Day in the Life of a First Grader

We are so lucky this year to have Mrs. Skillicorn as Jack's first grade teacher.

I mean of all years for me to be critical of a teacher, it would be the grade that I taught.

She is a dream.

AND she takes tons of pictures of the kids, and texts them (and other updates) to me several times a week!

It is a helicopter mom's (me) dream.

Here are a few picts of the first few months of school:

(Ok, fine- I took this one...but only because he's so freaking cute.)

Trying Skittles!

His face! haha!  He didn't want to take his shoes off for SOCK DAY.

Such a ham.

And...seems like a fitting place to include a couple random Jr. Jazz photos for you:

Now that's a picture of FIRST GRADE, right there.

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