Madre's Day 2013

I had a fantastic Mother's Day this year.
The boys slept in... I woke up to my sweet boys, lovely gifts, and even more lovely cards.
We headed over to my parent's house for our traditional breakfast, prepared by the guys.
I got a mini-photo sesh in with each of my babies.



And then, Jack made out with me....
Not weird at all....hmmmm.

Man, I'm lucky to be these boys' mom.
This mama deserves the day to be dedicated just to herself...
Greatest mom and grandpa EVER.
Totally Jack's BFF...and mine.


How lucky am I to have these lovely ladies and examples of great moms in my life?

Jack's (play over and over) Playlist

It's hard to imagine that I could ever in this life forget Jack's latest playlist.
But...I feel it needs to be documented.
It plays in the car over...and over...and over.
And it has for the past 3 months.
Every word is memorized by him, by me, by Brett, and Tucker is well on his way.
I give you the soundtrack of one hilarious little boy...
Mix CD: Voodoo Jack
Track 1: Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me 
Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Soundtrack
Track 2: This is Halloween
Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
Track 3: Friends on the Other Side
Princess and the Frog Soundtrack
Track 4: Otherworldly Concerto
Disneyland: Haunted Mansion Ride Sountrack
Track 5: Monster Mash
Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
Track 6: Call Me Maybe
Carly Rae Jepson
(yes...this is for real)
Track 7: Haunted Mansion Script
Disneyland: Haunted Mansion Scripts from Stretching Room and Madame Leota