Christmas 2014

Jack's note to Santa on Christmas Eve was perfect.
Dear Santa,
We love you all the time.
Merry Christmas.
Jack and Tucker
They left out cookies they helped me make and carrots for the reindeer (duh!).
Man oh man were they excited!
I'm not sure that Tucker knew exactly what to expect.
He was a little afraid to go to bed... and Jack was just BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.
Luckily, things were pretty low key for Christmas Eve, so we were able to start our bedtime efforts early and didn't get to bed tooooo late.
I woke up at 6:30 pretty disappointed that no one else was as excited and awake as I... but, luckily just after 7... Jack came scampering in.
Of course, we had to wake up Tucker... who took a second to process what was happening- but, the second we said presents he was UP!
We wondered into the living room and...
Lucky for us SANTA DELIVERED!!!
Christmas pretty much threw up on our couch.

Man, once the unwrapping began it was FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Jack was practically SHAKING as he was tearing open the paper and after finishing one present, he couldn't get to the next fast enough.  Tucker, however, being the 2nd and totally unaccustomed to getting things... took his time processing each gift.

Jack had been waiting a LONG time to get to the BIG ONE, and Tucker was just as excited for him as he was.  It was adorable.

This puppy pretty much ruled the rest of Christmas from this moment on.
The kids were spoiled rotten and I loved every second of it.

Tucker had to take a water break in the midst of it all just to take in all that was happening.

Getting his Emmet Legos pretty much did him in!
My parents came down for the last bit of mayhem which was an awesome addition to our morning.  We loved having them to share the morning with.
I think their initiation into Lego mania was a little overwhelming!
A summary of our loot:
Darth Vader Lego Spaceship (Imperial Ship)
Lego Spiderman
Lego Batman
Lego Ninja Turtles
Bulk Legos
Exploding Mummy Zombie
Star Wars Minifigure Sticker Book
Ski Pants
Shredder Costume
Luke Skywalker Book
Lego Movie Legos (Lord Business' Evil Lair)
Yoda Legos
Bulk Legos
Lego Minifigures
Exploding Zombie
Transformer Dinosaur Cars
Light Gun
Rock Em' Sock Em' Fighters
Lego Movie Minifigure Sticker Book
Angry Birds Star Wars Book
Jack and Tucker:
Lego Castle
Lego Table
Maleficient DVD
Guitar Lessons
Little Giant
New Netti Pot (his favorite present)
Running Shoes
Workout Clothes
2015 Calendar Book
(my favorite present...thanks Walgreens for our favorite presents!)
We have it pretty rough.
The next few pictures pretty much sum up the rest of Christmas day and the days following....
Legos, legos, and more legos.
We did a count... over 5,000 pieces total accumulated over the holiday.


Jack was not about to let the day go by without the building of his spaceship.  It alone had over 1,500 pieces.  Brett is the best dad and sport... so he took it up to my moms and sequestered himself upstairs for hours until it was complete! (I think he didn't mind... the original lego nerd of our family)

We had a wonderful morning and afternoon at my parent's house.
We exchanged gifts and ate delicious food...and guess what!?!
Thanks mom and dad! Best present EVER!!!!

Jack was pretty happy to show off his new pride and joy.

Tucker was just as happy about his Cocoa Puffs.

(TUCKER! Take a damn picture with the woman!)
We came home and recouped for a couple of hours.
It's never a bad thing to have lots of family around... but, I'm not going to lie... it was kind of nice that things were low key this year on the Jones front so that we weren't running all over the place.
We were able to get our bearings and then spend the evening over at my grandparent's house.  I was so glad that we could go see them and spend time there.  It reminds me so much of Christmas as a kid, and I just love being around them and my aunts/uncles/ cousins for some good laughs.
Shredder came along too...

Oh, hey!!
It really was a great Christmas.
I rag a lot on the holiday leading up to it because of all the stress- but, kids really just make the whole thing worth it.  I am so lucky to have my incredible family and to be raising my darling little family with Brett. 
Until next year!



Countdown to Christmas

The final days leading up to Christmas were chaotic as usual.
We decided to add to the chaos by building and selling Lego tables in the midst of it.
Don't ask.
Remember?  We're random.
The boys had so much excitement, it truly made the whole month magical and worth the craziness.

They had a blast making a gingerbread house with their awesome dad.

Brett was pretty amped too!

We were able to go to several Christmas parties (terrible picture taker), and the highlight at both the Tucker and Wankier parties was Grandpa Curt singing his Christmas songs with the help of his YOC chorus (the grandkids).  It really was super awesome.

The boys got to see Santa AGAIN one last time at my mom's party before the big night, and he even gave them a present that only added to their excitement!

2 days before Christmas, I chipped a filling and got to have unexpected dental work and a crown done... bleh. There were some complications, so I got to spend two separate days in the dentist chair. BOOOOO!
How old am I?

The traditional Christmas Eve celebration at the Jones home took place on the 23rd, and it was the Home Alone house x's 100.  Chaos at it's finest, but it's always a grand time.
The nativity was especially lovely.
Jack was a donkey, who refused to wear a costume (not his type).

Tucker was a sheep... who wouldn't sit still for a picture.

That's shocking, I know.
Every day, the anticipation and excitement built more and more.
The kids were so hyped up by Christmas Eve they were about to jump out of their skins!
Luckily, I was able to tie up all loose ends and check off all my last To Do items a few days before Christmas.  It made it possible for me to enjoy the last week of the holiday, and really made me want to start things earlier next year so I could avoid wasting so much of December next year being burdened by stress and chaos!
But alas, I suppose that's all part of it.
Craziness and all... I kinda like the hustle and bustle, especially spending so much time with family.
 It really was a great holiday season!


Bear Hollow Christmas Program


Another Bear Hollow Christmas program at University Mall is in the books!
And Jack sang his little heart out.
Let's take a closer look...

He knew every action.. and didn't miss a beat.
He was READY to see the big guy (again), just to make sure he was clear on his "Darth Vader Lego Spaceship" request.

He had quite the crowd... as per usual.
Lucky kid has a lot of adoring fans.

Tucker was hiding in See's I'm pretty sure.
Can't believe it's going to be Tuck Man in this program next year.. completely baffles me!
It was so fun to see the difference this past year has made... Jack has grown up so much, getting so big! (wipe a tear)