There's a lot to thank old MJ for... aside from the hit after hit and his influence on pop culture, I have a very special thank you to send his way.
Michael, without you, there would have never been that memorable Howdown performance when my sisters
(with their permed bobs in tow)
clogged their hearts out to
as they each rocked a single white glove
(genius coreography I might add).
It's a memory that will live on forever... and for that, I say... thank you Mr.Jackson. Rest in peace, dawg.


Dad's Day 2009

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's in my life!

In just 2 short weeks, my sweet Brett has earned a holiday celebrating his dadhood. I am amazed at the way he has evolved. Just a month ago, he awkwardly attempted to burp our 6 month old niece, and now, he is a regular pro at swaddling, changing diapers, feeding/burping,etc. Not to mention, he is one pretty proud padre of little Jack.

This last week has been a bit rough as Brett has been deathly sick with the worst cold I have ever seen. He was tested for the old SWINE FLU earlier in the week, and thank goodness didn't have it. It's been pretty hard for him as he has had to keep his distance from Jack, but as you can see from the picture above, he can't stay away completely. Brett, although I blog much to your dismay, if you're reading this- Jack and I wish you a Happy Father's Day. I know Jack adores you, he tells me all the time. (and I adore you too.)
Now for my own papa. I'm just going to throw it out there that I have the coolest dad on the planet. I'm pretty sure that in the picture above, he's teaching me the Doors or something. Starting at a young age, I thrived on hanging with my dad. Even now, he's one of my favorite people to hang with and I look up to him and admire him for the great guy he is. I've always been so proud that he's my dad. Thanks for loving me, dad, and for sacrificing and working so hard to provide one heck of a life for me. I love you!
Jack loves you too.

Next, I'm going to throw it out there that I have the greatest father-in-law out there. (I'm also going to throw it out there that this picture was taken just after Brett's audition with the Harlem Globetrotters in '87). There are few people in this world who I respect more than this man. He is a wonderful father, grandfather, father-in-law, and an all around great guy. I know one of the main reasons Brett is already such a good dad is because of the example that he had in his own dad.

Jack is just waiting for him to take him out to JCW's!

And I could never forget these two men...my grandpas.

These two men have influenced my life just about as much as anyone. One day, when I grow up, I hope I'm just like them. When I look at these two I know without a doubt that they love me, and to me that is the definition of a grandpa. (and by the way... how cool is it that my grandpas are best buddies? )

Happy Father's Day to all of you.

I love you so much!


All in a Week's Time

Dear Jack, (he can already read)
You came to us just over a week now, and man it is hard to believe all that has come about in only a week. Never has one week changed your mama like this week has. Before you were born, everyone said, "You're life will never be the same..." and I thought, yeah yeah, of course not- that's the whole point, right? But, what I didn't realize is that I would suddenly feel things, see things, and become things, that I had never felt, seen, and been before.
I never knew that as each day passed I would want to freeze time to keep you just like you are now.
I never knew that I would so instantly feel connected to you. That didn't even take a week's time.
I didn't know that I could just sit and stare at you for approximately 23.5 hours of the day and be perfectly content.
I have never been so aware of my inadequecies as I have this week. But, in an instant, you're able to make me feel more confident that I've ever been just by looking at me like you know my voice.
I always knew that your dad was a great guy, but I didn't expect to see him change the second you were born. You can see how much he loves you already. He has been nothing but supportive, devoted, understanding, and comforting over this past week. Just a couple of nights ago, I heard him laughing hysterically. Suddenly, I realized that the Chappelle Show has been replaced by your little mug making funny faces and completely cracking him up. I am so glad and lucky that I get to do this parent thing with him.
He's going to take good care of us, buddy.
All in a short week, I have a new appreciation for my own mom and dad. I've always appreciated everything they've done for me (and that's A LOT), but now I have a taste what they've felt, and that's a whole new story.
The time we've been home together this week, has given me lots of time to think back to your birthday. It was a bit rough, dude, but it was OURS, together, and I love it.
I love you.
I'd sit on a donut for the rest of my life just to have you around like we have for this past week. I'm so happy to be able to have you around this week and every week to come, because I know I have lots more to learn from you and about 9 billion more pictures to take of you.
Thanks for being patient with us this week, mister. We'll get better at this and I'll make it my goal this week to save you from peeing in your own face ever again.
More than anything else, all in a week's time, you've made me genuinely happy.
Thanks, Jack.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo a million times.

