Disneyland: Day 2

Waking up Day 2 of Disneyland was a little more painful than the first, but no less exciting!

Since we spent all of Day 1 at Disneyland, we set Day 2 aside for California Adventure.

Tucker loved the Mater Ride... and hitching a ride on anyone's shoulders he could sucker into it.

These two are as cute as a duo gets.

Tuck was apprehensive about the Cars ride, but intrigued enough by the looks of it that he gave it a try.

Pre Ride:

And, for the DURING picture, you can just copy and paste the Thunder Mountain pic from the previous post.  HAHAHA! 
Terrified, nervous, elated, mad, happy.
Oh, man. Let's just say he was relieved when it was over.

Jack clung tight to these two the entire trip.
Hank especially became his "brah" and could not have been cuter with Jack.
HERO status, for sure.

Toy Story Mania Shenanigans

Tucker LOVED Soarin' Over the World...as most 70+ year olds do.

It was definitely not COLD on our trip, but maybe not quite warm enough for all of the water rides we did!  Sucker parents who couldn't tell their kids NO!

Luckily I came equipped with ponchos for all!

Grizzly River Rapids...man it screwed us over!

But, what do ya know... these little devils convinced Randy, Brett, and I to stay on for multiple rides in a row.  Brrrrr!

Meanwhile, Tuck kicked it on the jellies with Grandma Jackie.

We made it back over to D.Land for the last hour of the day.
Tucker opted to ride the Haunted Mansion multiple times, while Jack and Lucy went on Splash Mountain about 5 times in a row.

Is there anything better?

And, the dread of the trip ending was starting to set in.

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