Stewart Falls

Our summertime family hiking continued as we ventured up to Stewart Falls one July Saturday.
Typical...it was a lot harder and longer than we anticipated*, but the kids were troopers, and all around did awesome.
*Brett always underestimates/downplays how long and hard hikes are going to be.

We were still all smiles at this point.
Lucky Brett got to carry a sleeping Tucker the last hour and a half.


4th of July

The 4th of July brought us back home so Brett could work the Wave Runners event that evening.
During the day, we golfed and swam at Riverside with my fam, and then I met up with my parents and the Ross' for our traditional Thanksgiving Point firework show viewing.
It was Russ' first experience with fireworks!
As per usual Russ, he loved them! 

And also as per usual, the drive home was ridiculous and long, and the boys CRASHED by the time we got home.

Maybe one day, our whole family can enjoy this holiday together!
Stupid balls.