, it was  a much needed and much appreciated break.

I was so excited to go, and even more excited for Brett to go since he wasn't able to come with me a couple of years ago when Paul came to SLC.

Kate and Dan were our dates for the evening 
(my parents were there too, but they had seats in a totally different area, and were too cool for us that night).

After dinner at Habit, we headed to Energy Solutions, and after flirting with a probably 78 year old in line about our love for Paul, I was sufficiently ready for the concert to begin!

Our seats were AMAZING.  We were on the side of the stage and closer than I have ever been at ANY concert.


He played for hours... like 37 songs.. it was insane.
Paul is LEGIT!

Brett and I were genuinely impressed by the pyrotechnics.

I think this picture pretty much sums up how we felt about the night.


Frontrunner ing to the Planetarium

Unfortunately, so much of our summer was spent navigating our way through Wave Runners pandemonium.  Most weeks we were either knee deep in large events, or getting ready for them.

One week in the beginning of August, we had an unlikely amount of time to play, and found ourselves looking for an adventure.  Swimming had been exhausted, so we looked elsewhere.

Thankfully, we can always count on Annie and her brood to find something fun to do.

We decided to take Frontrunner (first timers!) up to SLC to the Planetarium for a show.
Luckily, it wasn't Annie's first rodeo, and she was prepared to show up the ropes.

My boys were so excited for the train ride, and to be with their favorite boys.

The ride was quick and easy... and we managed to not bug too many other passengers along the way.
In fact, I got to wondering why I don't pass the time on other boring days throwing the boys on the train where they seemed awestruck just sitting still for once in their lives.

The Planetarium provided plenty of entertainment from the get-go...mostly in the running around crazily department.

The boys enjoyed some picture-ops on the moon and Mars.

So. Many. BOYS.

We watched a movie about black holes and outer darkness or something way above my comprehension, and the boys were a bit bored.  Annie and I had our minds sufficiently blown, and Tucker wasn't a fan of the dark.  
So.....maybe not a total hit... but not a total miss either.

We ate lunch at the Gateway... and then, in true to US form, cut getting back to the train a bit close.
We really REALLY didn't want to miss it or we would have had to wait another HOUR for the next one, so we kicked it into high gear to get back to the train station in time.

Jack grabbing his side ache along the jog was probably my most favorite part of the whole adventure.

Or this picture of us seconds after narrowly escaping a missed train.


This one:


Our little nut squad had a great time together, and they managed to completely change my mind about riding the train every day to achieve solitude on the ride home.  They were WILD...and I was fully expecting to be kicked off and banned for life.

But, alas.
We made it home.

And, I'm 100% certain, it won't be our last time.


Gary Clark Jr.

 I snuck out of the Jones Fam Reunion for the last night to hit the Gary Clark, Jr, concert with my family.
We gave my dad tickets for his birthday, and it was finally time for the big night!
Unfortunately, with the reunion overlap, Brett had to stay back...and he held down the fort with the boys so I could go.
We had had family pictures with the Jones' right before the concert, and the timing was cut incredibly close...I missed the opening act...but, made it just in time to enjoy an awesome concert!
I was happy to be with my familia for the night.

My dad was even happier to have us all there enjoying jams that were right up his alley.

Luckily, Randy shared Annie with me so I had a dancing partner.

We all seriously had the best time.

I have one awesome family.
Even a fellow concert goer came up to us and mentioned how cool of a family we were.
Damn straight.


Jones Family Reunion 2014

July 28th brought with it Craig's 70th Birthday and the perfect reason for the Jones Family Reunion for the year.
The first day/night was spent at the cabin with the Warnicks/Cardalls, and it was a blast getting to spend some time with them and their darling kids in the new place.
After, we all stayed in Midway for several days at the Zermatt, and it was ultra relaxing, and super low key.
We spent a lot of time swimming, eating shakes, hitting up the carousel, and just enjoying down time with the family.
We celebrated the 24th of July while we were up there, and found a perfect park to enjoy a deluxe pack of fireworks compliments of Grandma.
Jack just may be a pyro.

Tucker was hiding under Brett, under a blanket.
Still not a huge firework fan.
Much of our time was spent with DeEtte...as we were catering to the toddler crowd and we were sharing a suite during our stay.
Jack and Tuck LOVED spending time with Grayson.
The free carousel rides never got old.
The Dairy Keen also never got old.
Nor did Tuck's naked butt on our bed.
On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa took us to the cemetery after church to tell us about some family history from the area, and Jack and Tucker were right at home.
Jack was giving tours to the cousins.
It was literally the highlight destination of the entire reunion.
Obviously, my picture taking was less than stellar for the reunion... but, I suppose that means that we were busy having fun and enjoying our time together.
We were so lucky to have the time together in such a luxurious, beautiful place.
One of the highlights was a dinner in Craig's honor, where we were able to enjoy a catered dinner and program celebrating him and his birthday.  It was a perfect culmination of the trip, and a much deserved celebration of an incredible man.