You're a Rock Star Isabel!

Happy Birthday to my adorable neice Isabel. She's one cool cat with an alter ego named Andrea Martin. She's married to a Jonas Brother and her demands as a mom and a rock star are something to behold. At the mature age of 5, Isabel has gone places the rest of us can only imagine! I love you Miss Isabel and am so lucky to be your aunt! Hope you're fifth birthday is as rockin' as you are!


Happy Birthday Jack William Jones 06.06.09

He is here!
The post just under this one is the blog that sent me into labor! Well, not exactly... but essentially it was the blog that got things happening. I was up unable to sleep about 3:35 on Saturday, June 6th morning. I decided to update the ol' blog. By the end of my typing, my left hand was numb, my speech was slurred, mind was spinning, etc. etc. I woke Brett up, and obviously he was pretty freaked out and I was unable to communicate. (Brett says God doesn't want me blogging.) He called labor and delivery, and they were troubled and informed Brett those were not "normal" labor symptoms (really?). They sent us to the ER where they monitored me for stroke-like symptoms. (Yes, Goldie...this is EXACTLY what you went through). They did a CT Scan, put me on an IV, and kept me for observation for a bit. I was feeling ok at this point, Brett was starting to calm down as well. My mom got to the hospital about 9:30 and shortly after my symptoms returned. The doctors evaluated me (and the drooping left-side of my face) and were very concerned. I have had these symptoms before migraines before, but not for years. They did an MRI (worst 30 minutes of my life), and were able to conclude that I was not hemorrhaging or having a stroke, and attributed my symptoms to a "complicated migraine." Because of all of this, they decided that since it was my due date, taking the baby was the best decision. The rest is history. Here's our timeline: 11:15 am: Sent to Labor & Delivery

1:00 pm: Dilated to 3, Given Pitocin to Start Labor

3:30 pm: Given Epidural, SWEET! Sailed through contractions, kept company by sweet Brett and our families. (I'm looking into having an epidural everyday...)

3:45 pm: Water Broke- Dilated to 5

5:30 pm: Heavy Contractions Started (news to me!), Dilated to 9.5 Nurses Called for Dr. to Come (My doc was not on-call this day...or any of the days I was in the hospital. However, the on-call Dr. was AWESOME!)


8:15 pm: Time they claim he should have been here... STILL PUSHING


9:00 pm: STILL PUSHING (I might have died for a few minutes here)

9:15 pm: STILL PUSHING & baby just moved under pelvic bone...HALLELUJAH!

9:30 pm: 900th promised time that he'd be here and wasn't... still pushing...

9:45 pm: Dr. uses forceps to help the little guy AND HIS MAMA


7 lbs. 10 oz. 19 inches

Yes, it may have been the longest 3 hours of pushing I could have ever imagined, but I did it! Brett was so amazing, the doctors/nurses were incredible, our family support was something to behold, and this little guy is absolutely PERFECT. He had some issues with his lungs right out of the shoot and spent some time on an IV in the Level 2 nursery getting better, but all is well now. We came home Tuesday morning and we absolutely cannot get enough of this little guy. He continues to make us laugh, cry, wonder, laugh, cry, wonder....

Bottom line, he followed his mommy's orders, came when he was due, is a healthy, adorable, and very loved little boy. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive the past couple of days/10 months. Thank you to our amazing families and for so many hospital visits, phone calls, gifts, flowers, meals, etc. Jack is so lucky to come into his life with so much support already. It has been an amazing experience, and one I could have never prepared myself for. I'm sure the days that lie ahead will be filled with all sorts of blog-worthy adventures....I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat.....

Brand New (A little pale due to his low blood-oxygen levels...right before his IV)

Me and My Mommy

The New Dad

Feeling a bit better. I'll take credit for the cheeks.

Monet & Jack Meet

Grandma and Jack

I'm in love.

My Little Monkey

These 2 are destined to be best friends. (Max was more interested in the Nerf Gun)

Future Babysitter Lucy

Future Talent Coach Isabel

Aunt Michelle

Aunt Annie

Aunt Kate (All I can say is thank goodness for this little boy's amazing aunts. These ladies are just the support any new mom needs. Love you!)

