A Fall Day up the Canyon

Our little family took a little jaunt up AF Canyon the other day... and were lucky enough to have my mama come along, too.

Here are some random pics from our visit.

It was beautiful and perfect.


Some of my friends and I decided to get tickets for Thriller to ring in Halloween.
I had never been before....and, boy was I in for a treat!
Bless Suzette's heart...she got us front row tickets...might have to kill her now for that one.
We ended up having an extra ticket, so, lucky for us Annie came along for the fun.
Within 2 seconds of the show starting, I had a freaky clown hovering over me with a giant spotlight on the two of us.
He taunted me for a few minutes...and then, thankfully...I was off the hook.
Several numbers in came the Jason number.
It was quiet...and creepy...and things only got worse the longer it went on.
Poor poor poor Annie got picked to go on stage with the 3 Jason's as they "attempted" to saw off her foot, and torment her with their chainsaws.
It was hilarious and freaky...and man, did I feel for her!
She was definitely a celebrity at Kingsbury Hall after that!
Definitely a night we won't be forgetting anytime soon!


Felt like a little bit of a harsh initiation with me and my friends...sorry about that, sis!


Hee Haw Field Trip

Round 2 of Field Tripping ensued this week, meeting up at Hee Haw's for some fall festivities.
The entire Bear Hollow gang.
Jack had a blast with the slides, Halloween garb, pumpkin picking, etc.

It makes it all the better when mama has a friend to play with, too.
Kristen and Beck were our buddies...as shall be the case with every field trip to follow.

How cool is it that 10 years ago, we were roommates...and now, we get to be field trip moms together?!

I really do love the chance to go with him on these...a little Jack time does the body goooooood.

Keeping up with Jack

Just a brief Jack post... totally random.
In case you were wondering,
This is pretty much how soccer is going...

(He does actually get out and run around... he just likes to keep away from the ball!)
Halloween is out in full force...and we drive by the "Halloween House" in Lehi daily.
Here he is reflecting on this year's spread...

He recently got to bring Little Bear home from preschool, and was happy to show him everything around the house that was morbid and/or scary.
Here was a sweet (posed) moment for Little Bear's journal.

This picture is just too hilarious NOT to post...

And this one...
Just because he's cute.


18 Month Tucker

Well, he's gone and done it.
Tucker hit the year-and-a-half mark...and boy oh boy is he full of it.
This boy will wear you out, down, and everything in-between...but, man is he cute.
And EXTREMELY entertaining.
About half the time this mischievous little creature has me at my whit's end...
but, I'm willing to look passed that because the other half of the time... he will steal your heart.
Just like his brother, this one is not lacking in personality!
Something in my genes + Brett's genes = hilariously quirky children.
This was Tucker during half of sacrament meeting the other day.
Tucker loves to get into everything... loves exploring....and loves making messes.
He isn't nearly as picky of an eater as Jack...but, he definitely doesn't eat a lot.  He finds throwing his food much more entertaining.
He is both a mama's boy and a daddy's boy.... and he sure loves his brother.

It's been really fun for me lately, with Jack starting school, to be able to have some alone time with Tucker.  He really is my little buddy...and such fun company.

He has the funniest little compact body EVER!
He's such a midge it's pure entertainment.

Tucker is very smart and very independent. 
He is starting to talk a lot...and seems to understand just about anything you say.
He mimics in his darling little voice... and he insists on doing EVERYTHING himself.
Tucker is definitely the product of his older brother.
Already obsessed with everything of the Halloween nature, I'm not sure that he even realizes that other toys/interests exist. 
He thinks everything is a zombie...and has his own obsession with bones of every kind.
Poor Tucker.
At this point in his little life, he constantly being told "no!"
Usually it's for his own safety, crazy nut would literally jump off the roof without looking back if he had the chance.
 The other day, I walked into my room to find him on my desk in this state...
He had business to do, obviously.
Tucker also LOVES stashing things.  We recently discovered his love for sticking all the credit cards from my wallet in the vent of the fireplace.  We've also discovered many missing toys down the vent covers throughout our house due to Tucker's love of hiding/hoarding/sticking things into any nook and cranny he can find!
A recent 18 month checkup confirmed Tuck's perfection, as well as his mini-me status.

Weight: 22.27 lbs (8%)
Height: 31.75 inches (34%)
Head: 82%  Hahahahahaha!
Tucker has finally become a more dreamy dreamer.
For quite a time, he liked to keep me guessing with his sleep.
But, he's sleeping like a champ now... occassionlly napping twice a day still...and taking a good lengthy nap (along with Jack) in the afternoons. 
Night time is a breeze...as long as he's got his precious blankie.

His antics are exhausting, no doubt... but, I honestly do love them.
They are who Tucker is...
And he is one of a kind.




Wheeler Farm Field Trip

Jack hit another milestone... first field trip!

I got to tag along with the Bear Hollow crowd with Jack and our buddy Beck for the day at Wheeler Farm.

There were lots o' stinky animals, spider webs that blew Jack's mind, a tractor ride, duck chasing, and LUNCH.

So old...sheseh.

Jack's First Dentist Appointment

Jack had his first REAL dentist appointment, and mad did he slay it!

I was so proud of him, he didn't complain, cry, protest...

He was a real champ!

It didn't hurt that the appointment started out with taking pictures of his BONES with an x-ray.
Genius idea for my skeleton loving boy.

No cavities!!!


Brett and I were lucky enough to run away for the weekend to celebrate Shawna's 40th birthday with the Jones siblings in Aspen!

It was an awesome getaway, with an incredible hotel, gorgeous surroundings, and perfect (kid-less) company!
We never get to hang sans the kiddos with all Brett's fam, so it was particularly fun.

Thanks a MILLION times to my mom, Annie, and Kate for holding down the fort with my babies so we could go.

One of the best parts of the trip was that it was a surprise for Shawna.  
We all met up at a restaurant in Aspen, and as Shawna walked in...we were all waiting for her.
It was awesome to say the least.

Here we all are after dinner with the birthday girl...

We hung out that night at our incredible hotel, and got up the next morning to hike Maroon Bells.

The word beautiful hardly makes the cut when describing this place.
It really was breathtaking.

Brett is being reflective...

Brett and the birthday girl.

All the Jones ladies... oh, and Brett.

Brett and Tana

Picture perfect smile...haha.

We spent the afternoon in the town of Aspen, where it seemed the people we came in contact with were quick to recognize that I stand out like a sore thumb in that family.
I don't get it.

We got back in time for a luscious nap, and then spent the evening in an unbelievable setting by our hotel pool.
We had couches, a fire, a pool....
It was the best.

The next morning was Shawna's actual birthday, and we took some time that morning to celebrate before heading home.

Get a load of this GORGEOUS family.

It really is not normal.

It was a fabulous weekend...can't wait until the next 40th celebration!