Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving was action packed and wonderful.
A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I was able to help in Jack's class party (shocker I know) for their Thanksgiving Feast.  His personal feast consisted of tortilla chips.  Nothing else.
Sure is a cute little squirt in that turkey hat though.
If a preschool Thanksgiving feast doesn't get you AMPED for the big day... I don't know what will!
Thanksgiving morning, Annie and I ran in the Utah Run 10K in Highland.
We decided a couple of days before...and although I have never been into the racing scene for motivation behind my running, I thought, why not? 
I just really didn't want to be LAST.

Pre- Race... I was a goof and Annie's head was already in the GAME.

Starting Line:
We were so lucky to have the most adorable and supportive cheering squad helping us out along all 6+ miles.

 I knew before we even started that I'd be enjoying watching Annie from behind... and I was right.  Chick is a beast!
She went on to win!!!!  So freaking rad.  I was a proud sis-- and it was fun to be a part of the race with her vs. my usual sideline cheerleader role.


I didn't do too shabby.  Came in 5th place! For my first race, I was just glad I didn't totally DIE.

Serious... these darling faces at the finish line were the best part!


It was a great initiation into the racing world. 
Still don't think I'm going to be training for the Olympics anytime soon, but.... a small race here and there... especially with my sis... I'm game!
Felt great to feel strong and capable of doing it....come a long way from last year when I just felt CRAPPY.
Which is a perfect transition into a touching Thanksgiving post.
I really am so thankful for so many incredible things in my life.  Health is at the top of that list next to my amazing family and friends.
I was so lucky to be able to spend the rest of the day with exactly those people.
We headed to Alpine to enjoy a beautiful meal, and enjoy the company of the Warnicks, Tolmans, Nelsons, Brandon & DeEtte, Tiffany, etc!  It was awesome to have so many of them in town.

As things wound down in Alpine, I was feeling a bit weary from my early morning race and all the food in my gut, but I rallied for the sake of hanging out with some of my favorite people in this world.
Met up with my gal pals for a little Black Friday shopping.
Actually, I'm not sure you can even call it that... we really just walked around and drank Diet Coke and acted a fool... but, that's exactly what I needed!


How lucky am I to have these beautiful awesome friends?
Came home tired, but super grateful for a lucky life.


Tiffany's Graduation

November brought a really really really exciting celebration!
Tiffany graduated from nursing school!
I don't know if I've ever been more proud of anyone in all my life.  We have witnessed first hand all of her hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.

No one deserves this achievement more. 
So proud of her and we are abundantly lucky to have her in our lives!


Halloween 2014

HALLOWEEN finally came!!!
After 364 days of celebrating it unofficially... OR spending our time counting down until the actual holiday... it really FINALLY came!

It's pretty much a bigger deal than Christmas in our little family... so we treated it with the utmost respect.

Halloween Eve was full of lots of excitement and a whole lot of ENERGY!

We took the boys over to the "Halloween House" and we spent about an hour looking at all of the decor.

These two could live here.

Think they're excited?

We grabbed some ice cream... and came home to try and sleep.

Jack was up at 4:30 am... ready to roll!

I convinced him to hold off until 6:30... and then we hit the ground running.

It was finally MAKEUP time.
The fact that Jack picked a Darth Vader costume this year seemed pretty mainstream for him... but, of course he had to put his own twist on it.
He has been adamant than we do his makeup under his mask like the movie... with a charred and burning, scarred face.  I mean.. you should just see the images he found to copy.

We toned it down a bit for the preschool crowd...
But, he took the whole thing very seriously.
Lucky boy has a talented dad who could do just the perfect artwork on his face.

He was beyond happy with the results.
(But, 100% in character, so you can't tell).

Brett earned an "it's perfect" on the makeup...so, you know he was happy.

Tuck on the other hand was a paint job mom could handle!
He snoozed until Darth freakishly woke him up with his burning face, and then he was ready to transform into YODA!

He was made for this costume!

Best duo ever.

Grandma Jackie took Yoda to Max and Hank's school costume parade, and Jack and I were off to his school Halloween party.

