Kangaroo Zoo'n It

 Friday, Annie and I decided that the little boys needed a break from our regular routine, so we loaded up Jack, Max, and Sam and headed to Kangaroo Zoo.
(Oh, and we loaded up Grandma Jackie too...of course!)
Given my current state... I knew I would be pretty limited when it came to getting my bounce on, but Annie insisted that she would handle Jack.

I would say she stepped up x 900!
I think she endured climbing about 500 steps...
Cruised down at least 259 slides...
Heard Jack yell "AAAAEEEE" (he likes to omit the n's from her name) every 4 seconds...
And even suffered a blister from the slide friction on her ankle!
She wins.

It really means a lot to me that Jack looks to her like a second mom.
In fact, that day for sure, I think he'd pick her as his FIRST mom.
I couldn't have done it without her... as was evidence by the ONE slide that I climbed into and fell out of in a really unappetizing fashion.
It wasn't pretty.
Ask Max.

Oh, and let's not forget my sweet mama.
She saves me every single day.  No kidding.
And don't you think for one second that in the middle of feeding Sam and watching after his every need...that she missed out on some slide action for herself.
That's right- she got in on the action and took her own little jaunt down a slide (including probably the biggest one) or two with Jack.
Coolest grandma ever.

I pretty much sat like a beached whale.
I did take pictures, though.
(Which I will say is harder than you'd think with all of the bounce going on!)

Unfortunately...no one snapped a picture of my graceful slide attempt.



Saturday Gun Slinging

Some photos from our weekend outing...
Shooting with some of Brett's friends/and their ladies at Stansbury Island
(think Great Salt Lake...it smelled soooo good and was pretty much ugly).
Oh... and Jack came along too and stole the show.
Guns had nothing on rocks and dirt for this little boy.
Run! Fat lady with a gun!
5 weeks to go... can you tell or what????
Brett is the king of dragging me out to do stuff like this when I'm not all that excited about it.
Dang him. It's always totally fun and totally worth it.


Jack's Playlist

Like with most things in his life, Jack is very particular about his music preferences.


He can literally thumb through my entire iPod, and every time he will pick out the exact same songs. Not only will he pick them out- he insists on listening to them roughly 900 times before we can move on to the next song to exhaust. It's not uncommon either for Jack to refuse a live version or cover of the exact same song. This kid definitely knows what he likes!


If only mix CD's were still the rage...Jack would make a killer one for the 2 year old crowd.

Or a hilariously random one, at least.


I give you... Jack's playlist:

I just might pull my hair out from hearing any one of these- but at the same time, LOVE them all the same because they are now forever branded as Jack's.
That kid makes me laugh like you wouldn't believe.


  • Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer
  • Friends, Lovers, or Nothing- John Mayer

(Jack loves himself some sentimental sap. Both totally fitting for the life experiences of a 2 year old!)

  • Bad to the Bone- George Thorogood

(Jack picked this one up on the radio one day and has never looked back)

  • Questions- Jack Johnson
  • Supposed to Be- Jack Johnson

(Both of these are from the Curious George movie ...and you've never heard a cuter voice sing along in your life!)

  • Put on Your Sunday Clothes- Hello Dolly

(Brett can bust out a good show tune here or there... but, Jack picked this treasure up from Wall-E. Such a snappy little tune...)

  • Heart of Gold- Neil Young

(This kid definitely has my dad's genes in there somewhere! )

  • Hard to Say I'm Sorry: Chicago

(His love for this song is so hilariously random... but, I do drive a Suburban... it's kind of perfect.)



Back in the Game

Well, here I am.
Nearly one month since my last post... and the blog guilt is back.


It may have something to do with my sister (and most dedicated blog follower) Annie telling me she's written off my blog. Nooooo!
Or, perhaps it's the fact that she made a super valid point that if I don't write stuff Jack is doing down...I am going to forget.
Seems impossible...but, I know I will.


My poor 2012 blog book will be like 3 pages if I don't snap out of this funk I'm in!
I have a new motivation to post... a new tactic.
With my job writing... I do the research, map it out, write a long involved post, edit it, re-edit it, upload it, edit it 99 more times.... No wonder I'm burned out when I think "blog." So- instead of this approach, I'm going to bust out some short and sweet ones...and I'll prepare you now... they'll almost 100% be about Jack (oh, there's a switch!). I could probably handle a post or two about other goings on in there as well... but, with baby under a month 1/2 away... I've got to let Jack have the spotlight before he's got to share it! He is in such an adorable and hilarious phase right now-- it really is a shame not to document it! Here are some photos Jack posed for all on his own the other night just to prove
a) how amazing his jammies are, and
b) that he's still not only cute but one funny little terd, too!



So here we go... day #1 of back on track! And I'm going to vow not to include "I've sucked at blogging lately" in another post for at least 6 months!
Things around here as of late have been good. Busy. Fast.
It seems like even with my girthy state only get more girthier (that seems to be a perfectly ugly way of describing my current level of attractiveness), and when time typically would seem slow... things just continue to move along in fast motion.
I recently had to switch OB doctors because of our lovely insurance...and it turns out I'll be delivering at Timpanogos now instead of American Fork. I cried for like 2 months...2 months ago...and now I'm over it, and all is good. I had to go in for a little check-a-roo a while back because baby was doing straaange things to my body...and I got a big boy ultrasound and can see his little profile so clearly. Ooooh. He better have juicy cheeks. That's all I can say.

All is well with baby... and me.


Jack has been a champ in his new bed. A couple of really early morning awakenings and 2 hour naps versus 4... but, 3 weeks into it... he's back on track with very little effort.
His room is all done...and he thinks it's pretty snazzy.

We love us some Eric Carle.


Brett is busy keeping up with all of the room renovations between Jack and baby. If he's not hanging nursery lights...or putting cribs back up (man that made me feel like my babies are close together)... he's working on the addition to the bonus room. This room is Brett's brain child... and it is amazing. There is a small play area with a window (to the left), a hallway and stairs (middle) that lead to a slide (which he made), that comes out into the bonus room (on the right). You can bet your little boots I will be showing the complete version when it is ready.
It is something to behold.


Baby preparations are in full swing. Still no name (I'll take suggestions). But, his room is getting closer. It helps when I work for a baby bedding company. Crib bedding, lights, blankets, and more... we're pretty much set.

Here's a peek at my crib set... the room is in no state for showing off yet... but- I will soon.
( I blog again, now- did you know?)


More to come soon...