Spring Soccer- 2015

Old #4 was back at it on the soccer field this spring!

He had some awesome new neon cleats, and some new skills to show off!

He scored goals almost every game, and was much more attentive to the play than he was even in the fall.  I also really noticed a growth spurt in my little mini-me!

Probably Jack's favorite part of any game was seeing all his fans in his cheering section, and he was always sure to provide adequate acknowledgement of them while out on the field!

Grandma Jackie didn't miss a single game!

Cute cousins came to support Jack all throughout the season.

(I swear Brett was at the games... I just sucked a pic taking this season!)

Oh, and Tucker... the doting little bro who had to wear his own cleats and jersey clothes to the games!

He can hardly wait to start in the Fall with Sam!


Jack Graduates from Bear Hollow!

Man oh man this happened fast.
My baby Jack finished year 2 of preschool at Bear Hollow, and it's a dang good thing Tuck is on his way next year, or my tears would have been x's 10!

I had so many awesome opportunities to help in Jack's class with reading, homework, field trips, and with class parties.  So lucky to have great people to watch Tucker for me so that I could.

Miss Molly is incredible, and she really understood Jack and appreciated his one-of-a-kind personality!
He came so far, and at the end of year parent teacher conference, he had passed off everything!  So proud of my boy!
Reading- check!
Counting- check!
Writing- beautiful!
Social Skills- awesome!
etc. etc. etc.
I think he may be a little let-down, and perhaps a bit bored come Kindergarten time!
One thing is for sure, though... he is READY!

This particular day, Jack was the leader for the last time at Bear Hollow.

How many times did Little Bear come home over the course of 2 years?
Too many! Ha!

Pretty sure that Jack's favorite part of preschool was playtime.  He usually had a squad of kids in his clutches, telling them exactly who/what to be. He also ALWAYS had a costume on during this time.
His first favorite was a hooded cape...but, over time his favorite morphed into these red gloves and this pirate patch. 
He was always nice...but always claimed to be the "bad guy."
Pretty intimidating with those red PROM gloves, pal!

Here he goes on his last day... little bro in tow to check things out for next year!
Go right ahead and wipe a tear.

First day at Bear Hollow (2013)
Last day at Bear Hollow (2015)

Things were capped off just right with his end-of-year program.
He sang his little heart out, and kept us all entertained like only Jack can.
Unfortunately, I took about 990 videos, and 1 still pic of the performance, so this is what the blog gets!

Jack's speaking part was:
"Y- Yak, yakkity yak yak.
Yells yahoo to America and all of you!"

Nailed it.

The other highlight was award time.  Every student gets an award, and Jack's was...


Who could want any other award????
Miss Molly spent an abundance of time telling the crowd all of Jack's quirks and awesomeness!
So glad she appreciated just how entertaining he really is!

Tucker wore Jack's "Yak" hat for a week straight after the performance.

Most supportive award goes to these two.

Miss Molly and Miss Macie.

And so it begins...I guess we're off to Kindergarten now!

Before long... more Bear Hollow posts with Tucker!!
(Let's hope he doesn't force Molly into early retirement! ;) )