He was soooo excited to show off his costume.
The 4-5 year olds weren't quite sure how to receive Jack's face.
They kept a safe distance for the most part... but, luckily, Jack's BF James N. (Santa, ha!) squeezed in for a pic!

I couldn't help but laugh every time I saw Lord Vader immersed in Pre-School activity.

Or... the time I caught him pretending to choke Captain Hook.

He's just a bit intense.

Miss Molly put on an awesome party, and Jack loved every second of it.
I so love being able to help in Jack's class so much.
It's the best seeing him in his space...especially on his day.

I did my best not to be the only lame mom without a costume.
Threw on a patch and some suspenders... then I was just a lame pirate.

After school we had some lunch with Grandma Jackie and a very serious photo shoot with DV.

He was so serious about his makeup, but responsible enough to know he needed a nap before trick or treating... that he just committed to not messing up his face while he slept!
He napped stiff-as-a-board on his back.

If this kid does not pursue some future in the creative arts, I sure will be surprised!

We touched up Darth and Yoda and headed over to Annie's to start the Trick-or-Treating festivities.

The boys got just the reactions they hoped for from their darling cousins and doting aunts/uncles.

Tucker was amazed that he'd get candy just from knocking on people's doors.
Instead of "Trick-or Treat" he'd say "Give me that!"

We rounded out the night up in Alpine, with more cousin fun, and more costume showing off.

It sure is an exhausting holiday, but so worth it for these Halloween loving boys of mine.
Jack did not stop smiling ONCE all day long.

He's pretty bummed it's over, but, luckily- he's turning into to quite the Christmas fan too... so he's counting down to that now! He's got an extensive list ready for Santa... and Mr.Claus better get a raise and serious on EBay, because this 5 year old has got some pretty rare and expensive tastes in toys! 

This and That

Few picts (as usual) to squeeze in somewhere...


Tucker came along for some Little Brother Pictures and did not disappoint.

Funny enough, my inital response when seeing this angel picture was, "little liar!"
Haha!!  He does have such an angelic little face... but look out!

Jack's disheveled picture just gave me a chuckle.
I knew immediately he had been climbing around on the slides, running like a crazy nut just before the pics... thus explaining the flushed face and puff hair... but, it's pre-school perfect!

If I do say so myself, however...
Jack is without a doubt, the cutest, most stylish boy in his class.

Especially this day.
He had just told me that he wanted a new mom... but then, backtracked and specified that he didn't want a mom named Sally or Judy or one with long black hair.

Now, this is entirely random.. but, hilarious to remember.
One night, while all our husbands were away hunting, or cabin working, etc. us girls got together for a bite to eat at Annie's.  We quickly decided we should go to a late movie and leave the boys with Lucy.

Tucker was on board.

We got the boys all jammied and ready for bed and had every intention of putting the wee ones down before we even left.  Wellll..... that didn't work out so well.

Long story short... Lucy did the best she could with 5 unruly boys... and we (totally responsible mothers) bailed and returned about midnight to this:

It looked like a college frat house post-rave.
There were passed out kids everywhere!

Tucker was curled up in a corner somewhere.
It gave us all a good laugh.

Speaking of laughs...
Tucker's always good for one- as you can see.

I've been running a lot still.  Started back up in May, and it's stuck.
Hitting some personal bests with time and distance... just bummed that it's gonna be too cold soon!

This is just adorable.
Dad + iPad = :)

Many days in October (and September) have been spent at one party store or another getting ready for Halloween.

Phil (also known as my children's Halloween Godfather) also sent over a giant bin of Halloween relics for the boys that has been endless entertainment for them.
It's the start of some serious Halloween decor over in these parts.

Tuck was modeling some vampire teeth here...
and Jack was showing off a new Jack Skellington cup that Jeri bough for him.

One good thing about being so fanatical about a holiday is that everyone gives you lots of stuff!

Last... but certainly not least!
I got a new CAR!!!!!

Sniff sniff green burb... but not really.
You've been replaced!