Jack Discussing Hunting Plans with Grandpa Curt

A Visit From Our Good Friends Greg & Bianca

We love you so much Jack. Thank you for coming to us!


Life Lesson: Due Means Due..kind of.

My life is surrounded by due dates. Let's take a gander at my "professional" life. 1. Homework packets are due on Fridays. 2. Library books are due every Tuesday. 3. Grades for report cards are due every three months. 4. Attendance is due online by 9:30 every day. 5. I'm due at work by 7:30. Let's look closer at my "personal" life. 1. Bills are due monthly. 2. Oil changes in the car are due every three months or 3,000 miles. 3. My house is due for a cleaning on what feels like every other minute. 4. Groceries are due on what feels like every other minute. 5. Baby Jango is due.....TODAY 06/06. (thanks Isabel for the great name) Anyone who knows me can attest, I thrive on a schedule. From my wee days at Resa Boren's pre-school, when something was due, IT WAS DUE. A due date meant no messing around. A due date was solid. Never wait to see what happens when a due date passes...because that would be bad. Post-its lining my life can also attest that a due date cannot be forgotten. The Wikipedia(my smartest friend) even says, when something is due...it's something that's OWED, an OBLIGATION (yes, I looked it up!). Try those words on and just see if you don't feel guilty for not meeting a due date. Alas, I return to my list. Back to the "professional" side and diving deep to what happens when a due date...dun dun dun...passes. 1. So a kid forgets his homework packet. My response: "Eh, no big. Bring it next week." Life goes on, I give them the points anyway...they're in first freaking grade here. 2. I'm not even going to lie. This one does get a little scary because what elementary librarian isn't scary? I'm going to have to leave this one at that for fear that I might conjur up images of my own elementary librarian, Mrs. Chadwick. 3. Grades. Ha. That's more of a laugh than the homework one. I'm sure these kids will whip out their first grade report card when they apply at Harvard. 4. Oh no. I forgot to record attendance. That 1 in 1,000th parent that checks to see if their 6 year old is ditching school will be devistated. 5. I get to work at 7:50. Still have a job. "Personal" life due date realities: 1. Ok, so bills are a little more iron clad than a 6 year olds homework. But, let's be honest. We've all forgotten and paid a bill a couple days late. Big deal. Maybe a late fee, or jail. 2. Oil changes are as engrained in my brain as kids calling me "mushroom" in elementary school. Ever since my ever so influential days as working at a lube tech at Grease N Go, I know, that that little sticker in the windshield means business. But, 9 times out of 10, I'm 1,000 miles over. Haven't lost a car to it yet.... 3. So, I don't get around to cleaning. What's going to happen? My house will fold in on itself and explode? Wait, that won't really happen? Kate lied. 4. So I don't get to the grocery store. Ask Brett what will happen here. He's becoming well-educated here. Hey, he's still kickin. 5. I guess I'll have to write back tomorrow to tell you what happens when this day passes (assuming I haven't eaten myself into a depressed coma.) But Baby Jango, if you're anything like me, this due date's going to be the day. (cough) (cough) It's TODAY, in case you forgot. However, if you're wiser than me, you'll realize, a due date means jack crap. Come when you want my little guy...I won't give you a late fee or a bad grade. I'll carry you around some more, and truth be told miss you a little when you're not banging around in there anymore. But don't say I didn't warn you...Mrs. Chadwick could be lurking. stay tuned.....


Tick Tock....

After so many months and months of fighting in the blog, you (meaning Annie, the only reader of my blog) ask- why now? I woke up this morning and thought... ok, what's on my list of things to do today?
Seconds went by, minutes, hmmmm. NOTHING! For nearly the first time in...EVER... I have nothing to do but WAIT(hypothetically sounds fun, but the Snow Shack people might call the police on me if I drop by one more time this week).
This not so little bambino in my belly must be so comfortable and content, as he is obviously not all that anxious to get out. I can't imagine why as he's smashed so tightly in there by yet another not-maternity shirt that I'm rockin for like the 9,999th time.
Seriously, though, baby.
Bust out so I can show off your picture to all of my cyber-fans.