Four Month Rundown

Tucker hit the 4 month mark this week...and it's like the last month flew by in what felt like a day!

Tucker at four months has been good to us.
Just like the 3 before.

This is a happy, easy, dream boy.
We breed good...

4 Months meant a checkup with Dr. Weipert.
Jack was our official escort...and definitely had the office entertained by his every word as well as his tie that he insisted on wearing!

Tucker had no bones with being checked out by the doc,
and everything was perfect!

14 pounds 14 ounces (45%)
25.5 inches (67%)

He yelled at the nurse a bit after 3 shots... but in no time he was back to flashing some dimple.

Upon returning home...Jack immediately wanted to switch out Tucker's lame crayon bandaids for something more acceptable for a boy in this house...

At four months our Tuck man is just as happy as ever.
He smiles on a dime.
Giggles when he smiles.
Rolls from his tummy to his back.
Looks more and more like his brother...and just like his daddy.
Is settling into a pretty predictable sleeping schedule throughout the day and night.
Loves the tub.

Wants to hold and grasp EVERYTHING.
Chews on his blankies until they are real good and soggy.
Takes a binky about 15% of the time.
Will crank his neck until it might pop off just to get a glance of a TV screen (wonder where he got that?).
RARELY cries. (He's either tired or hungry...otherwise...he's HAPPY!)
Has found his VOICE! He sings the day away.
Loves to move around, kick, wiggle, and stand on your legs. Most of the time, I think he's pretty bored of laying around- he's ready to MOVE.
Pushes himself up to rest on his elbows when laying on his tummy.
Will happily go to anyone...but really really likes his mama.
LOVES LOVES LOVES his brother-
and the feeling is mutual.

I learned pretty shockingly with Jack just how fast the days of babyhood move.
Sure enough...Tucker's is following suit.
I find myself dwelling less on Tuck getting older, and just enjoying each stage....knowing that equally wonderful stages and phases lie ahead.
For the record though, I really really like this one!

My lovable happy boy.

I guess we'll keep him.