We hit up Hogle Zoo with the gang over Spring Break, and I'm secretly hoping that I'm good on zoo visits for at least a couple of years.

The boys had fun...I guess that's all that matters.
Tucker loved running away from me, and getting into trouble with Sam.

Jack's favorite features of the zoo were the elephant BONES (of course),
and the tarantula (that was dead in a case).

One live animal that they both got a pretty good kick out of was the monkeys.

It was one of the first really warm days of the year, and my little vampire didn't know quite how to react.

He needed a break mid-way through the day... and took a self imposed nap for about a half hour.
Who is this kid?

Above all else, my kids loved being with their cousins.

They are lucky to have so many older cousins who are so sweet to them.

Oh yeah, I was there too.

And their sweet grandma, too!

We endured a serious wait for that peacock... which may be the real reason I won't be heading back to the zoo in the immediate future!


Happy Birthday Mama!

Just a quick post to commemorate my mama and her 61st birthday!

Man, I love this lady.

She is a best friend to every one of us around here... and that is no lie.

A few pictures from the day....

Lunch at Rubios.

The official Birthday Party:

I am so lucky to have a healthy, happy, available mommy.
It is something I will never take for granted.

My boys look to her like a second mom, and I will forever refuse to cut the cord from her.

Love you, mommy!


Tuck's #2 Bday

The day after we got home from Hawaii was 

It was great to have something fun to distract us from how sad we were to have our trip over.

The night before, we let Jack stay up and help us decorate and get Tucker's presents ready.
I think it really helped him not to be jealous the next day!

We woke Tucker up before Brett had to take off for work, and it took him a minute before his ready to be fully emerged in birthday-mode.

It was absolutely darling to see him react to so much attention directed at him.
He hardly knew how to react to getting so many toys that were HIS.
Eventually, he handed them all of the Jack at some point...because that's the way it usually goes.  

He got an Imaginext castle, remote control car, motorcycles, bubble machine, Ninja Turtle, Woody action figure, and Frozen DVD.

We immediately gave the bubble machine a whirl, and he was overflowing with 2-year-old joy!

We got ourselves ready and headed to the new aquarium in Draper with Annie, Sam, and Grandma Jackie.

Tucker really enjoyed RUNNING like a wild man through the building, but I think his real favorite part was jamming THREE dum-dums in his mouth at the same time.

I'm such a good mom.

After naps, we geared up for some more celebrating.
We met the fam at Chick-Fil-A for some grub, and then headed home for presents and cake.

Tucker was spoiled with awesome gifts!
Duplo Blocks, a guitar, Mickey Mouse, and an awesome wagon that he and Jack have ridden in every day since!

I purposefully got Tucker the most chocolaty cake I could find... since he loves his chocolate!

We were so lucky to have our family around to welcome us home from our trip and to celebrate Tuck-man.

And his ultimate supporter this day was....

These two are really getting to be best of friends!
Loving these ages!