Christmas 2013

After many preparations, much celebrating, and a whole lot of anticipation...

It was probably my best Christmas ever...
and mostly because my boys were at such fun ages.

We spent Christmas Eve in Alpine, and it was so fun to have Brandon and DeEtte in town with Grayson as well as Tiffany and her kids.

When we got home, Jack got cookies, milk, and carrots ready for Santa and his reindeer.
He was particular down to the exact spot we set them on the table.

I had some darling matching jammies for my boys to wear on Christmas Eve, but Grandma Jones gifted them some others at her house that night...so, they are wearing those in all these pics.  The boys absolutely love them...
My camera just doesn't.
Just wait until you see Tucker's next to Jack's.
Not the bset combo.  Haha!

Bedtime! (coffin in background)

Bedtime stories....soooo excited!

The boys slept great...and we had to wake them up around 7:30 to get the show on the road!
I was bursting with excitement by 5:30, but all anyone else wanted to do was sleep!

It was so cute when we woke Jack up...
He ran out to see the carrots, cookies, and milk eaten, and there was a sign at the bottom of the stairs from Santa telling the boys to go upstairs!
He busted into Tucker's room to wake him up and poor Tuck was so confused.
We've got some great video footage of that whole scene.

Once the boys made it upstairs, they immediately saw that Santa decorated the room with a sign and Christmas lights everywhere.
It didn't take long for them to spot their presents and start tearing them apart!

Jack got all of his (rare) wishes, and much more.
Tucker was just happy to finally have something that wasn't a reject toy from Jack.

Their loot...
Zurg with RC Racer Car and Gun
Ninja Turtle Legos
Lego Zurg
Lego set
Ninja Turtle Inflatable Tent+Balls
Angry Birds Game
Buzz Lightyear
Zurg Talking Mask
Planes DVD

Buzz and Zurg Action Figures
Play Food
V-Tech Car Track
Monsters University Action Figures
Monsters University DVD

Sweet little kidlets did pretty darn good!

Brett and I exchanged gifts while the boys played and we were spoiled with snow pants, watches, clothes, boots, gift cards, makeup, games, etc, etc!

We quickly got our bearings and pried our boys away from their toys to head up to my parents for more celebrating!

We enjoyed more present opening and a fantastic brunch.
My boys were so fun and well behaved I could hardly believe it.
Tucker took a wonderful nap and Jack had the time of his life playing with his cousins.

It was a really relaxing way to spend the majority of Christmas, and I couldn't have asked for better people to spend it with.

All I want for Christmas is to be around all of these people every year.

We geared up for round 2 up in Alpine, and made the trip up for dinner and to act out the nativity.  We were all pretty tired, but the traditions in Alpine every Christmas are some of our favorite things about the holiday.

Brett was the scariest wise man I had ever seen.

My boys in their Christmas jammies....

The perfect picture to wrap up this Christmas post.  
These boys are my everything, and made my holiday one of the best I can recall.
How did I get so lucky?


Homeless Photos

The time has come again, to find some great pics a home... and none of these belong with another post.

So...enjoy a sampling of some random happenings over the last month or two.

Tucker... so full of it.
But, ooooh... sure love his little book-reading mug.

Probably THE best picture I have of my boys together.  Major props to Brett for capturing this beauty one warm day in November while he was raking leaves.

Brett came home from hunting one day in November with my dad, and Jack was completely mesmerised by the dead pheasants that Brett and Grandpa Curt showed him and let him hold. (ew).
He immediately wanted to go hunting himself...
but, settled for Brett throwing stuffed animals up in the air for him to pretend  he was shooting in the bonus room.

One recent morning, I was looking everywhere for Tucker.
Finally, I heard a little rustle when I walked into my room, and spotted a step stool next to my bed.
My little stowaway had buried his little midge self perfectly in my pillows.

Speaking of his little midge self...

He is far too full of it for how little he is.

The next few pictures were taken at church one week when I had to take Tucker out of sacrament meeting.
Let's just say he is reaaaaallllly fun at church.

Little devil.

However, and I say this all the time...
No matter how full of it Tuck is...
He's equally lovable.

Just check out this face.

During some of our Christmas shopping, we made our way up to Scheel's with the boys. 
Of course, Jack wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel.

Tucker was too small (shocker), so- Jack and I went while Brett sat it out with him.

I should have re-thought that scenario a bit better.

One second on the ride, and I remembered

Put me on the fastest scariest roller coaster out there...but, a  ferris wheel...
The worst.

Jack  couldn't have loved it more.

Luckily, the ride only lasted 99 hours. Gah!

This picture defines random, but his little TV-watching profile is too cute to pass.

This picture was either one day when Tucker had just woken up from a nap OR while he was fighting me on taking one.  

More of the rat...

And a complete departure from my boys...
A pic we snapped during a December lunch date with my friends at the Blue Lemon.

So glad I've maintained, rekindled, and started these friendships over the last couple of years.  I really love seeing them more often!

And, to top off the random,

Here's a little swimming in the winter for you!

Annie and I took our boys to the Legacy Center over Christmas Break, and it was a perfect departure from the grey yucky winter blues.
Jack was the most fun in the water that he's ever been.
He wasn't nearly as scared...and had a blast going down the slides and playing with his cousins.
Hopefully, it's a sign of easier swimming times this next summer!


Bear Hollow Christmas Program

Sniff Sniff.

My baby was in his first school program the week before Christmas!
I was skeptical over what to expect...
Earlier in the week, I had spent some time in Jack's class at their Christmas party.
It was fun to see just hou energetic he is when he's at school!

I was expecting either a perfect performance. a refusal to participate, or the little pill being all over the place like a hyper little jumping jelly bean.  

All I knew was that he'd look amazing...
and we were all excited to see how the program would shake out.

He was excited and ready before we got to the mall for his big debut.

Jack and his friend Briggs pre-program.

Briggs wasn't so sure.

The program started, and Jack was in perfect form!!
He knew every word to the songs and sang his little heart out.
He held still and followed along with all the actions.
What a good boy!

One of my favorite parts of the program was one particular part where Miss Molly had about 5 kids (from the older class) come down to hold props for the song.  Jack marched right down there (name NOT called) ready to perform!  With Molly's back to him, he just waited for her to give him his prop...  Cute little mug.
I mouthed for him to go back to his spot, and he just turned right around and marched right back to his spot. 
One thing's for sure... he'll be ready for the spotlight next year!

I didn't get many still shot pics as I was too busy watching and taking VIDEOS of the whole program.  

Jack and Miss Molly.

Jack and Santa (again)!

Supportive grandparents... it really is the best!

Proud mom and dad.

Way to go Jack!  You were so fun to watch... and I couldn't have been prouder, buddy!