Bumming in Anaheim

Our first day of the trip was low key, and a nice little rest before the craziness of three days at Disneyland.
(Let it be known that our over zealous picture taking had certainly not kicked in yet at this point of the trip.)

We couldn't stay too far away from the park, so we went to Downtown Disney to hang out and eat lunch.  It was a cold and rainy day, so I'm glad we weren't parking it that day.

The Lego store was obviously the biggest hit for my fam.

Brett secretly snapped this picture of me alone... in awe of some display.

I'm not even embarrassed.
This is just amazing.

After lunch, and a little nap, we headed to see "Moana" at a nearby movie theater.
It got us in the Disney spirit nicely.

We ordered pizza that night, hung out in an outdoor courtyard at the hotel, and the kids were going a million miles a minute with their anticipation for the next few days.

Gosh, I love the build up.
The first days are the best, before the dread of coming home sets in.

Lucky for me, I had Russ in the back of my mind at all times- and that always brings a happy thought to going home.  Other than missing him, I had everything I need and love most in one place.

Pure happiness.

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