Springtime at Bear Hollow

Going to preschool at Bear Hollow is a pretty good gig, you know?

Springtime at Bear Hollow is an even better gig.

2 parties back-to back.

The rats celebrated St. Patty's Day and Easter, and Annie and I got to take turns holding down the party-mom fort at each.

This time with Tucker and Sam in school together is at the top of my list in preciousness.

I may have to move to keep them in school together FOREVER!


golfing with shermie

One semi-warm Saturday, Brett and the boys got the bug to go golfing.

He took Jack and Tuck to hit some balls at Fox Hollow, and after stumbling across the cutest man that ever lived- picked up another golf buddy!

Grandpa Shermie!

I cherish these pictures just like I cherish this man.
How is it possible that he looks just the same as when I was a little girl?

 Just about nothing makes me happier than my kids spending time with my sweet grandparents and having the opportunity to know and love them like I do.


4 Month Russ

Russell Que Jones.

What oh what did we ever do to deserve you?

From month 3 to 4, we saw more smiles, lots of happiness, great sleeping, and continued easy-goingness from this little dime piece. 

My family makes fun of my love affair on the daily, but I don't care.
I'm madly in love.
And he loves me more than anything on this planet, so there.

Still the worlds biggest drooler, and a pretty impressive spitter- this little muffin ALWAYS has a bib on.  I also always have some sort of barf stain on my clothes. But, it's a small price to pay for his otherwise perfect existence.

This is truly what he wakes up like.
Every single day.

Poor Russ is so used to being shuttled all over the universe, and he doesn't mind.
It seems like every single nap gets interrupted as he is thrown back into his car seat to go pick up a brother from kindergarten or preschool.

He endures endless Target runs, helping in bro's classes, etc... and always with a smile on his sweet little face.

His hair is starting to come in more, and he's a blondie just like his brothers.

We've decided that even though he shares some features, Russ man has his own "look."

Ooooooh....get in my belly!

4 month stats:
13.82 pounds (17%)
23.75 inches (4%) *a giant
100 % hunka hunka burnin' love.


My *SIX* Sons

The first week in March brought quite the adventure.

Annie and Randy took off to Hawaii, and we inherited 3 darling new sons/brothers in our home for 6 days!

I didn't feel THAT outnumbered until I looked at all of them lined up in a row...

We had kids scattered from here to there at different schools and on different schedules, but we did it!

They were all so darling together, and Hank and Max were so tough and responsible with their diabetes, it was incredible and inspiring.  

These 3 rascals are a magical and terrifying combination.

See what I mean.
This picture illustrates dinner perfectly.
Growling, fart noises, pants down, you name it!

And then, at the end of every day...

Man, I love those Griffin boys like they're my own. 
I'd scoop them up again in a heartbeat, and my boys were in withdrawals for a week without them!

With that said, not planning on birthing 3 more sons anytime soon........


Hello 32!

Just off of our cabin adventure came my birthday.

Big 32.

I'm getting to the point where I for reals can't remember how old I am.
I think that's not good. 

However, as long as I don't think about the fact that I'm well past a quarter of my life being over- and probably nearing half- I actually quite like my 30's!

Brett and the boys spoiled me that morning with presents galore and Brett surprised me and went to work late so he could take me and Russ to breakfast while the boys went to school.

I had a great rest of the day consisting of mom-duties...and lunched it with my favorite ladies (mom + kate+ annie).

Later that night we all got together with the men folk and ditched the wee ones to head to dinner.

We made it back to my house to party it up with the kids.

These people sure do know how to make a birthday complete.

Thanks to Lou for the over-the-top balloon display!

Baby girl Jones.

One of the best presents from Brett was plans to go skiing together later in the week!
He took a day off of work and lined up child care with his mama, and we took off like irresponsible teenagers with no cares in the world!

It was one of the most beautiful, carefree, and wonderful days we've had together in a looooong time!
No doubt the BEST way to celebrate my birthday, and definitely a boost in getting us back into the swing of ski life!

I felt loved, healthy, and so very happy this birthday.
What else could I ask for!?!