Easter 2013

Easter again!!
Sure feels like we were just doing this, and Tucker was fresh from the womb!
I swear Jack has been asking to color eggs again since the day after last Easter.
He was more than happy about finally getting to do it.

The boys did a stellar job while I mopped up spilled and splashed dye.

Saturday morning we headed up to Alpine.
The kids played outside (heaven), we ate a yummy lunch, and then had an egg hunt.
Jack was entertained for the first 5 minutes...

Until he realized he didn't like any of the candy,
and that he kind of felt like a nap!

If you know Jack...you'll know that when he feels like a nap...he's pretty much out for the count.
(I can relate)
Here's a (not so great) pic of everyone trying to organize a (not so great) pic.

We had delightful naps, and then headed back up to hang out and have dinner.
It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day, and so nice to be outside enjoying some low-key company!
Jack truly could not have been happier to be back at it on the tramp.
Sunday, we woke up to see if the Easter Bunny had shown up.
Sure enough...
Baskets were found, and the loot was enjoyed!


Most of the pictures from this morning are a blur...because the boys were bouncing around filled with excitement and SUGAR at an early hour!
We got ready for the day...
Tucker and Brett enjoyed a little impromptu photo shoot when they realized his amaze balls pants matched my bedding (and a leftover birthday balloon).

 I had a little shoot of my own with Jack in his Easter duds.

We headed off to church a little bit later, and then spent the rest of the day and Grandma Jackie's house with the Wankier brood.
We had a wonderful dinner, and then were able to spend the remainder of the afternoon/evening down by the pond.  The weather could not have been more heavenly, and the kids had the time of their lives rolling eggs, hunting for Easter eggs, throwing rocks in the stream, feeding the fish, and playing in the dirt.

A Little Sampling O' Jack

Here's some recent...and random...happenings of Jack.
This kid kills everyone that knows him with his antics.
This particular night Brett was carving a skull into a golf ball for Jack.
I told you random!

Jack took his supporting role very seriously.


Because Jack has such random interests and preferences...
Brett spends a decent amount of time MAKING him toys that otherwise don't exist.

We also spend LOTS and LOTS of time drawing him random things like this...

Jack is doing a little bit better with his eating lately.  Nothing too crazy...but, we're enticing him to eat with a sticker chart.  His reward is zombies from the movie Paranorman.
These zombies have to be ordered online, and they cost a pretty penny. 
But, to get Jack to eat...I'll pay just about anything.
This is just one example of the creepiness that are Jack's zombies.
After Tuck's birthday party...
Jack was sniffing around his birthday cake.
Seeing as Jack won't taste chocolate, ice cream, or most things...
I was shocked when he wanted to try some.
He dipped his little finger in the frosting...
and HE LIKED IT! (duh.)
He then asked for a bowl of cake for the next few days, and I happily obliged!
You'd think it was broccoli or something...but, I swear I was more excited by cake!
He just likes the frosting, but it's progress!
Jack couldn't be more thrilled to be able to play outside again.
Here, he's showing Tucker the ropes in his old Lightening McQueen car.

My phone is literally FULL of photos like the ones below...
Jack being his funny little self ... putting on a show for the camera.

No kidding.
Jack could be hired for entertainment and make good money.