Russ 11 Months

Just a little regular check-in on Russ...as he just keeps growing and growing.
One year is just around the corner, and it's slightly heartbreaking. 
Still my happy boy... he smiles at anything and will willingly go to anyone.
He has a way of making everyone feel like they're his favorite, and for that he is ultimately adored by all.


I mean, look at that face.

He's starting to look like a big boy.
Standing up and toying with taking steps, he gets around like a maniac on all fours.
Take the growing up down a notch, Russ!
My heart can hardly take it!


Remembering Grandma

My Grandma Joanne's birthday was a perfect excuse to get together on a September evening up the canyon with the family.
We had treats galore, and did what we do best...
hung out with our favorite people!


Hanging with the Boys

With the kids starting school, we've all been in a bit of a transition period getting used to things.
I feel like I hardly ever see Jack...and see too much of Tuck!  Haha!
We've been trying to head out to do things with the boys whenever we can, and that has come in the form of hitting the golf course- and taking turns with the boys for one-on-one dates.

Russ got to come along with me and Jack one night for some cleat shopping at ice cream.

He loooooooves Jack.

This little goober.
He's acting older every single day.
And- those teeth! LOL.


Tucker Heads Back to Bear Hollow!

My crazy Tucker man.
This dude has given me quite the run for my money lately.  Ever since Jack started school, he has been attached at my hip.  Like my shadow x's 9000000000000.
He NEVER wants to be alone- and won't go anywhere in our house alone.
But- it's not all bad... when he's being cute and sweet.

Probably one of my very favorite parts of this past summer was doing some school practice with my boys each morning.  I got to dig into the old Teacher Storage of my brain, and spend some good focused time with each of them.  Tucker, in particular, loved it so much!

He had to wait almost 3 weeks after Jack went to school for school to start at Bear Hollow, and man- we were all ready!
He was so excited to go to the open house and to reunite with Miss Molly.

His first day went seamlessly.
He's looking like a big boy this year!


Melts my heart to see him sit up to the table and work hard.

What also melts my heart is these two being together.
Thank goodness for Sam.
He's my insider as to how Tuck does when he's there!
And, I know he'll keep him in line.
Thanks, Sam!

Tuck came home happy and excited to go back.
Can't ask for more than that!


Tooth Popping

Big tooth happenings around this joint lately!
We won't concentrate on the extensive dental work Tucker needs to have done in October... or the traumatizing experience we had at one pediatric dentist ($$$).
Lets carry on to Jack losing his top front tooth!
It had been loose for MONTHS, and one night up in Alpine- we finally got that puppy out!
Ammon was there wiggling his front tooth, and they both decided to try and pull them.
Ammon ended up waiting... but Jack let Brett pull it out in front of everyone!
He was so pumped, and I was so amused by his new appearance!

Such a perfect look for starting 1st grade!

And, of course...when there's a Jack... not far behind is always a Tucker...

While we're on teeth- we'll sneak this one in.
Jack had a small cavity filled and it's safe to say... in terms of nitrous at the dentist..Jack is 100% his father's son.
About 3 weeks after the first lost tooth, Jack had a partially loose tooth kicked into high gear...quite literally...when it was kicked at recess.
He came home with the most gnarly loose tooth... I knew it had to go!
He was apprehensive.
But, a jaunt up to Grandma Jackie's house lead to her claiming she was just going to feel it- when she snuck a sturdy hold and yanked it out!
He was thrilled!
And, so was I !

Hearing him talk with no teeth combined with his cheeks is probably my new most favorite thing in life.


Happy 34 to BRETT

August was nuts (as always), and Brett's birthday was in the thick of it (as always).
Coming off of lots of baby sickness, what we needed most was a night out to celebrate.
Lucky for us, my mom is a saint- and she took the kiddos while we went for a few hours.
We headed to the Black Sheep in Provo for a yummy dinner.
That nacho was all Brett needed for his 34th.
Then, we walked around on a beautiful night and had ourselves some delish Rockwell Ice Cream.

Good thing I'm smoooooth and goobered chocolate all down the front of me.

This picture makes me giggle:

The next night, we had a combo party for Brett and Dan at Top Golf with just the adults.
Awww...these two.


Russ was still recovering from his sickness, so he got to stick with us for the night.
He was such a problem. Again!

The whole gang.
We headed back to our house for cake and presents with the kiddos.

Impressive control.
Despite another "weak" gift giving year from me (creativity -- lost), we sure tried to give Brett the attention he deserved.  Unfortunately Russ being so sick really made things difficult.

Luckily, Brett doesn't care and is always such a good sport.
He's an impressive mug for 34, and I couldn't be prouder of him.