Christmas Festivites

The Christmas season was just as chaotic and wonderful as usual.

We had holiday parties/ programs/ and activities galore!

We made a gingerbread villiage that the boys were rather fond of .

Gussied ourselves for my mama's annual party...

So darn much Christmas spirit!

December was a month of a lot of sickness for us...  colds, and then a terrible stomach flu that made it's way through each one of us.

Tucker's PJ party was a highlight during the month, especially because I got to help!
The bummer was that Sam was home sick, so we had to party without him. Pretty sure we were to blame for Sam coming down with it.  Oooopsies!

Tis the season for Jack to over-bundle.
Little nut wears his coat and gloves almost all day at school.

And, he's cute.
So, yeah.

Tana hosted the Jones Family Party...Ugly Xmas Sweater Edition.

My youth Spidey sweater was a real gem.

The boys are never happier than when they are with cousins.

Jack and their class Elf on the Shelf, Buddy.

I was able to sneak away for a night amidst the busyness to grab a fancy pants dinner with my pals.

I sound like I complain a lot about the craziness of the season.
It is nuts...but, I do love it.
It is truly a wonderful time, if only just for the excuse to spend time with all of my favorite friends and family.

And lastly, on  Christmas Eve, Jack left this note out for us.

Last minute panic.


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