Golden Girl

So...yesterday I turned the big 2-7.
these senoritas are all my age
but I swear I feel a little more like these lovely ladies...
Especially Sophia.
I will tell you, however, that even if I feel like an old turd...
I had quite a time celebrating this year!
As usual, I got to celebrate under multiple circumstances.
Saturday, I spent the day with my sis's, mom, and grandma Joanne.
We shopped, ate (a lot), and soaked up some time with just us.
It's pretty much the best way to ring in a birthday.
... ...
Later that night, we partied it up Jones style with Brett's parents and Michelle's family up in Alpine.
Laurel cooked a fabulous dinner, Michelle brought the most amazing Coldstone cake, we played games, watched movies, and they spoiled me as always.
I'm so mad that I didn't get any pics of this day. Boo!
Monday night, Brett-Jack-and I did some early birthday shopping and Brett treated me to all new bedding.
A lovely gift indeed.
Wednesday morning, I awoke to Brett singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday as he stood in our doorway with this adorable tray of breakfast.
It was my first breakfast in bed.
He did not disappoint.
Blueberry pancakes with whipped cream, scrambled eggs, orange juice.
Check out that pretty princess 5 minutes into her birthday.
Brett informed me he was staying home for the day, and it really was the best present he could've given me! Jack and I were in heaven.
Not to mention...he also gave me a banging pair of new sunglasses and an adorable cardigan.
He never disappoints.
I took my time getting ready, and then we did what everyone does on their birthday...
we took Jack to the church so he could play basketball in the gym!
(quite possibly the only perk of being scout master means
Brett has a key to the church... fancy!)
You see...Jack is OBSESSED with the gym at the church.
So, we spent the morning hooping it up.
Don't think for one minute that I didn't get in on the action, either.
Brett and I had quite a game of PIG.
That's right, I teach PE.
We grabbed smoothies for lunch since we were still full from our divine breakfast.
I came home to a delivery of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in my life.
From...who else?
My mom, of course.
She really is too much.
This picture doesn't even come close to showing how gorgeous they are.
We had a lazy afternoon and stressed about the current state of the Jazz and watched all the coverage on D-Willey's trade.
Then we got ready for round 2...getting our party on with my family.
On our way...we were picking up my grandma, and Jack was acting a bit fickle in the back seat. I crawled back to make sure he wasn't having a strange reaction to the Peanut Butter M & M he ate before we left. It would be just my luck for him to have an allergic reaction to peanut butter.
Well...luck would have it...there was no allergic reaction...just a lovely episode of throw up right as we were pulling into grandma's driveway.
It only happens on holidays and special occasions, I'm telling you.
And this became a really special occasion fast.
Kind of a disaster.
Of course, it was the ONE time in my life I didn't have a full change of clothes for Jack.
We stripped him down to a clean undershirt, scoured his carseat...beckoned grandma Jackie to swing by our house for clothes, and we were off!
We met up with our family at Bajio in PG, and Jack was completely unfazed by the fact he was nearly rocking his birthday suit in the middle of winter.
The high tops were a perfect touch.
Luckily, he showed no other signs of being sick the rest of the night, and nearly out-ate us all.
Oh...and I learned a new recipe for getting the lovely milk throw up smell out of a carseat...so that in itself was a birthday gift.
This might be the worst picture ever...
but, it's proof that people love me and came to my party.
After dinner, we came back to my house for presents and cake.
Not going to lie...the presents were my favorite part.
As you can see, I was really amped about this new bag, jacket, and jeans my parents gave me.
I was completely taken care of with amazing gifts from everyone and so many sweet phone calls and texts throughout the entire day.
Brett picked out a delicious Snickers ice cream cake...and as you can tell...Hank was really a fan.
This picture is a good indication of how all the kids looked after running around like animals in the bonus room all night.
Little mutt. Love the sweat.
My peeps.
Jack throuroughly enjoyed drinking punch out of my grandma Yvonna's cup.
Then, he was fascinated by the fact that he has not only one, but two hands.
The classic....
*Note who is holding Jack.
He prefers her to me most of the time.
It was so fun to hang with everyone... definitely my idea of a great birthday.
We got Jack all jammied up...and were all pretty beat from the day.
I think Brett was totally wasted from trying to keep me happy all day.
(look at that face!)
But...mission completely accomplished.
If getting older results in birthdays like this one...then, bring it on, Sophia!


In the dark.

Last night, while the winds worked hard to blow everyone's house apart, it luckily only got away with cutting our power for 3+ hours.
Jack and I were home alone, it was about 7:30, and Jack was all fed, bathed, and winding down for bed when the house went black.
I was afraid Jack would be scared and nervous...but, he loved it.
He loves the dark, and kept turning out our flashlight and walking around saying, "wooooow!"'
We made funny faces in my phone, binged on Teddy Grahams, and played hide-n-go-seek in the dark.
It was a freaky good time.
Then, Brett came home and we heated up dinner for him on the gas stove, and Jack had a front row seat for his entire meal.
I like me some power, don't get me wrong.
But...for one night...it was fun and adventurous here in our candle lit house.
I couldn't help but think how cool it is that Brett built our house.
And...that it doesn't fall apart.
He really is the man.
.** Did you notice that Jack's rocking a fresh buzz?
That's right...it's buzz season.


