Almost time...

Just a few randoms of the days until baby wind down!

My handsome boys got their school picts back...

100% natural smiles.....mmmmm
But- adorable nonetheless!

We've had our fair share of Target runs as of late.
Halloween prep + overcompensating for having a baby soon = frequent retail therapy.

I spent a whole lot of time gearing up for the weeks ahead spending time with my Tucker-man. 
We had plenty of mornings while Jack was at school to indulge in his shenanigans!

Tape on the forehead.. you bet!
Tucker got to go on another field trip to Hee Haw Farms.
As it was one week until baby... Annie took pity on my soul and took over chaperon duty for my little ratsky. It's the first pre school field trip I've ever missed with my boys...but, Annie covers as a second mom better than I do as their real parent.  

Tuck was so stoked to go with her, he waited on the driveway and chanted her name until she came to pick him up.  (still has tape on his forehead)  I will say- the WORST part of being so sick during the last stretch of pregnancy is not being as available and attentive to my kids.  Looking forward to feeling like myself again!

Aaaaand... right up to the night before we meet baby #3, Jack has started Jr, Jazz basketball!
With who else as his coach than Brett?
(such a good dad!)
There will be days more of pictures throughout the season to document our little baller...
but this game proved a worthy distraction for our night before the big day!


Wrapping Up Pregnancy

Well... the end is near.
And it's been quite a ride this last month.

For a relatively uneventful pregnancy, this last month has given me quite the run for my money.

I suck at taking pictures of myself when I'm pregnant...like, I just don't do it.

For documentation, here's me at 36+ weeks
(sending Annie dressing room picts of myself looking for a dress for Tiffany's wedding...it's the best I've got).

Just a mere few hours after this picture was taken,  I was driving in the Civic on my way to Tiffany's shower, and got rear ended (not my fault!).

It did a decent amount of damage to the car, but I felt ok.
After calling my OB to make sure there wasn't something I needed to do, they ordered me to go to Labor and Delivery to get monitored.

As I was being monitored to make sure I didn't have a placenta abruption, contractions started...and continued getting worse.  Because of this... they ordered me to stay overnight. WHA?!?!
I DID NOT expect that.

Brett did his best to juggle the craziness of the night and even brought the boys late that night to say hi to me (I was a tad bit emotional and pregnant, and it did me a world of good to see them).

The only bare belly picts that have and will ever be taken of me pregnant.
Nearly 37 weeks... yummy!

Tiffany and Todd's cabin wedding was the next day... Brandon was coming from out of town to stay at our house... it was bad timing.

This is how happy I was about it.

After a night of monitoring and and IV of fluids, they finally released me later the next morning.

I essentially took no pictures of the event because I was in a complete FOG for the whole thing... but we made it to the wedding!

Beautiful bride and her brothers.

The happy couple and a whole slew of rats.

(So fun to be the pregnant one...)
The week following the accident, I had my first migraine episode of this pregnancy.
It was horrible...and just like the ones I had with Jack and Tucker's pregnancies.
I landed myself back in the hospital to manage the pain, and luckily convinced the doctors this time that I didn't need MRI's and life flight.

2 more migraines came that week. Gah!
Luckily, my mama was there to make up for my inability to mother, and Brett was beyond supportive, helpful, and patient.

Not everything this past month has been bad.
We got a basketball hoop, and Jack spends most of his free time hooping it up.

I've been trying to take the boys to do fun things before baby comes... so we've hit some swimming pools, movies, parks, etc.

Oh, and Jack has become a total soccer star!

 5 goals last week! 

He really seems to be "getting it" and his games are so fun to watch... especially because Lou's little Ty is on his team and husband is his coach!
It's precious.

Besides a whole lot of contractions, and what has turned out to be false labor... the last week or so has just been big and uncomfortable.
The hospital is getting quite familiar with me and has sent me home TWICE when I thought I was in labor.

So, here we are... I've got TWO days left and they're inducing me.
I CAN'T wait to meet this little guy and NOT BE PREGNANT anymore!!!