Jack and Tucker: Models, Inc.

I mean it when I say... there are no words to describe these pictures.

I will say... during the shoot... I was certain there would not be one good one of Tucker because he went from crying in hysterics thinking we were at the doctor's office to running around like a hyper maniac.
But, I was dead wrong.

I love every single one of them.
They are so them.


Tucker's #3 Birthday

With the end of March came Tuck man's 3rd birthday and a WHOLE BUNCH of celebrating 
(we don't do it any other way!)

This little monkey finally understood a birthday, and with the help of a big brother... they'd been counting down the days!

Tuck got to celebrate early with the Jones family at a combined Tucker-McKay birthday party at Lowe's Extreme Air Sports.  

It was a whole slew of cousins, and a whole lot of jumping and falling.  Tuck was most excited for the pizza and cake, and my view most of the time looked like:

He's kind of got a "MOM" thing going on these days, and per usual, didn't let me out of his clutches for long.

He escaped a couple action shots, but no many.  Pretty much every pic from this portion of the party was a blur of bodies flying.  

Finally, it was time for Tucker's favorite part...eating!

He was aware that it wasn't his real birthday, so I think he was totally surprised for the present portion of the evening.

This pic pretty much sums up how adorable, sweet, darling, etc he was opening his presents.

Craig and Laurel gave him a Yoda card with a watch that played Star Wars music and he had a hard time getting past his love for it to open anything else!

He was spoiled rotten, and had lots of help from his brother and cousins opening and inspecting his new loot.

We came home, and he lovingly took time with every single gift he received.  He honestly couldn't have been cuter.  Little sweetheart... not used to getting anything but Jack's leftovers or rejected toys.

Fast forward a few days and it was time for the REAL day!
Jack helped with the present prep, decorating, and lovingly assisted in waking him up that morning.

As with most early-morning holidays, Tucker was sawing logs late into the morning, and we all had to alarmingly wake him up.

The second he realized it was HIS birthday, he was UP!

He loved all his decorations and Baymax balloons... still maintaining the humble role of, 
"this is for me?"

He immediately saw his scooter and helmet and had to give it a whirl around the kitchen.


Then, every present from then on had to be all the way opened and assembled that very minute!

It was a long process, but I appreciated his attention to detail and gratitude!

Flying Baymax + Hiro

Big Hero 6

Darth Vader Lego Minifigure (from Jack, who has four, and thought it was time for Tucker to have one of his own).

Bristle Blocks

Baymax Mask+ Punching Fist

He was preoccupied for hours while I got us ready for the day.
We met up with Annie, Sam, and Grandma Jackie at the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.

Little rats ran this pregnant mama into the ground!

Sam + Tucker working the green screen was the highlight of our visit....next to...

Sam+ Tucker putting on a pirate show for us all.

We ate lunch at the cafe there (always a battle with Jack....grrr), and my mom so thoughtfully came prepared with delish cupcakes.

These two knuckleheads didn't skip a beat.

The way to Tucker's heart= sugar.

We came home and snuck in some quick naps before we were back at it again.

We met the fam at Rubios for some of Tuck's fave grub.

Sam treated us all to a special appearance as Jack Sparrow for the evening.

Tuck and Grandma Vona engaged in a serious conversation.

After dinner, we headed back to our house to piss off our renters downstairs, and to party it up some more!

Tuck could hardly believe he was getting more presents!

He was also particularly excited for his cake.
For weeks he had been talking about his Baymax cake.

*Note: Grandma Jackie gave Tucker some new skeleton pj's and within .02 seconds of opening them, he had shed his other clothes and never looked back!

We were lucky to have so many people around to help celebrate this little man!
It really was time to focus just on Tuck!

He never had a birthday breakdown, and really was just super pleasant through all of it!

He's amped to be three...
Still working on the three finger hold-up, though!