Jones Fam Reunion 2016

The beginning of July brought ALL of the Jones' to Utah for a reunion at the cabin!
Unfortunately for us (again), it was also the time of the Freedom Festival, which meant we were devoting half of our time to the reunion, and the other half to Wave Runners.  :(
It's amazing how well the cabin accommodates such a gigantic group of people.
It was a lot of food prep, a lot of eating, and a lot of cleaning up meals.
 But- in between, there was lots of cousin playing time, lake time, hiking, and just hanging out.
My picture taking was stunted by what felt like constant need from my little chickens.
 But anyway... a few rock throwing/4 wheeling picts to prove that we were there.

Also... we had family pictures taken...and it was quite a feat with SO MANY people.
They turned out great!



*In laws picture...totally natural. :/



Summer Looks Like...

Well, we've made it through the first month of summer break...and here are a few pretty standard snaps of what summer around here looks like most days.
Jack in a Phantom of the Opera Mask.. Tucker with Light Sabers.
I'm sure millions of young kids around the globe are doing the same thing.

Russell catching zzzz's wherever he can... a ball park, a swimming pool, etc.

Our summer morning work.
Note Jack.

You win some, you lose some.
*But, I will add- that while most days I go to bed feeling like an ultimate failure of a mother...this has been one thing I have been proud of us for this summer- and that I have enjoyed thoroughly.  Every morning, before they can play electronics or we can go do fun stuff- they have to read and do some school review with me. They also have to get themselves ready and clean up a space.  It's worked well.  I don't miss teaching.  But, when I sit with the boys and do mini-lessons with them, I remember how much I really love teaching. 
Oh, this old thing.

Yeah, Wave Runners again.

Another passed out kid.
Catching zzz's when/where they can.

Happy Russ.


Went and turned 8 months on us!
He's sooo close to crawling.
He wakes up like this every day... I'm not kidding.

Another epic battle...
Shredder and Leonardo this time.
Snow Cone visits:

This time I was particularly happy about their interpretation of Tucker's name.

Brother lounging.
Over treating.

More passing out.

We made a quick overnight trip to the cabin last weekend for Father's Day.
Snapped this little gem on a four wheeler ride.

Jack wrote this letter for Brett:

I have the best dad
and he is the
awesomest.  I sure love you.
Thanks for working so
hard. Love, Jack.

Part of our summer this month also looked HOT.  Our A/C pooped out, and we had 3 miserable days.
Here's Russ trying to make due of a crappy situation:

He was much more content after it was fixed:
Oh wait.
He's literally always content.
We also hit up the Lehi Roundup Rodeo this month.

Jack took it so seriously... once he got over the sun being in his face.

Summer is really the best.
And the worst.
These little critters... they're ready for something fun to do the second they wake up until the minute they go to bed every day!



We continued our hobby of hiking with they boys this last week, and this time- we headed for Mount Mahogony.
In true Brett fashion, he told us it was just a little ways up AF Canyon, that it would only take an hour, and that it was pretty flat.
Well, none of that was true- but it was awesome anyway!
After 30 minutes on an unbearably bumpy road to get there (despereately hoping Russ didn't get shaken baby syndrome)... we were surprised to find windy and cold conditions.  We thought we'd be so hot and were not dressed to accommodate being chilly. 
But, again.  It was so awesome.
Really, against all odds- the boys did AMAZING, and we had the best time as a little family.
Not all outings go as such.  But, this was a lucky win for us.

Russ is a dream hiking companion.

The boys were so proud of themselves for making it to the top  (a pretty impressive hike, I might add) to see the entire valley below.

It was getting dark fast on the way back- but the boys rallied, and we got back to the car just in time!

A memory I hope to never forget.