Cali Day 5

Day 5 was the day the trip came to a close.
For us anyway.
The Griffin's stayed an extra couple of days...but we were back to reality.
It was Hank's birthday!
Although, we kind of celebrated it the entire trip...today was the official day Hankster hit the big 6!
We were all beyond thrilled to get to spend his birthday week with him having so much fun.
After his health scare in September, it was impossible not to constantly think how grateful we are that he is here with us, happy and healthy.
Sure love my Hank-man.
We headed out for a birthday breakfast before the Griffin's headed out for another day at Disneyland and we caught our afternoon flight.
Woodster joined us for some pancakes.
This was the picture I tried to take of Jack with the birthday boy.
Hank struck a genius pose...in the background.
After breakfast...we said our painful goodbyes.
In my opinion, if I'm not at Disneyland...no one should be.
We headed back to our room to get things ready and to relax before heading to the airport.
Jack insisted in sitting in his stroller while watching some cartoons.
I hate leaving trips.
Especially when a good portion of the people I live to hang out with are with me.
I had little to be excited over coming home to...
other than the 2 degree weather.
We were all a bit depressed to be coming home... but, remembering this lady at the airport, skipping around with toilet paper hanging from her pants...lifted our spirits greatly.
Thankfully, Brett took our rude humor to the next level and got a picture for us to remember her by.
Good buy toilet paper lady.
Good buy Cali!
We had another successful flight with Jack.
I had an arsenal of pipe cleaners, stickers, treats, books, and toys for his entertainment.
The stickers kept us both entertained for a good while.
...Coming home and getting back into the swing of things has taken some time....
Jack was pretty hungover from the whole thing!
Our little trip was a much needed break from our daily schedule.
It was amazing getting to spend 5 days straight with Brett. That doesn't happen very often, and it was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.
And...even though the little rats can be some extra work... it really is true-
kids make everything more fun.
I genuinely had the best time having Jack with us... and cannot wait for many more trips just like it with him. He truly could not have been a better little traveling companion.
Hanging with Annie and Randy and their kids...was, as usual... perfect company. Duh!
Also, I kind of hate cutting the cord, so 5 days with my parents in tow was nothing but perfect.
I kind of like resorting back to a little kid and letting them take care of me.
Thank you to all of them for all of their help with Jack...keeping track of my backpack contents, and for really being the most hilarious, fun, and amazing family to take a break with!
I had a complete blast with all of you!


Cali Day 4

DAY four
Today, we continued the Disney fun.
We started the day over in California Adventure.
While Brett and my dad made out on Toy Story, I took Jack for a little date to the carousel and to meet Woody.
And yes...Jack was wearing shoes.
He was practically shaking he was so excited to meet Woody. He kept running in circles and yelling, "Woob!"
Gotta love Woody's titty gun pose!
I think Jack would've been totally fine playing with him all day...
Brett joined us shortly after, and he and Jack enjoyed taking a load off while eating some Cheerios (they came with us everywhere on the trip).
Here Jack is enjoying another ride on the carousel with Brett while his mama got her scream on on California Screamin'.
We spent some time in Bug's Land, and we're getting a real thrill here on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. I wonder where the Griffin's are at?
Oh, there they are!
Jack's favorite part of Disneyland was, by far, meeting the characters. He was so giddy every time we saw one. He'd give them a five, and smack them around and giggle.
If Jack could've been any better, I don't know how.
He was even better for Day 2 of Disneyland than he was for the first- particularly because he stayed entirely clothed the whole day.
He still managed, however, to entertain us thoroughly with a lay down on the park floor fit. I'm telling you--he throws the absolute best kind of fit.
No screaming, no kicking.
He just flattens himself out on the floor- takes a breather-
and we're back in business.
Other than being completely gross- it's completely awesome.
The one and only entire group shot.
It wore Jack right out.
Hank was such a good sport. Even when he was kind of scared, he tried every big ride he could go on. He liked some, and hated others. I had spent all day convincing him that Tower of Terror was one of the best rides, and finally talked him in to sitting by me to go on it.
Here he is in line, all amped up to go on it.
Buckled in and ready to rumble...
I took lots of pictures for Annie since she so selflessly offered to stay out with the minis.
And the action...
It's so amazing that he looks so happy in this picture, because as I looked over on the ride, I saw something more like this...
Poor buddy. Had his pants scared right off.
I might have had a small setback in Hank's trust in me after this one.
I think he soon forgot his sheer terror when he convinced all the boys to go on the Bear River Rapids water ride.
He was pretty convincing when he called them all "women" if they wouldn't go on it.
Hi dad.
The carnage.
Hank was thrilled to be the most drenched every time.
We headed back over to Disneyland for the afternoon/evening.
Classic Mickey action.
One of the Disney photographers spent some serious time with our family trying to get us to buy the $50 pictures he took.
Luckily, we took some with our cameras too.
I think the photographer thought my parents (aka my dad) was serious pulling these poses.
Here you can see Jack's step by step reaction to seeing characters first hand with his discovery of Goofy...
The embrace...
Again..he would've stayed here all day.
Jack has this new scrunch up his face smile...I think it's a result of loving Disneyland...
We spent our fair share of time on Buzz Lightyear.
It's a hit for all ages.
Especially the ages of Brett, Randy, and my Dad.
This was pretty much Jack's face on every ride...pure awe.
Here...you're looking at the proud recipient of 4.5 million points...no lying.
We're really proud of you, Randy.
Brett went against my better judgement and let Jack play with this water feature.
He loved it.
And...I snuck on Space Mountain, in the meantime.
Do you think I'm in heaven?
Later, we got Hank to give Thunder Mountain one more try, and he liked it lots more when we sandwiched him between two people.
Who better to be sandwiched by?
After the rides closed, we had passes for the water show World of Color.
There's not a whole lot that we haven't seen or done at Disneyland.
But, this was a first for us.
We got Jack double layered in his jammies, bought him a glow necklace, and we were set.
We had a perfect view, and we were amazed.
It really was a sight to behold.
The best were Jack's little screams of delight through the whole show.
(I took about 49 pictures trying to get a good shot of the amazing show...and not one of them worked...I stole these from the internet.)
The black vest brigade.
It was another day in paradise.