Ma's/Pa's Day 2015

Not a lot to say this year because I was in early pregnancy/lazy/sucked at documenting Mothers/Father's Day.

You win some, you lose some- I guess.

Here's a few picts from Mother's Day:

Father's Day:


Jack's #6 Birthday

I know it will come as quite a surprise...but, we celebrated Jack's birthday adequately this year!

He had been counting down the days on his calendar, and was SUPER aware of presents this year.

When I asked him what he wanted to do for his party, he said he wanted to display his cake (which he wouldn't eat) on our table, and have his dad and uncles play football off the deck to the yard.

Well....... easy enough!

Because of the massive numbers, we decided to have 2 family parties.

The day before the big day, we celebrated at the Curiosity Museum with the Jones family.

Plenty of boys to go around...that's for sure!

Jack unveiled his first cake this night...designed by him.
Darth Maul in all his glory.

We had pizza + presents + cake at Ethan's ballgame.

FINALLY, it was present time....

They sure know Jack.... plenty of zombies, skeletons, and legos were gifted!

The next morning he was up and at'em before 6 am!
Good thing Brett and I did sufficient Darth Maul decorating before bed the night before!

He was spoiled beyond spoiled with 
AT/AT Star Wars Lego Set
Pirate Lego Set
Baseballs + Mitt
New Driver
Studly New Shades
Swim Gear

It took a matter of seconds post- present opening, and the boys were knee deep in Jack's AT/AT Lego set.  

1200 pieces later, and TADA!

I think it should suffice as a family pet.

It also didn't take long for Jack to head out to try out his new Driver and baseball stuff.

(This is Tucker smacking a baseball... but somebody forgot a pic of the birthday boy doing it).

We hung together as a little fam playing with all his loot + eating some grub, and then got all rested up for the family party that night.

Dapper birthday boy...ready for more PRESENTS!

We had dinner at Chick Fil-A (Jack's fave) with the Wankier fam, and then headed back here for some continued celebrating.
Unfortunately it rained like crazy, so the deck-football-game with the uncles didn't happen, but Jack was thrilled running wild with the cousins.

He was spoiled...yet again.
I maintain that Jack is one of the most fun people to give presents to because he knows EXACTLY what he wants and he appreciates and plays with his stuff like no other kid, I swear.

Annie hit the nail on the head with this gift:

Battle-Damage Darth Vader

Yes, it's terrifying.

He got more and more and more Legos, a bow and arrow, hoola hoop (his hips don't lie), swim stuff, money, and more!

He also enjoyed unveiling his 2nd cake (designed by the man himself).

For such morbid scary taste... 
there isn't a sweeter kid.

I mean... look at that face!

We had cake + root beer floats (his favorite dessert of the moment).

Nut squad.

(Side note: Tucker was such a good sport of a little bro.  It's hard watching your sibling get all the attention, and he handled it like a champ!)

We spent the next day finishing up Lego projects... get a load of his Birthday Legos in all their glory:

2500+ pieces.

Lawd help me.


Jack at 6

Another year bites the dust.
How is this possible?

Sometimes it seems like Jack has been around this age forever, and other times I can't fathom how he is anything other than a toddler.

The fact is, my sweet boy is getting older, and bigger, and smarter!

At 6... Jack is as lovable, endearing, unique, and perfect as ever!
Not a day goes by where he doesn't stop us in our tracks in amazement of his randomness.

He still hates food (year after year I wait for him to grow out of that).
Macaroni, Nuggets, Grilled Cheese, Fruit Rope, REPEAT.  Ugh.

Jack still loves costumes (too many to count).
Talks about death and coffins like it's normal.
Worships Darth Vader and all things Star Wars.
Takes a nap EVERY SINGLE DAY (bless his heart).

Jack is playful and loves friends (aka cousins).
He is super social and will make friends with anyone on a playground.
He is curious and inquisitive and literal.
He  is creative and has an imagination like no one I have ever met.

Jack loves Legos...legos...and more legos.
He could tinker for 24 hours straight, I'm convinced.

He is sweet to the core.
Jack knows what he wants/likes and to say he is particular is the understatement of the year.

He is the most observant little human on this planet.
(Example: "Mom... why do you never see people's feet in their coffin, they always have flowers on the top."  WTF?)

Jack adores his little brother, and although he can get a little motherly with his scolding of that brother... he loves no one more.  And, the feeling is mutual.

These two are the best of pals, and Jack is so so so so so excited to be a BIG brother again and to help with the baby.

I think I say it every year.
There is only one JACK.

Man, I'm lucky he's mine.