Girls Weekend in PC and the Boys Night at the Cabin

My mom, sisters, and I found a little time in a crazy summer towards the end of July to get away sans husbands and kids and head to Park City for the night.
It was short, but equally sweet.
So nice to be able to go and hang out with my 3 favorite friends.
So effortless, so much laughter... endless inappropriateness.
I'm a lucky lass.
We played around for a bit in the afternoon, hung at our place at the Newpark Hotel, and then went to dinner downtown at the Tavern.
I took the whole thing very seriously.
I luv my mama.

These lovely ladies are more than a girl could ever ever ask for.
(and... I have suddenly outgrown each and everyone of them).
We headed back to hit the hot tub... which just so happened to be on our very own balcony.

It was a late night... made up with a wonderfully late and relaxed morning.
I made my way back into the hot tub for a good 2 hour soak.
I also entertained the crew with my parted hair.

Meanwhile, over the mountain... Brett spent the night solo with the boys at the cabin.
Such a good, fun dad.

Their overnighter was worth it just for these photos.
So glad we both have our pals to hang with on weekends like these.



Jack's 5 Year Check Up

Jack had his 5 year checkup the beginning of July, and although we are waiting until next year to go to Kindy... he still had the official Kindergarten checkup.
He could not have been cuter.
He had the office eating right out of his little hands because he was so darling.
The vision screening was my favorite part.
As they got further and further down the poster to the smaller objects, he kept prefacing each object with words like "little" "really little" "really really little."
Passed with flying colors.

Hearing was great.
Height and Weight... off the charts!!
Ok, maybe not.
But, right in line with how Jack seems to roll.
Weight: 34.6 pounds (8%)
Height: 40.5 inches (8%)
He hit and surpassed all expected milestones cognitively and physically.
I didn't have the heart to tell the poor little guy that he had to have shots before the appointment.
Luckily, the nurses and doctor kept referring to them as his "immunizations," so he was clueless as to what was in store.
Before the nurse came back in the room with the needles, I broke the news to him.
He swallowed hard, and said he could do it.

This is his "talking himself into it" thumbs up pre-shot.
He handled them like a pro...not a tear...and a stoned face "I'm fine."
He scored some new legos I had stashed in my purse, and he was as happy as they come.
Man, what a relief a healthy check up is!