Fall Randoms

You know the drill...
Randoms from the last couple of months.
No rhyme or reason for their order other than they were somewhat in the same time frame.
Some are at the old house...some at the townhome...
But, whatever.
Dapper Jack.
Playing an awesome game of Star Wars something or other with the boys.

I miss our yard.
For Jack's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Jones gave Jack a binder of family history of some ancestors who are buried at the Spanish Fork Cemetery.
Knowing of his love of cemeteries- they promised a date to go look at the graves.
Finally- in the Fall, we got around to it, and to no surprise...my kids loved every second of it.
Oh, and we had Little Bear this time, too.
That dang bear.

Why are my kids so comfortable at this place?

A Lego Room shot before it was all taken apart.

Tucker on a Teddy Graham binge one day post-preschool.
I wish I was 4.

My Three.

And, another fish bites the dust.
And is buried in a tiny coffin.
RIP Darthy.
This time Jack opted for a Lego Set vs a new fish.
Deal and Deal.
And now, the Lego Room packing...

My level of preserving these sets and organizing pieces, etc was something worthy of at least 2-3 sessions with a therapist.
Bucket Head.
(Perfectly placed foot, Russ)

Brett and I went to Neil Young at USANA.
(tickets I gave him for his birthday)
It was a weed filled event, and we left feeling some second hand munchies and like we were in our 60's, at least.
Loved every second.
And this little treasure was me observing Tucker snapping a selfie.
Looking good....
Especially when you see the finished product:




Halloween 2016

Halloween is the holiday of choice for our family... unfortunately, moving 2 days before, put a little bit of a damper of the festivities.
But, we rallied the best we could- and still managed to pull off the chaotic (tiring) holiday!
Leading up to Halloween:


Grandma Jones threw a little Halloween shindig where the kids colored pumpkins, and made cookies.
They loved it!

Jack got amped for costume-wearing with Grandpa Curt's Friar Tuck on the night before the big day!



And, our tradition continued of visiting "The Halloween House" here in Lehi.

Always my kids' favorite, and Jack's aspiration for adulthood... he dreams of having our house be "The Halloween House"

And, for the big day...
*For reference.
Tucker was Emmett from the Lego Movie.
He remained in Lego character pretty much all day.
Yellow skin, and cupped hands...he was Emmett.
Russ settled for a hand-me-down (duh...he's the third kid) lion.
And Mr. Halloween was none other than....
Jack Skellington.

(I did that face paint job...not bad if I do say so myself.)

What a shocker...Jack fully in character.
Russell and I went to Jack's parade, where Mr. Skellington was a hit..and he knew it.


I was also able to help in his class party that afternoon.

Later that night, we went to Annie's for soup and trick-or-treating and ended the night visiting Grandma and Grandpa Jones up in Alpine.

Oh... and weren't we lucky.. we even had Little Bear over Halloween.
We had *just a few*  things going on the end of October.



Fall Cabin Outings

The cabin provided a wonderful escape for us this fall in the midst of moving.
There are few places that help me calm down and soak in quality time with my family more than the cabin.


(This didn't make me feel skinny.)

Reeeeeal helpful, these two.

Apparently, Russ and I like to take cabin selfies together.

The boys had their first bb gun experience/lesson from Brett...

It was adorable.
Tucker wanted nothing to do with it (such a cautious, scared soul).
Jack wanted everything to do with it, and was actually a pretty good shot!

We introduced the boys to the Indiana Jones movies at the cabin, and they were HOOKED.  I mean, totally glued.
When we got back...they could hardly wait to watch the last one...
Do you think they are related?