Jones Fam Reunion 2013- St. George

The 2013 Jones Family Reunion started out with everyone meeting up in St. George.
Because of our hectic summer schedule, we were only able to make it for the weekend.
Lucky us..there were record high temps in the 115's!


We left Friday afternoon, and Tucker woke up that day ready to rock and roll!

This kid smiles all day long.

We had a pretty good drive down, and the boys did great!
We met up with everyone where they were staying and quickly hit the pool and ate dinner.

We were super lucky to be able to stay with Matt and Tana in the Nelson's awesome home down in St. George.  We definitely had all we needed, and then some!

The boys slept great, and Tucker was up to his same old tricks Saturday morning.


We went swimming again, first thing...and then came home and all took a yummy afternoon nap.

Because it was so incredibly hot... really, the only thing to do outside was to be in the water.
After a failed attempt at visiting a river, we hit up a splash park on Main Street with some of the younger kids, and it was a HIT.
We had a great time!

We spent the night with the entire family...all 30+ of us!

It was total pandemonium, but...always good to see everyone.

Sunday morning we all headed to the ghost town of Grafton (just outside of Zion's), to see where some of their ancestors settled.
It was hot as hell.

Jack was desperate to find some ghosts.

Tucker just had a great time posing.

Then, my little family headed to Zions.
Crazy, yes.

 112 degrees, yes.

Luckily, we found some fun without having to hike with the little ones.
We rode the shuttle all the way to the end of the park to play in the river.

Lots and Lots of BOYS!

Matt and Brett had a grand old time seeing who could freeze their jimmy's off first.

It was a beautiful spot, and felt good to be in the cold water. 
It was also really hard to take photos...as we were WET the whole time.

 It took Jack a minute to warm up to the sandy river floor, but, he quickly realized that throwing sandy mud at everyone was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Although it was a bit out of our comfort zone with the kids, I'm glad we went and enjoyed a little bit of how awesome Zions is.

After a couple of hours, we had overdone with our little ones, so we packed up to go.
It was such an effort and so hot...we were glad to be back on the shuttle.
Tucker was OUT.

That's when I realized my phone was missing.
(Why am I so handicapped with losing things?)
Long story short...
Brett had to get off to go back and find it.
Then, I ended up finding my phone in the bottom of our backpack.
Matt got off to find Brett...
And me and Tana were left with 5 boys under 5...
2 Sleeping...and
4 Backpacks to carry.

It was a real joy.

We finally all met up again, and were on the road back home.
These pics pretty much sum up how we were feeling at this point:

The best part of the whole weekend was being with my little family...and having Brett to ourselves all weekend long.  It was quite the adventure!