Fishing in Grandpa's Pond

One low-key afternoon, we took Jack over to fish at my parent's house.
Thankfully, he insisted on wearing his blue cape.
He had endless amounts of fun...and had no problem touching the fish once they were caught.
He threw rocks, fish food, and pretty much anything he could find.
although Jack refuses to even come within 5 feet of chocolate or ice cream...
He had absolutely no problem kissing each fish, and wishing them a "good night" as they were tossed back in!
We're pretty spoiled to have such an awesome place for our boys to play!

7 Months (Impossible!)

Tucker Tucker.
7 Month Tucker!
Still happy.
Still a dream.
Dimples still reign.
He's sitting up.
Bathing like a big boy with Jack.
Chilling in shopping carts.
Moving and shaking all over his crib.
Sitting pleasantly through church...movies...and endless errands.
Slurping up his fruit and veggies.
*Eating more than Jack x's 2.
And ready to Go! Go! Go!
He just keeps looking more and more like Jack.
Don't believe me?

Left: Jack
Right: Tucker
(I think?)

Fall Festivities

 Things have been all sorts of festive around here this Fall.
Mainly, due to the fact that Jack has been utterly obsessed with Halloween since the second week in September!
As soon as the stores started putting up their Halloween displays, Jack was captivated.
His first Halloween obsession was Bones, the full blown skeleton my mom bought him.
For days...no...weeks...Jack carried Bones lovingly by his side.
Then...Brett decided to take him to the Spirit store one night.
I, quite frankly, was terrified of the place.
Jack....in heaven.
Especially, when he laid eyes on a smaller model of Bones.
Best friends at first sight.
Mini Bones soon became another fixture at the Jones home.
Thankfully, I won't sprinkle the blog with pictures of the 99,000 other holiday trinkets Jack has hoarded over the past few weeks.
We had fun one night taking Jack to the Pumpkin Patch. 
Along with skeletons, Jack has been captivated by pumpkins (cumpins) since they first started sprouting up.
As soon as we got home...Jack started arranging and re-arranging his 100 lbs of pumpkins on the porch.
Since Jack is the pickiest eater there ever was...we have to get creative around these parts when it comes to convincing him to eat.
Quesadillas are one of the 4 things he will eat, so we have made our fair share of Halloween spirited ones.
I know the above 2 are pretty impressive...
but then, dad comes home and blows my artistic ability out of the water!

We were lucky enough to be able to hang out with Hank, Max, Lucy, and Isabel over Fall Break.
We spent one (slightly hellacious) day at Cornbelly's.


We also had them over to make some festive caramel apples.
Tana was also in town in October, so Jack spent plenty of time in Alpine jumping and playing with Ammon and McKay.
So...in a nutshell...
We've loved every minute of Fall.
To wrap this post up...here's a few random photos from my phone of Jack...and don't think for one second I've forgotten about my second-born. 
(See next post).


(Batman still reigns regularly...at least when Jack isn't wearing his mummy or pumpkin shirt)
 And, as you can see...he's still cracking us up.



Half Birthday for Tucker

And here we are.
Half of a year down...

Tuck at 6 months!

15.5 lbs (12%)
16.5 inches (50%)

As you can see.... he NEVER smiles.

While he is definitely looking more and more like Jack every day...
his dimples are soley his.

He is rolling, scooting, and playing all day long.
He seems utterly bored by being held or laid on a blanket.
This kid is ready to GO!

EVERYTHING goes into Tucker's mouth (which he rarely closes), and he produces some impressive amounts of drool these days.

Maybe because within the past 2 weeks, these little babies came to play....

Teething was a breeze...and still...this kid is rarely unhappy.
Teething has, however, thrown a little kink in the old sleeping ritual---
Or maybe it's just that he's getting smart and just wants me to come play during the night!

With this face...it's pretty hard to be mad about it.

Tucker recently met his cousin closest in age as we traveled to Las Vegas to attend Grayson's blessing.
Grayson is just 3 months younger than Tuck-- and they're going to grow up pulling all sorts of shinanegans together!

Tucker loves to eat his cereal + veggies + fruit at night.

He ALWAYS wants to stand on your legs.

He's actually getting pretty tricky to hold--- this one's a wiggler.
Good luck cradling this one like a baby anymore. Sniff, sniff.

Tucker can sit up on his own...still tumbling over after a few seconds unsupported.

He really has the best temperament...and we feel pretty darn lucky to have his little mug in our family.

If the next 6 months go nearly as fast as the last...it'll only be a couple of posts and we'll be celebrating a birthday! It's unbelievable, to say the least...but, at the same time-it's hard to remember life without him in it!