Disneyland: Day 1

Finally, it was time to hit Disneyland!!!

We woke up at the crack of dawn ready to break down the Magic Morning doors!

My dad was up to his posing antics already as we waited for the shuttle.

Unfortunately, we didn't read the fine print on the Magic Morning pass, and ended up having to wait an hour until the regular park hours began.

Aw well... it just built up the anticipation, right guys?!

It was full speed ahead from here!

We should have know with Tucker's unconventional reaction to our surprise, that he'd keep us on our toes the entire trip!
I swear... he was the epitome of hilarious.
Pure entertainment the entire trip.
Up and down and passionately opinionated.
Terrified and then careless, this mug changed his mind on a dime over and over again all week.
Ultimately, I think he settled on rides that 70+ year olds would dig. 
He had special instructions for every ride operator and in general decided that he 
"hates Disneyland MOUNTAINS."

This is a video grab of Tucker's first experience on a real roller coaster-- Thunder Mountain.

Before the ride:

Getting started:

Deep in the trenches:

Loved it.
Oh, wait.
Being the good mom I am-- I just laughed and filmed him.
He'll thank me later... the video is epic.

Tucker did, however, LOVE Star Tours.
His reactions were this great from the first time on it to the 15th time we rode it.

And, this little mug wasn't afraid of ANYTHING.
He rode everything (minus California Screamin', because of height), and was up for anything!

My kind of Disney buddy.

Poor Brett was so motion sick so much of the trip (this episode on the teacups probably wasn't the wisest choice).  It worked well for Brett to sit back though when Tucker wanted to lay low, and Jack and I wanted to GO, GO, Go!

Crack.  Always.

Another "Mountain" first for Tuck.



Jack was a big Splash fan!

And Space.
And anything with a thrill!

The boys both loved the Star Wars exhibit they had going.

They met Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and none other than the real Darth Vader.
They almost pooped themselves.  For real.

The nighttime at Disney is always my very favorite.

It was an awesome day of firsts for the boys, and regardless of their reactions to them- it was solid entertainment for all to see!

And, we were all wiped.

Especially Scoob and Shag,

Time to sleeeeeeeep!

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