Bear Hollow Program

Super hard to believe, but the end of the school year is already here!

With this, we got to attend Jack's Nursery Rhyme program!
He had the best cheering section of anyone with cousins, aunts, and grandparents all there to support him.

I devoted most of my efforts to taking videos of my little performer... but I did manage to capture a few of him in action.

He knew all the words, and stayed very obedient throughout the whole program.
About 3/4 of the way... I think he had enough Mother Goose, and his enthusiasm slid a bit.

It was rekindled when he recited his nursery rhyme: Jack Be Nimble.
No stage fright here!

He showed that candlestick who was boss!

Jack also got the award for....

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Told you he isn't shy!
My oh my we've come a long way, considering he didn't even talk until he was like 3!

I can think of about 99 other awards Jack could have gotten... but, let's be honest... there really is no title for such a unique little character!

I was so proud of my cute little buddy up there.
I definitely wasn't the only one...

Man. He's sure a lucky boy to have so many people who love and adore him.
He's had them all wrapped around their fingers since he was just a little squirt.
Such an endearing boy with all of his craziness!

Jack LOVES Miss Molly and she has been so great for him.
He has learned so much and grown up a unbelievable amount.
I am so glad we're saving Kindergarten for another year and that he still has his last year left at Bear Hollow!


Balls, Zombies, and More... Oh My!

Wouldn't be a posting binge without a post of random bits of this and that!

We started the Wave Runners season off early this year at the Festival of Roses at Juan Diego High School.  We brought the boys along the first night for a bit because Jack was DYING to try and get in one of the balls. He was too scared last year, but this year... 
pretty sure he could live in a ball.

Tucker had so interest in water balling... but, it took all my strength to convince him that 10 trips on this dirtball train was enough.

He was always the smallest one on the ride, and had such a look of pride every time he rolled around.  Of course, he tried to play it cool...and would hardly recognize me waving at him.

Carnie life suits Tuck real nice.


Tucker went missing the other night as I was getting the tub ready for the boys.
I was starting to get really worried... picturing a naked toddler hitchhiking on the highway was not out of the realm of possibility for this one!

I found the little devil nestled in a little nook of my closet... hiding... and pleased as punch.

Look at that smirk.


Danna was sweet enough to have bough Jack a collection of zombie t-shirts that she gave to him on her last visit.

Of course, Tucker wanted in on that action, too.

So... they've both been wearing awesome zombie nighties to bed every night.

The dressing up for these boys certainly doesn't stop here.
Oh boy. 
Where do I even start?

Judge Hopkins has come back out again... almost daily.

Always in character.

Tucker is always getting a partial costume after it's been ditched for something else.

It is certainly not rare to be driving around with this in my back seat.

Some more of their dress up shinanegans... it is nonstop.

Mummy Zombie even came back to the rotation of dress ups this past month.
Too bad it is the most pain staking process to wrap and unwrap him.
He makes me start over too if the wrap isn't just right.  Ugh.

This pose is all Jack.

He went so far one day as to wear this and stay in character for his nap.

A real method actor, this one.


These next few pics are just a random hodge podge.

Tucker fell dead asleep one day IN THE GROCERY CART.

These two little buggers are 2 peas in a pod.

And these THREE are just rat.

I luv him.

Annie's birthday came and went, and we had a nice little photo shoot as we attempted to hold and caress each other.
Weird? Nah.

Love my 34 year old sis!


King of Bear Hollow

May brought all sorts of Bear Hollow fun for Jack.

Because he has a summer birthday, he was able to celebrate his "school birthday" on a random school day.

This poster could not have been more Jack.
It is one of his greatest treasures now with plenty of deadly things, costumes, Legos, TMNT, zombies, etc!

Lucky for me, I was helping in Jack's class this day and I was able to witness all of the festivities.

Aw man, it was a hoot watching him... he got to be the leader and the birthday boy.

This boy is NOT SHY, let me tell you.
Watching him get up there to lead, and then explain his poster proved that he has much to say to his teacher and class at all times!

The next week, the kids were able to have their Field Day field trip to Glen Park in Highland.
Of course, I was there as a helper (did my fair share of that this year!).

Jack was one of the only little squirts that didn't totally eat it in the sack race.
3-4 year olds aren't the most coordinated bunch!

He was real thrilled about balancing this grape on a spoon.
I think he was dry heaving.

Lunch time is always a thrill on a field trip.
Jack says a whole bunch of, "no thank yous."

Miss Molly is unreal with all of her fun activities.
The kids went on a (way too long) treasure hunt...

and found some blue cotton candy at the end!
(sheeps wool... nursery rhyme... ????)

He was thrilled to give it to Tucker.

I am so grateful that I am able to spend so much time helping with Jack's class.  He loves it when I am around, and I know that's not going to last forever.. so I'm soaking it up while I can.

It's so fun to see first hand how he interacts with his friends and Miss Molly, and he has grown up SO much this year.